Reunited with Fidolina achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Reunited with Fidolina

Defeat the Momaback and saved your dear friend.

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How to unlock the Reunited with Fidolina achievement

  • ZenészZenész516,949
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    Please stop messaging me for help on this achievement. If I could I would like to help every single one of you but there is no way I can help anywhere near the amount of people that have messaged me for help. This achievement takes 3-5 hour sessions, I simply just can't help people with it, I'm sorry. This also isn't exactly an achievement that you can be carried through, every single person in the game has to know what they're doing. Just one person can ruin an entire run for the whole group. I created this guide to try and help others as much as I could. If you're not good at dead ops, try to recreate the glitch I describe below. Other than this guide I can't help you and I will be ignoring any messaging asking me for help with this, sorry and good luck everyone.

    Not necessarily a round to round guide as the achievement is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is make it past round 64 on Dead Ops Arcade, HOWEVER this is without a doubt one of the hardest achievements in Call of Duty history. I personally did not get this achievement legit, I encountered a invincibility glitch and will try my best to explain how it was done, then give tips for those who can not recreate the glitch or want to go for it legit.

    Starting off with the invincibility glitch that helped my group and I successfully cheese this achievement, it is not 100% as I was only able to recreate this twice out of about ten tries. Around wave 28 I believe, you have a chance of coming across a bonus room that gives you two tanks, two helicopters, two of the mechs, and a couple of nukes. I do not know if this will work for everyone as I got to this bonus room multiple times with about 20 different people and I seem to be the only one that ever experienced it, it may be a glitch with the download of my game or something, I am not too sure what exactly it is as no one else in my game ever experienced it. However, when you grab a tank, if you PUSH THE LEFT STICK FORWARD AND HOLD IT AS YOU LEAVE THE BONUS ROOM IN A TANK (throughout the black loading screen as well) there is a chance that the game will glitch and cause you to fall out of the map. If you fall out of the map into a gray screen where you begin falling infinitely, the game will eventually spawn you back up top with everyone else (outside of your tank) and you will now have invincibility for the remainder of the game. As I said however, this is not 100%. Every time I made it to this bonus room, my game would glitch me out and make me fall through the map. Sometimes I would fall under the map, where zombies would continue to spawn without the game giving me the invincibility, while other times it would spawn me outside the map's barrier inside the zombies spawn where I would essentially just get destroyed by zombies and lose all of my lives because I was unable to reenter the map. THE INVINCIBILITY ONLY HAPPENED when I successfully fell into the infinite gray screen and the game force spawned me back up top outside of the tank.

    IN SHORT, if you come across a bonus room that includes the tanks, helicopters, and mechs, grab a tank and hold forward on the left stick as you leave the room. If you're lucky, this will cause you to fall out of the map into an infinite gray, in which you should respawn up top with invincibility.


    You should be fine picking up any lives, power ups, guns, pack a punch, first persons etc. but DO NOT pick up tanks, helicopters, or mechs for the remainder of the game if you get the invincibility to successfully work as you will lose it when the vehicle power ups run out. If you become invincible, just stand towards the edge of a map away from where any power ups might drop. The first time I encountered this glitch, a helicopter spawned in front of me and I lost the invincibility when it ran out. Just stand near zombie spawns to keep as many zombies away from your teammates as possible.

    And that's pretty much it, just slowly make your way through the remaining rounds. Again, you have to complete 64 rounds. At round 64 when the momaback spawns, the person with invincibility should get her attention, while the other players shoot her in the back. As soon as zombies get close to any of the others players, drop a nuke, giving everyone else a couple seconds to continuously spray into the momaback. If you take turns dropping nukes and do it correctly, it is also possible to complete and unlock the multiplayer playercard for defeating the momaback without dying as well.


    First of all, do not go for this achievement with randoms or people that are not very good at Dead Ops, it will not be possible. If you can't make it to at least round 40 solo, you probably aren't good enough to go for this achievement in a four player game as this game mode is really tough to beat. You need to communicate and actually share drops. Also only start if you have a solid 3-5 hours. If you're lucky, you can beat it in just over three hours but it will probably take most up towards five hours.

