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Good Catch! achievement in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Good Catch!

Catch a fish of each type using the fishing line

Good Catch!-5.8
14 January 2021 - 2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

How to unlock the Good Catch! achievement

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    Deutsche Benutzer überprüfen den Boden dieser Lösung

    *Read a possible glitched achievement fix at the bottom*
    **It's still a glitchy as ever after patch 1.1.0**
    Keep an eye on your inventory, sportjames23 reports they some fish vanished from his, forcing him to re-catch them

    There are three altars that require you to hand in fish for them;
    10 Bullhead (Small)
    - Found a pond near a Mysteries marker to the very west of Glowecestre, right on the border with Hamtunscire, that's full of them.
    - Found another pond. West side of Essexe, Lake House has two ponds. It's above and to the right of Brentwood Outpost.

    5 Brown Trout (Small)
    10 Bullhead (Small) [Yes, there are two!! of these so you'll need 20]
    Additionally there's a Mystery that asks for an eel. Thanks JBoge91 :: For the mystery requiring an Eel, you can catch one right off the dock next to his house.

    After patch 1.04 several posters here and messages on Live have said they didn't use the fishing line to catch the fish and the achievement still popped. As I've no real desire to replay the game to test, I'll post it here that it may/may not be needed to use the fishing line to catch them. The description still states they need to be line caught though, so don't assume that you definitely don't. After all, this is an Ubisoft game and they don't exactly have a stellar record on any game releasing without significant early achievement issues. laugh

    These MUST BE CAUGHT USING A FISHING LINE!! just slashing them with an axe/sword/hammer/spear or shooting them, won't count, but obviously you'll still 'catch' them if you pick up their bodies.

    To save you coin, here's the contents of the 'Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them, Parts I-III'

    Read additional tips at the bottom of this solution, please do read them.

    You'll need to build you fishing hut in Ravensthorpe so the lad gives you a fishing line, then you can just hot-foot it to these areas and fish as you go. You should be able to cut and paste this list into notepad or something similar as you can sell the fish/hand them in towards rewards back at Ravensthorpe.

    Further, you don't need to catch each size, one of each fish is enough.

    Part I
    Halibut - Coasts of Grantebridgescire // East Anglia // Lincolnscire // Eurvicscire
    Shad - Coasts of Grantebridgescire // East Anglia // Lincolnscire // Eurvicscire
    Haddock - Coasts of Grantebridgescire // East Anglia // Lincolnscire // Eurvicscire
    Cod - Coasts of East Anglia // Cent // Essexe
    Perch - Rivers in Ledecestrecscire // Grantebridgescire // East Anglia // Oxenefordscire // Sciropescire // Snotinghamscire
    Eel - Rivers in Ledecestrecscire // Grantebridgescire // East Anglia // Oxenefordscire // Sciropescire
    Bullhead - Rivers in Ledecestrecscire // Grantebridgescire // East Anglia // Oxenefordscire // Sciropescire // Eurviscsire // Glowecestrescire // Snotinghamscire
    Brown Trout - Rivers in Ledecestrecscire // Sciropescire // Lincolnscire // Eurviscsire // Glowecestrescire // Snotinghamscire

    Part II
    Flatfish - Coasts of Cent // Essexe // Suthsexe // Hamtunscire
    Bream - Coasts of Cent // Essexe // Suthsexe // Hamtunscire
    Pollock (POLLOCK) - Rivers in Cent // Essexe // Suthsexe // Hamtunscire
    Burbot - Rivers in Oxeneforscire // Cent // Sciropescire // Suthsexe // Glowecestrescire // Hamtunscire
    Salmon - Rivers in Lincolnscire // Eurvicscire // Snotinghamscire
    Grey Trout - Rivers in Cent // Essexe // Suthsexe // Hamtunscire
    Sturgeon - Rivers and seas Cent // Suthsexe // Hamtunscire

    Part III - ALL IN Rygafylke and Hordafylke (Norway, you can travel back by going to 'World' tab then pressing cn_Y for atlas.)
    Arctic Char
    - This has been additionally reported by VanGeko to be found in Suthsexe

    Might be worth noting that getting a boat and going into the rivers seems to have a bit more variety that just river bank fishing. Especially for the wider rivers.

