Overdesign II achievement in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Overdesign II

While on fire during a fight, kill 3 hard difficulty soldiers without breaking their shields

Overdesign II+378.5
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How to unlock the Overdesign II achievement

  • Apostle92627Apostle92627421,860
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    I found this video:

    Credit: Powerpyx

    According to Powerpyx, you need to be at least 40 levels below. You can drop their health really low, then set yourself on fire. Kill three in one battle while you're on fire to get the achievement. You don't need to worry about the fire going out; as long as you're on fire when you land the killing blow, you should be fine.

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    Arenafighter👍Got It👍
    Here it is the solution!!!
    Be sure you are not over level 300!!!!
    -Than go to the spot.
    -Bring health down.
    -Fire you up
    -than wait the fire symbol is full in the left bottem corner. You must be quick in kill before the symbol is not more full!!!!!!!
    -kill the guys with arrows.
    Posted by Arenafighter yesterday at 11:03
    Chief TigrisOkay this one was easier than I thought. It took me a few times but it works. No glitches!

    1. Go to the exact position as in the video, mainly because there are a lot of shield bearers and those are the ones you want to fight.

    2. Remove ability points from skill tree (especially any fire resistance ones!) until you are low enough level that there is a RED SKULL (NOT DIAMOND) next to their name. Aim your bow at the enemy, it should tell you.

    3. Make a manual save for convenience purposes, so you can reload if you need to start over.

    4. Fight the shield bearers, bringing their health down to a small sliver. I used dual daggers to do significant damage without breaking any shields.
    **Many say all three enemies have to be killed in the same battle. There is some truth to this. In my experience, I killed the two shield bearers, my combat status ended (I wasn't being searched for), then I went and fought another one to the right by a church, and got the achievement. So you don't need to be in the same combat segment, but I don't think you can do things like fast travel or leave the area. It might need to be done within some time/location bounds.

    5. Once their health is to a small sliver, find a flammable object like a wheat bundle or hay-filled cart and throw your torch at it. I recommend those wheat bundles because they have a pretty long burn and you can stand right next to them on fire.
    **IMPORTANT: Make sure you stand in the flame until the red fire icon is FULLY RED, and has a RED CIRCLE AROUND IT. This means you are officially on fire. I've seen a lot of people trying to do it while they are igniting (circle is half red) and not fully on fire. This WILL NOT WORK.

    6. While you're fully on fire, use your Light Bow to launch some arrows at them, eventually one will hit and they will die without you ever having to leave the flame you're standing next to.

    7. So I did this for the first two by the gate. The third one by the church I brought to a sliver of health, he then launched a fire bomb at me which they sometimes do if you are a certain distance. This is good!! Stand in the circle and let the bomb hit you. Don't even move. When you're FULLY on fire, repeat the light bow shots, one is bound to land.

    8. Get the achievement, let out a well-deserved Vikingr victory yell, and tell Ubisoft to go f*** themselves.

    Happy Hunting!
    ~ Chief Tigris
    Posted by Chief Tigris yesterday at 19:50
    ArenafighterWow I wrote exactly this a little bit🤏 shorter.
    Posted by Arenafighter yesterday at 20:20
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  • iTz SiNZ v2iTz SiNZ v2552,870
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    I have a much easier method for this Achievement.

    You'll want to unlock the skill called "Missile Reversal". You'll find it down in the Raven Tree (Assassination Tree / Yellow Tree).

    You'll want to make sure that you're low enough level so that the enemies in the area have a red skull. Going to area suggested by Powerpyx is great as there's a lot of Shield Bearers there. Hamtunscire is a Lvl 340 area, so make sure you're no higher than Power Level 300.

    Next, all you need to do is aggrovate the Shield Bearers, then go to a nearby thatched roof and set it on fire. Stand on the thatched roof and the Shield Bearers will start throwing spears at you. Simply press the LB when the Spear is about to hit you and Eivor will grab it and throw it back, doing a considerable amount of damage whilst being on fire from the thatched roof.

    It really is that simple.
  • Fristi61Fristi61238,510
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    A bit of an easier solution than the existing video guide, which makes things more difficult than it needs to be.

    Let's get a few things straight first:
    -You do NOT need to kill the 3 soldiers in a single fight. In fact, I got it across multiple days, with my game and xbox being entirely shut off in between.
    -Any shield-bearing enemy will do, so long as you don't break the shield prior to killing them. Shielded ceorls that put their shields on their back to switch to a two-handed weapon they picked up from the ground will still count, so they are your easiest targets due to their vulnerability to ranged attacks.
    -Your in-game difficulty setting doesn't matter, you can get this achievement on easy (skald). The only thing that matters is that your power level is low enough that the enemy in question is displayed with the red skull next to their health bar. You can always lower your power level by unassigning your skill points.
    -The most difficult thing is simply being on fire while dealing the finishing blow, since the fire effect disappears quickly. The best thing is to just stand on a perpetually burning area so you will constantly be reignited.
    Setting a thatch rooftop on fire and climbing on top of it to kill enemies with your bow is probably the best way, since the rooftop burns for a really long time and gives you some room to move around.

    In summary, the method is as follows:
    -Go to a region of which the recommended power level is sufficiently high compared to your own power level that it displays with a red skull on the map. Lower your current power level by unassigning skill points if necessary.
    -Find a village with thatch rooftops and shielded enemies. (The location in southern Hamtunscire used in Powerpyx's guide works, but there should be many villages in high level areas that work just as well)
    -Do yourself a favor and (temporarily) switch the difficulty to easy, because you will likely take a bunch of damage whilst derping around to set yourself on fire.
    -Weaken the shielded enemies first without killing them or breaking their shields. This can be done using abilities or by dodging around them and attacking from behind.
    -Climb on top of a thatch roof, drop a torch on it to set it on fire, wait until you catch fire yourself and try to finish off the enemies with your bow. It is annoying to kill a shielded enemy at range while on fire, and some of your kills might get stolen by the fire damage over time your arrows will also inflict.
    -Restock on arrows and rations, then rinse and repeat in the next village until the achievement pops.
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