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Completionist All the Way! achievement in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Completionist All the Way!

Complete all territories

Completionist All the Way!-6.2
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How to unlock the Completionist All the Way! achievement

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    02 Jan 2021 02 Jan 2021 02 Jan 2021
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    If you are like me and got all the wealth/mysteries/artifacts and then didn't unlock this trophy/achievement. Check Vinland again, there was a enemy that dropped wealth, I killed him however didn't give me the wealth. This is a bug. To re-spawn the enemy, set a trap on the body and bring it over to enemies. Get the enemies to explode the body, kill the enemies, save the game and then reload that save. The enemy will then re-spawn and you can kill him for the achievement. Worked 1/2/2021

    You can also go back to Seer's hut at any time and "Drink the Jotunheim potion" or "Drink the Asgard potion" to teleport to those locations to collect any collectibles you may have missed.

    There shouldn't be any locations that are "missable" but I do recommend doing the story mission for the area, then go back and get the collectibles as there are some locations that are not unlocked until you are in the related story mission.

    If there is anything I missed, let me know. :)

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    XOli360Bug for me on the event "Rock of fertility" in Suthsexe, not possible to talk to the lady, thus to complete the quest. If anyone has a solution, feel free to let me know !
    Posted by XOli360 on 17 Feb at 13:34
    T0NY HAYABUSAXOii360...Did you by any chance kill yourself in the game and reloaded? Had to do this 3 times this weekend. One was for the Cairn stacking stones, fighting a Drengr in Asgard and for the Ragnar Lothbrok (however you spell it) mission to get his dagger and it worked everytime.
    Posted by T0NY HAYABUSA on 22 Feb at 17:04
    SmashAndRunThis sure is frustrating. I've quadruple checked every location including Asgard, Jotunheim, Norway, and Vinland. Every single territory is fully checked off, but still no achievement. This is the last one I need.
    Posted by SmashAndRun on 26 Feb at 18:49
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  • TMB027TMB027113,954
    01 Mar 2021 02 Jan 2021 02 Jan 2021
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    The collectibles in this game are simply a lot .

    You want to get every Wealth (golden icon), Mystery (blue icon) and Artifact (white icon) that you discover in every region of the game.

    This includes all the regions in England, the two regions of Norway, Asgard and Jotunheim.

    There's about 780 collectibles, but in my opinion, is not that bad as some people think.

    Wealth, for example, are divided into gear, resources, cargo and books of knowledge.
    Mysteries are divided into secondary quests, shrines, cairns, flyting and others.
    Artifacts are divided into flying paper, roman artifacts, sagas, cursed symbols, etc.

    Even tho is a massive endeavor, I highly recommend each time you pledge to a region, start cleaning the collectibles right away.

    There's a little indicator on the bottom right side of your map where you can see how many of each there is in that region, and how many you still need.

    Eventually, if you are finding troubles finding a specific collectibles, there's a chance for an NPC with a white question mark on his head. If you talk to him (and pay him) he will unlock the location of something you missed in that region. If you have collected everything, the he will not have anything to sell.

    Another option is builing the cartographer's house in you settlement, where he will (randomly?) sell you all the wealth maps for a region you might be exploring, or other you might explore later.

    There are two missable wealth in the realm of Jotunheim. You can get them before or during the quest where you will be retrieving a cauldron. You cannot miss the quest as you will be entering a dead giant's glove into what it looks like a magical way into a foggy path. Eivor will make a comment about how impressive it is that "it's hard to believe this space held a whole hand once". After getting these two wealth, you are free from danger.

    Either way, if you are thinking about this trophy, clear the regions you pledge and you will be totally fine. Credit : Varledir ;
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    derechtegraf1Just a comment: After the latest patch, the two chests in Jotunheim are no longer missable. The location (called 'Skrymir's Mitten') is now accessible even after completing the quest. It doesnt't hurt, however, to grab the treasure while you're in there the first time.
    Posted by derechtegraf1 on 03 Jan at 10:44
    EscapeTheRoachI have 2 Mystery (secondary missions) bugged so thanks Ubisoft and no achievement no 1000Gangry
    Posted by EscapeTheRoach on 03 Jan at 15:09
    TMB027Hopefully that doesn’t happen to me
    Posted by TMB027 on 03 Jan at 23:02
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