Straight "A"s achievement in Tetris Effect: Connected

Straight "A"s

Earn A Rank or higher in all Effect Modes.

Straight As-3.3
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How to unlock the Straight "A"s achievement

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    17 Jan 2021 24 Jan 2021 02 Feb 2021
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    For this achievement you'll need to get an A rank on each effect mode. Those modes who offer endless mode do not need to be completed in both regular and endless mode; one it's just enough (that will also make our lives easier).

    There are a few modes pretty tough, so you'll need a lot of practice and tons of patience unless you are already a pro at Tetris. You don't really need any advanced techniques to pull this off, but you need to be familiar with how scoring works and use often methods like t-spin, back-to-back or keeping a high combo (mainly for the high-scoring modes).

    Be sure to understand each mode rules, it can make a big difference. Eg:
    - in Purify you need to clear the dark blocks, and that should be your priority.
    - in Countdown, getting a tetris or back-to-backs when pieces fall will give you bonus points.

    Also note that, unlike the rest of the game, several modes are time constraint.

    Marathon, Countdown and Mystery allow playing in endless mode. As far as I know, there is no penalty for this, so it makes it slightly easier to achieve the required score. Nonetheless, it's recommended to start with a high initial speed level (9-10 worked well for me). You can configure these settings just before starting the game. Other modes offer some configuration as well, but I didn't need to touch them. Feel free to play around if you are struggling with any of those modes.

    Combo, All clear and Target are mainly about memorizing. Learn the patterns and you'll get the goal score even with a few mistakes.

    Target scores per mode*:

    Marathon ~315 (319.536) endless
    Ultra ~20k (21.250)
    Sprint <1:40 (1:38.5)
    Master ~80k (82.600)
    Chill Marathon ~190k (193.956)
    Quick Play ~6k (6.162)
    Playlist: sea ~25k (24.930)
    Playlist: wind ~25k (25.882)
    Playlist: world ~25k (25.504)
    All clear 20
    Combo ~80 (88)
    Target 20
    Countdown ~30k (36.390) endless
    Purify ~250 (265)
    Mystery ~270k (270.006) endless

    * Keep in mind that some scores are indicative based on what I got (I put my score in brackets, so that you know that's a guaranteed A). However, it's possible that you can get an A grade with less points or fall a bit short.
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    TerretsforeverYou can get Combo on 82 but it's a B for 77. Hope that helps
    Posted by Terretsforever on 27 Jan at 21:58
    gothmogesIt's probably around 80 then. I'll update it thx!
    Posted by gothmoges on 29 Jan at 10:34
    Original CloneI got an A on countdown, regular and not endless with 31614
    Strangely I have 289062 on chill marathon but only have a B whereas you have 192K and an A
    Posted by Original Clone on 01 Feb at 17:47
    gothmogesI'll lower it to 30k for Countdown, thx.

    Are you sure you're not confusing Marathon with Chill Marathon? On Chill Marathon with 230k I actually have an S. But for Marathon you probably need more than 300k.
    Posted by gothmoges on 02 Feb at 18:14
    Original CloneJust checked I have 214k(B) on regular marathon, 318k (A) on endless marathon and 289k (B) on chill marathon
    Posted by Original Clone on 07 Feb at 16:26
    gothmogesDid you play with modified or default settings? If modified, can you share?

    I've done a couple test runs, and I'm still consistently getting similar grades. A between 160k-200k, S above 200k.
    Had resets during the game - checked
    Fixed order - checked
    Initial level 1 to 10 - checked
    Also checked with line goal of 150 and 180.

    One last thing I can think of, what is your game version? Mine is, which I assume is the latest one.
    Posted by gothmoges on 13 Feb at 09:56
    Original CloneSo i ended up getting a SS rank with 303k.
    Guess when i got the initial 289k the game glitched the rank award?
    I would go with your initial scores for the A rank as they seem consistent with what you have tested
    Posted by Original Clone on 14 Feb at 13:28
    gothmogesWell, overachieving is not bad clap

    Glad it worked out in the end. Good luck with the rest!
    Posted by gothmoges on 14 Feb at 17:38
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