Entamaphobia achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War


In Die Maschine, stay in the Yard for 15 rounds

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How to unlock the Entamaphobia achievement

  • Divine FearDivine Fear236,758
    13 Nov 2020 13 Nov 2020 14 Nov 2020
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    I’m not sure if this is 15 rounds at the start of the game, but coming from similar Black Ops 4 achievements, I did the first 15 to be safe.
    I started with the proximity mine equipment, and a XM4, and didn’t really have much trouble until I got to the Megaton (he spawned on 15 for me). He isn’t too much trouble if you have a combat bow though.

    I ran a couple attempts with a friend, and we died on 12 every time. The first game I ran solo I unlocked it at the end of 15.

    If someone can verify that this is just 15 consecutive rounds, and not the first 15, I’ll update this solution!

    EDIT : As Zenész has stated in the comments, this has to be 15 consecutive rounds.

    As xCANExINSANEx93 has stated in the comments, it has to be the first 15 rounds, even though it doesn’t state it specifically.

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    DrippySauce180I tried doing this in local because I never get put with good players, got to round 17 by myself while staying in the yard the entire time but didn’t get the achievement. What did I do wrong?
    Posted by DrippySauce180 yesterday at 08:21
    Divine Fear@Drippy were you connected to the servers (Online)? You can run a solo game and see if it pops that way. You have to technically be playing online and hit switch the lobby over to “Die Maschine Solo” and it should pop.
    Posted by Divine Fear yesterday at 08:23
    DrippySauce180@Divine. Thank you! It took a couple of tries but I finally got it. Guess it has to be done online and not local.
    Posted by DrippySauce180 today at 05:26
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    17 Nov 2020 17 Nov 2020 17 Nov 2020
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    Take it from someone who sucks at zombies, this is easier than it sounds. In the menu of which zombies game type you want to select, press the right bumper and tab over to private session. Select Die Maschine Solo. I HIGHLY recommend the energy mine upgrade. I also took the XM4 with me but you can feel free to choose something else. I would however suggest something with a decent magazine size. Shotguns may be powerful but their range is limited and they need to be reloaded often. That could get you killed.

    First things first, you have one self revive to start with so know that you can go down once and still succeed. Even better, you can kill some zombies while you are down and wait a little bit to revive yourself.

    The first few rounds are pretty easy so familiarize yourself with the level and where the construction bench and ammo box are.

    When you get scrap, use it between rounds to create stims. You'll need these if things get dicey.

    As you approach waves 5, 6 and 7, zombies will become harder to kill and move faster so instead of killing a few as they spawn, simply run around until they have all spawned and grouped up. This is where the energy mine and any grenades or C4 that you might have picked up come in handy.

    Don't worry about picking up double points or bonus points, you will get enough just from killing zombies.

    During the middle waves, let the zombies spawn and form a large group. As you dodge them, stop, aim at head level and let it rip. One magazine a piece for each stop ought to give you plenty of time to start running again. REMEMBER THAT USING DEVICES AND RELOADING DO NOT ALLOW YOU TO SPRINT.

    In the later waves of 11 and beyond, the zombies get even faster and more powerful. Instead of aiming when you stop, simply fire from the hip and don't worry about going through the whole clip. Also, keep an eye on your ammo as you may need to visit the box mid-round which is tricky. You should be visiting the ammo box between rounds whether you think you need it or not. Also, remember to keep your stims at max capacity as you approach wave 15.

    If you go down and lose your self revive before wave 12, you may want to think about a restart. Remember that lethals are nice but other devices will replace your stims. The grenade and semtex are nice but the C4 and Tomahawk are better. C4 can wipe out a group and the Tomahawk is lethal in one shot to any zombie, good for taking out the really fast one's, and it lays on the ground waiting to be picked up on another pass.

    In round 15, a Megaton zombie will appear. YOU DO NOT NEED TO KILL IT TO GET THROUGH THE ROUND. Be aware, that it has melee attack and a long range radioactive goo attack. The ranged attack will kill other zombies so it can be helpful from time to time. Do not be stingy with the stims. Your health can go pretty quickly this round. Once all the zombies are dead, the round will end and the achievement should pop.
  • LindenW26LindenW2694,648
    13 Nov 2020 14 Nov 2020 14 Nov 2020
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    To get this achievement just practice training zombies round the spawn area first.

    I managed to get it first time trying with just the mp5 with 3 attachments at the time, just simply train round where is comfortable for you and keep buying ammo as you need, after about round 11 it’s starts to get hard but picking up Explosives and tomohawks helps get through the zombies quick, on round 15 the big guy tends to spawn you do not need to kill him simply train all round the spawn and avoid him once all zombies are killed the achievement will pop as round 15 ends.

    Once you master training zombies this achievement will be easy to get, and as the spawn is so open it’s made a lot easier to do.
  • Brain5454Brain5454281,811
    14 Nov 2020 14 Nov 2020 14 Nov 2020
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    Here is a video that talks about this. Thanks!(:
  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m289,687
    Today Today
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    so for this achievement you basically need to load up the die maschine map and just get to round 16 without opening up any doors

    firstly i suggest getting to player level 13 first so that you can unlock the knife
    once you have done that you need to create a loadout with the knife
    once in the game DONT STOP MOVING!! ... zombie basic , but i see so many people get trapped and stuck because they just run into corners or stop moving , you need to keep running into the gaps
    with the knife you should have no problem getting to round 13 as its a 1 hit kill all the way
    for round 14 & 15 i suggest using the craft table to give yourself semtex nades and the bow as this takes out big groups of zombies with ease

    when the big guy spawns in on round 15 you dont even need to touch him to complete the round

    you can also do this with other players as long as nobody buys and doors

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