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Best in the World

Earn five stars on every Campaign set.

Best in the World+3.1
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How to unlock the Best in the World achievement

  • DeadRisingBullyDeadRisingBully845,391
    13 Nov 2020 15 Nov 2020 15 Jan 2021
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    Five-starring the campaign really isn't as hard as it seems as long as you follow these tips:

    - Max out the crowd meter by doing perfect actions (whether it'd be changing discs, swapping, muting, soloing, etc.) and keep it full by the end of the timed goals so you can get the Crowd Bonus of 1,600 points. Also, it helps to fill your crowd meter as soon as you receive your first timed set of goals. Keeping in mind the crowd meter depletes after a few seconds, you need to stay active.
    - The requests play a big part in getting a high score. The trick is to know and remember what songs you put in your crate, don't use auto-fill for your crate. What I did was use a whole bunch of songs of two different genres to make it easier to fulfill requests. You'll usually get requests on longer timed goal sets, so it's best to prepare. (EDIT: Thanks to TonySki, be sure to get two requests done at the same time, this will help greatly)
    - The goals aren't random, they're the same. So, if you're having trouble five-starring a set, it's best to remember what to do for the next time.
    - The goals with no time limits are perfect times to catch your breath and take all the time you need, for there isn't the crowd meter either.
    - EDIT: Enabling the No-Fail option only gets you the "Good" Crowd Bonus (400 points) even if your crowd meter gets full and is therefore NOT RECOMMENDED.
    - EDIT 2: Another helpful tip, thanks to danpsfx, is slowing down the tempo when it's not required for a goal. You could go the bare minimum (90 BPM), if you'd prefer.

    So in short, don't use No-Fail, keep your crowd meter maxed out, be prepared for requests, stay active, and most importantly, DON'T GIVE UP!

    I hope this guide helps.
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    danpsfxAnother thing I did to make this much easier is drop the tempo down whenever it wasn't required for a goal. Gives you much more time to think as all the time limits are in bars.
    Posted by danpsfx on 16 Nov 20 at 08:58
    DeadRisingBullyYes, that's definitely good strategy.
    Posted by DeadRisingBully on 16 Nov 20 at 15:29
    LaDebaucheYup, I don't think you can give better advices. Ultimatly, we "just" have to do everything we're told and be very careful of the crowd meter.

    It's amazing how this game can give you a sour impression of "what ? I did everything right, how come I finished with only 4 stars ?" and then you go back to the same mix and everything is fine
    Posted by LaDebauche on 21 Nov 20 at 18:01
    TinShadowcatI'm having issues with some of the sets not spawning all of their requests, i.e. I complete every request but the end screen says 50%
    Posted by TinShadowcat on 09 Dec 20 at 18:03
    TonySkiTin, getting a combo is part of the crowd requests. So only 50% sounds like you're doing each individually.
    Posted by TonySki on 02 Jan at 07:30
    SL1CK CHR1SCan I farm good and perfect switches during infinite time? Or do those not go towards the final score?
    Posted by SL1CK CHR1S on 20 Feb at 02:41
    DeadRisingBullyNope, I'm afraid you can't get points from farming during infinite times.
    Posted by DeadRisingBully on 20 Feb at 05:32
    SL1CK CHR1SI want to come back to ask how I’m supposed to five star the early songs of the first set. I’m almost done with set 3 and I’ve gotten five stars on them in under 3 tries. Seems kinda backwards that I’m having less trouble as I go on.
    Posted by SL1CK CHR1S on 20 Feb at 13:04
    SL1CK CHR1SI still can't five star the first set. I don't know what else I can do due to how limited my actions are. No pickup bonuses, no effects, no mutes. I just got done perfecting the second and third venues and I can't get five stars on the first flippin set.
    Posted by SL1CK CHR1S on 28 Feb at 02:51
    DeadRisingBullyOn the first set, try doing this: As soon as you reach the point where the Crowd Meter pops up, you will reach a set of goals with infinite time. DO NOT complete the goals yet! First, keep dropping discs on perfect downbeat until the Crowd Meter is at its maximum, and take your time. Your Crowd Meter will not deplete on its own, so don't worry about staying idle. I hope that helps.
    Posted by DeadRisingBully on 01 Mar at 19:13
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