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Untouchable achievement in Gears Tactics


Win a Veteran Mission without taking a point of damage (Jacked game mode only).

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How to unlock the Untouchable achievement

  • IdanSTIdanST144,316
    23 Nov 2020 27 Nov 2020 09 Dec 2020
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    Better to do that after completing the game because you'll have +6 lvl characters.
    Pick up a veteran side mission of scavenger with a +6 lvl scout and Jack on lvl 6.
    Scout is focused on recon & commando while Jack is focused on utility (2 turns hidden) and whatever you want.
    The first turn in a scavenger mission is free so just move the units without needing to cloak.
    You'll be able to finish a scavenger side mission in 4 turns.

    After completing the game you'll be able to play veteran missions. You can change characters' skills how many times you wanna.

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    action framptonThis is definitely the easiest way to get the achievement. The only thing I would add, and it meant that I had to restart a couple times, is that collecting a crate counts as an action and removes cloak. I got round this by collecting all the crates with Jack since I wanted to keep my scout cloaked at all times due to 20% increased movement.
    Posted by action frampton On 09 Dec 20 at 07:52
    The SCHWARTZ 00This was my setup:

    Scout (obviously) - Legendary boots that had +2 movement, Epic chest that had Blitz (for the 50% chance of an extra AP on next turn), Rare helmet with Blast Zone in case I needed to throw a nade. The +2 movement is absolutely critical, if you don't have the boots then try to get a Gnasher mod that gives any type of movement increase.

    I specced into the bottom right tree for free cloak and everything underneath it. If you do everything right you won't need any of the Proximity Mine abilities. With the movement increase and cloak, you'll be able to run so far ahead that you won't have to worry about the Nemascyst blast zone.

    With Jack, I respecced him and put points into the ability that gives +3 movement in the top left tree (HUGE), and also put points into the bottom right tree that extends cloak for an additional turn. I highly suggest taking the Smoke Grenade ability too, just in case enemies manage to catch up to your Scout and they pin him down with Overwatch. The smoke grenade will break line of sight and allow them to run away.

    I used Jack to collect the final couple cases while my Scout acted as a decoy. Jack can basically infinitely cloak, so as soon as you pick up a case, cloak yourself and move if you have any AP. It's not that hard of achievement, just takes a couple runs to get it down.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 On 15 Jan 21 at 20:41
    WhyattThrashBugged. Got progress towards "do 20 veteran missions" (so tracking was working) but not this one. Had to do it multiple times for it to work.
    Posted by WhyattThrash On 09 Jan at 12:55
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  • ccliffy90ccliffy901,530,884
    18 Nov 2020 18 Nov 2020 18 Nov 2020
    6 0 2
    Not so much a guide as the game is completely random I think that will be hard to do but just a couple of points.

    1) This can be done on a veteran side mission and not just the main actual veteran mission. This is how I did it.
    2) I did this on beginner difficulty, I had Ironman mode on so cannot confirm you can revert back to checkpoint.
    3) if you hijack an enemy and that enemy takes damage you will not get the achievement.
    4) Becareful when going for this by looking at the mission modifiers before you begin you don’t want a mission with only 2 moves or enemies that can move 50% more etc.

    I did this on a rescue mission only using Reyna only and jack has to come. Reasons for this there is always a couple enemies at the start. 3 or 4 around each pod. Some drop after the first pod and some drop at the end. This means you sort of know where the enemies are / coming from and they are manageable. I also think there is only a set number of enemies in the level so you also won’t be surprised with more turning up. I have also never seen a boomer on a rescue mission. The 15 turn limit wasn’t a worry for me as I got to 2nd survivor in 11. Once you save the 2nd survivor it goes back to unlimited turns.

    I used Reyna because of cloak and sprint just incase I got trapped, proximity grenades and grenades. On easy a lot of enemies die with grenades one hit. I then gave her the best equipment for grenade cool down (utility belt in trousers) and anything then made her skills cool down quicker. I also gave her a armour with blitz so she would get 4 AP every now and then on her turn.

    I used jack as my scout. I would basically move him 2 spaces and then cloak so I could see the enemies. Then do hit and run attack with Reyna throwing grenades. Move her forward throw grenade move back if needed. If there was a enemy that was causing trouble I would hijack them and move them towards Reyna, and then when they turned back I would kill them. I did this to a Kantus in the mission twice just incase. Another backup plan again just incase anything went wrong.

    It hard to say much more as the game is random you could get anything. I have though done the achievement twice with the set up above. Once for achievement and before that when I didn’t know if a hijacked enemy could take damage and risked it.

    Take it slow and plan each move, always stay back and out of range and only move forward if you know you can get a kill and then move back. If you get the first survivor and they have a grenade as-well even better. If that person is a sniper I think again that would make it easier I didn’t get that though.
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    SbN SpacefishI can confirm that reverting back to the last checkpoint works. I had to dot hat countless times and still got the achievement.
    Posted by SbN Spacefish On 23 Nov 20 at 15:41
    TheOnlyMattoThis worked well. I don't think that reinforcements are limited. After the final cog is released you will have enemy reinforcements arrive. After the death of the final one you will have 2 turns before the next wave arrives. 3 turns before that wave attacks. I barely made it to the exit by the end of said 3rd wave and avoided any damage the whole time.

    thumbs up.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto On 13 Aug 21 at 17:53
  • jumpin jonnyjumpin jonny680,218
    22 Mar 2021 09 Apr 2021 09 Apr 2021
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    Here is a video guide i have made to get this achievement

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