Party Patrol achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Party Patrol

Get 10 squad wipe medals in Fireteam.

Party Patrol-1.3
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How to unlock the Party Patrol achievement

  • HungryWatchWOLFHungryWatchWOLF678,766
    18 Nov 2020 15 Nov 2020 15 Nov 2020
    26 9 23
    From the main menu select multiplayer.
    From there there will be a Playlist called "fireteam: dirty bomb"

    You'll want to select that game mode. It consists of 10 fire teams of 4 players each team. To get a team wipe medal you must down and kill the final player alive on a single squad(there are multiple squads-beware)

    To check how many squad wipe medals you've earned go to

    Tab to barracks
    Scroll to medals
    Tab to game modes
    Medal will appear as "squad wipe"

    Definition: eliminate the last enemy player alive on a fire team consisting of 3 or more players.

    At the time I am writing this guide I am at 4 so far.

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    qwxxI'm down to boost. When?
    Posted by qwxx on 30 Jan at 18:43
    BrownLion22I hate this cheevo
    Posted by BrownLion22 on 23 Feb at 18:13
    Hobotheclown92I have 8/10 but haven’t been able to find a game for weeks. Sucks ass, knew I should have just smashed it all out while people were still playing it.
    Posted by Hobotheclown92 on 26 Mar at 03:03
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  • SerenityI996SerenityI99622,276
    07 Jan 2021 07 Jan 2021 25 Jan 2021
    13 1 5
    **This solution is outdated! The Fireteam Duo playlist was patched out! Sorry!**

    Update January 2021

    The Fireteam Duos playlist made this achievement extremely easier. All you have to do now is to kill 2 people instead of 4 and it will still count towards your Squad Wipe medals count.

    Some general tips to speed things up for those who don’t play COD often:

    - Use guns with large magazines and/or extended mags attachments. This is due to the fact that players in fireteam tend to have more life points compared to other modes. Also they will become useful when trying to take down more than one enemy at once.

    - When you down an enemy don’t just end em right away. Instead, let them crawl around the ground a bit while you camp the spot. Often times, their buddy will come and rescue them and you can pop him as well (squad wipe)

    - Dive head first in the dirty bomb sites, forget about the rest of the map. Just go there and play, don’t worry about KD or skill. You should be able to get 2 to 3 medals per match, even more if lucky/skilled enough.
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    afatlemur2277Definitely easy now. Got all 10 in 1 game
    Posted by afatlemur2277 on 13 Jan at 22:02
    CakauFireteams Duos is no longer available in the playlists, after today’s update...
    Posted by Cakau on 15 Jan at 06:44
    Pig BimpingI’m going to have to wait until duos (hopefully) comes back. I’ve been trying squads for a few days and I’ve only gotten two wipe medals. It comes down to luck more than skill getting the last kill as teams will frequently be separated. Frankly, this mode is hot trash for those solo queuing.
    Posted by Pig Bimping on 08 Feb at 23:02
  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m334,231
    28 Nov 2020 30 Nov 2020 30 Nov 2020
    7 1 0
    heya guys

    this achievement just takes time and patience

    a squad wipe is achieved by killing the last guy in an opponents squad (the group of 4)

    fireteam dirty bomb consists of up to 10 different squads

    there is actually no way of knowing whether someone your about to kill is the last man in a squad which can be a problem but the simple answer to this is just to get more kills ... its kind of luck based because you can go into a game , get 50 kills and get no squad wipes whereas you can just get 1 kill and its a squad wipe

    there a 3 easy ways to get kills in this game mode

    1 is to just camp an objective ... this means you go to an objective (probably with a sniper) and just kill anyone trying to upload their uranium

    2 is getting in a vehicle ... any vehicle will do because the snowmobiles / motorbikes are great for running people over and ofc the tanks are great at just blowing people up

    3 is by getting lucky and getting a good score streak out of the boxes that are dotted around the map where you get the uranium

    hope this helps guys ... personally i used the krig for my set up but gun choice is whatever your most comfortable with

  • Justin SaletnikJustin Saletnik194,172
    23 Dec 2020 28 Dec 2020 28 Dec 2020
    5 1 0
    If your doing this without boosting, tips:

    ninja perk and semtex grenades' are a must ( also used the knife as my primary weapon)

    Make sure cross-play is enabled ( higher ratio of new players in my experience)

    Get to a chopper or tank as frequently as possible and head to a dirty bomb that players are frequenting.

    Players tend to be near dirty bombs or crouching behind them. Throw gernade into a room with a dirty bomb and should get most of em if not all.

    Run around stealthfully and knife stragglers as shooting them usually backfired and just alerted them of my presence and get quickly killed afterward

    If I was lucky I would get 1-2 squad wipes per match or none and took roughly 20 matches to get
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