    One of the biggest advantages is getting a high multiplier, which you get by simply surviving and not going down. If someone has a 3x multiplier or higher, and everyone else is at 1x, let the 3x person grab all gem drops. This will allow them to build up lives (you get one life every 200k points) in which they can give to the rest of the team when and if they go down. Whenever you come across bonus rooms, do not grab all power ups, actually share them. Not only will you irritate everyone in your party if you grab everything, it will physically make the game harder if only one person actually gets power ups. One tip for bonus rooms that include guns, let one person grab guns at a time. Each person should grab two of any guns, then ONLY ONE death machine, which is always in the back left corner. Grabbing two guns, then a death machine will give you the third tier death machine which absolutely melts through zombies and is without a doubt the best gun in the game. Doing this will allow all four players to get the upgraded death machine for the next round. Also as a side note, you can only hold 9 of each item and lives at once. If you're at 9 lives and about to hit your next 200k point mark, let others go for gems to prevent you from wasting a life.

    Once you go down, it will last a few seconds if you have a life or a minute if you have none (or 30 seconds with the revive fate). When you get back up however, you receive a short shield around you that kills all zombies you touch and lasts for about 30 seconds. USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE by running into large groups of zombies as you get up. It will make clearing large groups of zombies very easy.

    If you are playing this with a group of friends, make sure you make it a private match, as this will allow players to join and leave the game when needed. When rejoining a game, the game will make the player sit out the current round before spawning them back in with 3 lives in the next one. You can use this to your advantage if someone has lost all of their lives. Before starting the next round, simply have that person leave the game and rejoin. I strongly recommend only doing this on rounds in which you have to teleport to the next area however because waiting in non-teleporter rooms has a chance to spawn the mamaback, which will kill and waste your lives. If she does spawn, do not try to kill her as you can't, just exit to the next area.

    This is why a good team with communication is needed. Dropping two nukes on top of each other won't be much of a problem early game, but it could for sure cause problems if you accidentally do this late game. Come up with some player order to drop nukes or clearly call when you are about to drop one. Also if a player has more than one nuke, have them drop theirs last and try to save up more if possible. If you have only one nuke, don't be afraid of dropping it to end rounds earlier or to get out of bad situations because the start of every round gives you one nuke and speed boost if you end the previous round with 0.

    The second time you enter the Wild after round 20, you will climb up a volcano before coming to a mini boss fight at the very top. He may seem tough at first, but he really isn't. You just have to keep your distance, like a lot of distance, try to keep him at the edge of your screen because he can lunge across the screen and strike you. After defeating him you will fall into a room from the top of the volcano that gives you fates, which are essentially bonuses that will last for the remainder of the game. The two best fates are hands down the infinite death machine and fast boots. If two players do not get these fates, it might be worth restarting because the others really are not worth it in my opinion. This will also give all players the Forever Fated achievement if you have not received it yet.

    It is also worth noting that it is possible to get these fates earlier by simply continuing exploration in the wild the first time you enter, rather than leaving at the first portal you see. All you need is two keys, one is found during round 1 on the beach and another one has a chance of spawning within the dungeon on the left side of the wild, right next to one of the zombies head spawners. Simply enter the dungeon and see if it spawns in the first room, if not leave and check the bonus room on the right side of the wild's first section. Keys can also sometimes spawn within the trees of the wild. If you do not get two keys, you may want to restart the game to save time. If you are successful in finding two keys, continue up the right side of the map past the bonus room. I won't type out the entire guide of the Wild as it is a lot of stuff to know, but successfully passing the wild at this point will allow you to reach the volcano early and get your fates by round 5, rather than 20. I would highly suggest doing this for it can help speed through early rounds. And again, if you do not receive the boots and/or death machine from the fates, I'd highly suggest just started over to save time. For a really good video explaining how to do this, here is TheMoZProject's excellent guide on youtube, his video is far better than any text guide I could possibly put together for the wild.