    {I'll remove this section if it proves true, but patch 1.04 will 'allow fish to spawn in the rain' whether or not that includes 'choppy' waters or waves remains to be seen}
    MRT4P posted this in the comments:
    For the spawning of fish in the ocean. It has to be clear waters. If there is waves or a storm they WILL NOT SPAWN. What I did for this was meditate until you get clear skies. Sometimes fish just don’t like to spawn no matter what as well. I found making manual save and force quitting game and reloading to work for me
    Thanks LaB1 ::
    Two things I'd like to add about my experience. One, I had collected a couple fish with bow and arrow and it still counted.

    The second thing is that when I would fast travel or arrive at a powerpyx coastal fish location, more often than not, the fish would not be there or load in and vanish. What eventually worked for me was waiting in the area without moving until Eivor's crow landed on his arm. Around then, the fish would spawn.

    This was for the coastal fish. Saving/loading, animus, approaching on foot and restart game did not help. This was on a series X
    Achievement not unlocked? This might be worth a shot from FireRaiser1985 [tidied up/amended by SurrealGnat3 but both are listed here to save comment scrolling ](additionally, here's a definite location for the Char, possible may need to use the force close/restart trick a few times :
    1. Load save file before catching the last fish.
    2 .Delete all other saves where you cached them all. Exit game by choosing option in XBOX Menu
    3. Fully shutdown the console (setting > power > fully shutdown)
    4. Open the game and load save file mention before (the one with last fish missing)
    5. Catch the missing one

    I did a manual save at the spot where Arctic Char spawns in Norway. Caught it, no achievement. Deleted local save and tried again, no luck, tried a second time, no luck, tried a third time after I deleted save AND restarted my console... Achievement unlocked.
    I KICKER I has confirmed (as can I) you don't need to catch all the sizes of fish.
    Thanks YaT0 and WantedHeretic for pointing out the missing Flatfish was my mistake leaving it out of Part II :)

    Not a fan of linking other people's work in my own guides as this is my work, not theirs, but someone's posted a link to PowerPyx's pictures of some locations for each fish.

    Deutsch: (Ich danke dir midibenni )
    For all german trueachivement dudes, looking for a achievement translated guide, i made one with german maps and german fish names.

    "Assassin’s Creed Valhalla mit deutschen Fisch-namen und deutschen Karten Bezeichnungen kartiert (Video Kapitelsprung). Der Bronze Trophäe Guide "Guter Fang!" und Fischerei Almanach. Mit Spielszenen und Standort Karten. Genau da .. findest du deinen gesuchten Fisch.

    Guide not helping? View 1 more guide for this achievement.

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    JEDI 4 hireGreat In-depth guide. But this powerpyx link shows you great locations per fish. After spending hours looking for certain types, I used this link and went to the locations and found what I was looking for immediately.
    Posted by JEDI 4 hire on 12 Feb at 18:48
    BioFire64Thanks for the guide suggestion Jedi! Left this achievement until last as I thought it would be awful. Followed it and got the fish immediately at each of these locations. For the record, I also used a combination of the fishing rod and the bow to hunt the fish.
    Posted by BioFire64 on 16 Feb at 22:48
    SnipeGuyChiming in to confirm that you can shoot them with a bow and it will count.
    Posted by SnipeGuy on 23 Feb at 21:40
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    The other guide is good. However, I found that just a list of locations to find fish wasn’t working for me as I couldn’t find about 6 of the species and I went all over the map looking. In the end this YouTube video (which I take no credit for) helped me quickly knock out the ones I was missing. I just wish I had found it sooner as it would’ve saved me a ton of time.

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    Ron Jeremy R6Thnx, will use this video,
    the other solution has become such a mess with all the updates in it.
    Posted by Ron Jeremy R6 on 16 Feb at 15:37
    Tulukaruq907Yep. I couldn’t follow the other guide. This one worked perfectly.
    Posted by Tulukaruq907 on 27 Feb at 01:34
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