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I've done the whole mind control thing... achievement in Gears Tactics

I've done the whole mind control thing...

Use Jack to HiJack each non-boss enemy at least once (Jacked game mode only).

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How to unlock the I've done the whole mind control thing... achievement

  • C1utch A5hC1utch A5h25,705 25,705 GamerScore
    16 Jan 2021 16 Jan 2021 16 Aug 2021
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    This is a highly missable achievement as certain enemy spawns do not repeat later on (Deviant Kantus especially) and if missed can force you to have to do another playthrough of Jacked mode so use the following as a reference to hijack the enemies as and when you encounter a new enemy.

    You have to invest skill points for Jack all into the bottom left skill tree from the very beginning to be able to unlock the Hijack skill ASAP when you reach level 4 (my personal recommendation is to choose the Toxic capsule over Sonic capsule lvl 2 early on). You should have the Hijack skill unlocked when you are about to play Act 2 Chapter 4 (main mission).

    Below is the likely order in which you will hijack all 15 non-boss enemy types as you progress through the campaign..

    Act 2 Chapter 4 - Wretch, Hammerburst Drone, Ticker, Kantus
    Act 2 Chapter 5 - Theron Guard, Sniper Drone
    Act 2 Chapter 6 - Disciple
    Act 2 Chapter 7 - Boomer, Deviant Kantus
    Act 2 Chapter 8 (side missions/Corpser boss fight) - Grenadier
    Act 3 Chapter 1 - Deviant Disciple
    Act 3 Chapter 2 (side missions) or Act 3 Chapter 6 (side missions) - Deviant Wretch, Deviant Hammerburst Drone
    Act 3 Chapter 3 - Zealot, Deviant Sniper Drone

    If you have diligently hijacked all enemies you should definitely have the achievement unlocked by the time you reach the Act 3 Chapter 6 main mission if not earlier. Good luck !!!

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    Will HurricaneI followed your guide and was able to unlock the achievement after completing Act 3 Chapter 3.

    I was also having the issue of achievement tracking not working and my achievement did not unlock right away. I recently read about quick resume causing issues with achievements in other games so I tried removing tactics from Quick Resume and rebooting my Series X. When I loaded up tactics again my achievement immediately unlocked and the achievement tracking updated! Hope this helps!!
    Posted by Will Hurricane On 05 Sep 21 at 04:50
    ManicMurphyGood guide, saw me well during a play-through where I was specifically targeting this cheevo. Cheers C1utch :)
    Posted by ManicMurphy On 26 Oct 21 at 12:33
    TheOnlyMattoI can't get the tracker to work in this game and I am playing on Xbone/Win10 not sure what the issue is.

    Ty for the reply I really appreciate it. I am really hoping someone patches this. Game gives me 0 minutes played when I look at it but i've clearly beaten it once already
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto On 20 Nov 21 at 16:18
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  • MCmichaelDMCmichaelD925,926
    13 Nov 2020 12 Nov 2020 13 Nov 2020
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    HIjack is the last ability you unlock in the bottom left Jack Skill tree. Remember that it is a 2 AP skill, and it has an 8 turn cooldown. Using support's surge ability will reset hijack's cooldown and allow you to hijack a different enemy right after the first one expires. I've listed the act and chapter number of the first appearances of the deviant enemies.

    **You will miss the deviant wretches first appearance as you will not have jack yet. Im not sure if it is random, but the next time I encountered Deviant Wretches was on Act 3 Chapter 6 in the Wasteland Control Constant Warlord side mission.

    You need to hijack the following enemies:

    Drone (Hammerburst)
    Theron Guard
    Zealot - A3 C3

    as well as the Deviant Variations

    Deviant Wretch - A1 C2 -> A3 C6
    Deviant Drone (Hammerburst) - A1 C4
    Deviant Sniper - A2 C2
    Deviant Kantus - A2 C7
    Deviant Disciple - A3 C1
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    Bleeding PepperDo Deviant enemies appear in post-game Veteran missions as well?
    Posted by Bleeding Pepper On 18 Aug 21 at 05:26
    HungryNic42Can confirm hijacking them also counts for a kill.
    Posted by HungryNic42 On 08 Oct 21 at 05:28
    HungryNic42Can confirm hijacking them also counts for a kill.
    Posted by HungryNic42 On 08 Oct 21 at 05:38
  • AlangelusAlangelus364,606
    28 Sep 2021 28 Sep 2021 28 Sep 2021
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    Just to add a minor addition to the previous solutions, this IS cumulative.

    I missed the Deviant Kantus on Act 2 Chapter 7 and thought I'd get another shot at it. Unfortunately, I didn't seem to get another one, even in Veteran missions, so I had to start a whole new playthrough.

    However, once I'd hijacked the Kantus, the achievement popped, even though I'd not reached ones such as the Deviant Disciple yet on that playthrough.
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