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Combat Hardened achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Combat Hardened

Complete the single player Campaign on Veteran or Realism difficulty.

Combat Hardened-1.1
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How to unlock the Combat Hardened achievement

  • Arkinvader99Arkinvader99336,472
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    03/04/2021 update
    Thank you for everyone's comments, Maka91 cleared up the issue in a comment
    " If you press X at the mission select, and start the game on a new save slot under Veteran, you'll only need to complete 1 ending (Ashes to Ashes is easier). If you level select your way through a previous save, you'll need to do both ending if you have them both unlocked."
    Full credit goes to him on this note, which also makes sense since I did Veteran on my first run through and just went back and did level select through the menu.

    Thank you Maka91, never though I would ever get a comment on a solution from someone I watch and admire. toast Definitely a high point for me as an achievement hunter even if it's a basic guide on a pretty straightforward achievement.

    Some have mentioned in the comments that they didn't need to complete Ashes to Ashes if they didn't chose that ending. For me I did then it popped so your mileage may vary

    I would like to echo the other guides in saying it is to beat the campaign on Veteran.
    But in order for the achievement to pop you must complete both missions, Ashes to Ashes and The Final Countdown. The choice for the different missions to either is found in the mission Identity Crisis.

    Another side not is you DO NOT need to complete the side missions for this to unlock. I had only completed one (Red Circus) during my Veteran play through and still got the pop.

    Hope this helps, Happy Hunting.

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    KDC720Definitely one of the easier CoD campaigns on Veteran difficulty. I did both side missions however the achievement popped for me as soon as I completed "The Final Countdown", I did not have to do "Ashes to Ashes".

    I took Aggressive Behavior and Calm Under Pressure as perks for Bell, but I had very little difficulty overall. In general, I'd say try to remain undetected during stealth sections, and take advantage of hidden weapons. For example, The Redeemer revolver you can find on "Echoes of a Cold War" and "End of the Line" is a one hit kill and ammo is plentiful.
    Posted by KDC720 on 03 Mar at 02:33
    Maka91If you press X at the mission select, and start the game on a new save slot under Veteran, you'll only need to complete 1 ending (Ashes to Ashes is easier). If you level select your way through a previous save, you'll need to do both ending if you have them both unlocked.
    Posted by Maka91 on 04 Mar at 07:29
    Arkinvader99I have made a edit to my solution adding Maka91's addition, thank you everyone for the comments I hope this helps!
    Posted by Arkinvader99 on 04 Mar at 20:19
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  • nnpocnnpoc40,847
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    The only way to do it, is to just do it. There aren't many tips or tricks to complete it, but this doesn't mean there aren't any tips.

    They are your best friend. The A.I. in this game is laughable, to say the least, so smoke grenades are perfect for getting out of a sticky situation as they practically become blind everytime you use them. Trust me, it makes Operation Chaos so much easier.

    Use it at every opportunity. Going out guns-blazing will get you killed faster than you can say "Solovetsky".

    They can't die and they can kill enemies. Use this to your advantage. If you find yourself overwhelmed, fall back and let Woods or Adler thin the ranks.

    I originally played the campaign on Hardened, so I could have a faint memory of where all the enemies were and develop my own strategies for each mission. Of course, this tip is optional if you're just really a glutton for punishment.

    Ashes to Ashes is a far easier mission than The Final Countdown. Make sure to radio Perseus before setting of to Duga however, and don't light Adler's cigarette for a calling card. Or attempt to light his cig, I don't control you.

    The few people with rocket launchers on the roof are not a big threat, as most of the time, they're gonna miss. The snipers should be your biggest concern however. Throw your evac smoke near the building you killed Rudnick in, and sit and wait for the enemies to flood in and pick them off. Use your smoke grenades to safely get to the chopper. Also, you don't need all of the evidence to successfully identify Perseus's key assets. You'll get a calling card if you identify all 3 suspects correctly

    Use cover, abuse your friendly A.I., abuse smoke grenades. Also, pick up the M76! Keep in mind that you absolutely need all of the evidence to shut down Aldrich's spy ring. You'll get a calling card if you do.
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