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Ironed Out achievement in Gears 5

Ironed Out

Complete all chapters in Ironman Mode on Experienced difficulty or above

Ironed Out+4.1
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How to unlock the Ironed Out achievement

  • TrombonafideTrombonafide1,288,402
    23 Nov 2020 23 Nov 2020 17 Aug 2021
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    1. Set Up

    Make you start in New Game+ and select “Yes” for Jack’s Progression. Having Jack Maxed out makes this much easier. For mutators, here are the ones that help

    -Reload: Fills Clip
    -Ammo: Double
    -Head Explosion: Grenade
    -Big Head: On
    -Jack Recharge: Fast

    You can also select the character skins, weapon skins, and Batista if you still need those achievements.

    2. Dying

    The excellent method that was previously useful has been patched as of the Dec 15 Title Update. The method is detailed below, for those interested.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The Gears 4 save/backup method should still work after the other method was patched:

    -To force sync a checkpoint, close the game or switch profiles
    -When you die, do not quit or load. Stay at the death menu
    -Hit the guide, highlight Gears 5, hit “Manage Game and Add-ons”
    -Select your save data, hit “delete” and select “from this console”
    -When you boot up the game, it will sync your forced cloud sync checkpoint.

    For the PC crowd, this link has a comprehensive guide for locating your save files. It should still work like the Xbox method if you keep the game running while doing this.

    Be Aware, this method may be unreliable on the Xbox Series X|S. Unclear as to why, but it may pertain to the Series X|S Quick Resume and Cloud Save improvements. Some users have had issues, and some have not.

    Some users have reported the addition of a guest account will prevent progress tracking. It appears using another live profile will alleviate the problem. Since the method to catch a single chapter has been patched, I would recommend you either play through the whole game with two Live profiles or play single player.

    3. Playing

    With double ammo and refill active reloads, your selected weapons functionally have infinite ammo. This coupled with the Fast Jack Recharge on Stim, Cloak, and Flash Freeze make the game fairly trivial.

    Stim can you you out of a pinch, revive you if you are down, or pad your health if you are about to get blown up by a popper or Dropshot/Boomshot.

    Cloak will allow you to execute most ground troops quickly and safely. I mainly used this in the Paduk section of 4-1, since there are several Hunters and Grenadiers, but is useful throughout to avoid direct combat.

    Flash Freeze will outright kill Juvies and Poppers, as well as disable the shields from Bastions. It will also freeze nearly every boss type enemy (Stump, Snatcher, Carrier, Matriarch, Warden). It will stun the Swarmak, but not fully freeze. It does not affect the Kraken in either fight, but can pop a tongue if timed right. I would avoid using it on the Kraken and focus on shooting/explosives. A well-placed Boomshot can knock out all three tongues in one shot.

    However, the game still has a few sections where instant death can happen pretty easily. Watch for Hunters with Torque Bows in 2-1, 3-3, and 4-1 in particular. Both Kraken fights can end your game if an NPC dies.

    Any additional info will be added. If I can improve this, let me know how!
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    LightzDid this first try not too bad just use cloak and flash the entire game. Only really used flash on bosses. Used long shot or embar the entire game so wouldn’t accidentally kill myself with explosives. Just focus scions and explosive juvies. Final boss just spam grenade launcher.
    Posted by Lightz On 20 Apr 22 at 17:32
    Prezes18 PLnow after those February 2022 updates where achievements have been fixed. cannot be changed to 1-1 (act one chapter one), the game automatically changes and cannot be turned on ironman.
    Posted by Prezes18 PL On 05 May 22 at 16:00
    EmG v SprayZzGot stuck on 80% for me after completing it and says I haven't done Act 3 Chapter 2 or 3. So I reloaded the game and it says I haven't done Act 4 now... Anyone else had something similar and done a rerun and it's unlocked? My collectibles achievement is stuck on 98% aswell so don't know whether the game has bugged out on me very frustrating.
    Posted by EmG v SprayZz On 06 Jun 22 at 15:45
    EmG v SprayZzKept deleting my save data and restarting the game worked on the 10th time. PHEW
    Posted by EmG v SprayZz On 06 Jun 22 at 21:08
    QuadrisecantNone of my data is saving after doing the glitch, I tried restarting several times.
    Posted by Quadrisecant On 30 Jun 22 at 15:59
    NitFlyreally wait a bit when updating your save to cloud.
    Posted by NitFly On 11 Oct 22 at 03:03
    IN YO FACE 86Does the Gears 4 method still work?☹
    Posted by IN YO FACE 86 On 22 Oct 22 at 23:11
    Clutch Signifywhy is it that when i leave the game and reload my save ironman is turned off?
    Posted by Clutch Signify On 03 Nov 22 at 22:56
    TrombonafideClutch - I have no idea, but the Ironman mode is notoriously glitchy and terrible.
    Posted by Trombonafide On 04 Nov 22 at 01:07
    Narrow17I delete my data... A very hard mistake. I was in Act 3 Chapter 4 and I lost all progress. So sad but I need to make all campaign again and without jack progress. I wanna cry.
    Posted by Narrow17 On 28 Dec 22 at 04:45
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