    I would also highly suggest watching as many of The MoZProject's videos as possible, the link to his channel is

    He uploads many videos of solo, double, triple, and quad playthroughs of Dead Ops Arcade as well as very useful hints and guide videos for various zombie related tasks. You will learn a lot just by watching the type of moves him and his friends make.

    This is pretty much all the info I can give for making this achievement easier. If anyone has big hints or tips that I've missed, leave a comment and I will try to update this guide with that info. Good luck for those trying to recreate the invincibility glitch I stumbled upon and godspeed to those soldiers trying to do this legit.

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    DJ KOOLAIDEMy team and I got this first try. Best advice is to watch a walkthrough video so you know how each area works. The last few areas we just put our backs to the wall and didn’t even move. We didn’t use glitch and was still not hard. So just go in informed
    Posted by DJ KOOLAIDE today at 14:40
    TheSauceMonsterCan anyone confirm that this room is still available to be found? I got it to work once on Saturday and picked up a tank on round 63 (rip) and haven't been able to get the room since. I just would like to know if I can still get it so I am not wasting my time.
    Posted by TheSauceMonster today at 19:23
    ZenészLmao Dj Koolaide trying to be cool by saying this was not a hard achievement. If this achievement was easy, many more people would have it. Maybe you and your friends are just monsters at the game or something, but it definetly is not easy for most people. And yes for everyone asking, the bonus room is in the game, they wouldn't remove it. But the bonus rooms are random, it's not 100% that you will get them. There's like 5 different bonus rooms in the game and I believe you have an equal chance of getting any of them. For me personally the tank room seemed to spawn most in the 20s and 50s.
    Posted by Zenész today at 19:44
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    This guide is more of an add on to the first guide, but too long to have as just a comment.

    Here are some quick tips that I've learned from the teams I've been on that I haven't seen mentioned yet...

    Have the host get Firepower at the fate room. Below is a link you can use to tell the differences between the rocks.

    I believe the only way to see the stones in their "true form" is to donate a key to the well. The location of the well is on the circular path up the volcano making your way towards the fate room. You will see a skinny white bridge about halfway up with spikes on it. You will need to cross it. On the right-hand side after you cross the bridge should be the well to donate the key. AFTER you've done that, you should be able to tell the difference in the fate stones.

    Next is the strategy my team used to get this done. I was not the one who came up with it. It is much easier done with 4 players and at least two Xbox series x/s. Player 1 (Host), Player 2 (Xbox series x), Player 3 (Xbox series x), Player 4. Player 1 and 4's Xbox's do not really matter. We played normally until we got to higher rounds and then started using this strategy for the rest of the game. Though you and your team can decide to use it as early as you want.

    At the end of a round make sure Player 2,3,4 all have full lives. If they do not, leave and rejoin the game. While one of the players is out of the lobby, have Player 1(host) send a bunch of join game invites to the team. Make sure Player 1(the host) has 0 lives. Once plenty have game invites have been sent to everyone from the host, everyone has refreshed lives, and the host has 0 lives, you are ready to start the next round.

    At the start of the new round you will have player 1 go down at the beginning. Player 2 will donate one of his lives to pick player 1 back up. Doing so will reward him with power drops. Usually boxing gloves. These are the key to the strategy. Once you have the boxing gloves you want to stay in one spot and keep spinning around as fast as you can like a tornado. The rest of the team will stand right next to player 2 while he is spinning around taking out everything. The team will still be shooting at zombies, meatballs, red tank zombies, and anything else coming your way. The boxing gloves last about 20 seconds.

    After Player 1 has been revived the first time, he wants to run around and take out everything he can while he has the small amount of invincibility. Once that wears off, he wants to go down again as quickly as possible. Player 2 will then time picking him up towards the end of his boxing gloves running out. If done correctly, he will never run out of boxing gloves during his turn and will also make them last as long as possible. Player 2 will repeat this until they have no more lives. When they run out of lives BUT still have their gloves up, Player 3 will step in and do the same thing. When player 3 donates a life to player 1 he will get the chance at gloves. Once player 3 has gloves player two immediately drops his nuke and quits the game. From there he joins off of player 1's game invites before the round started.

    The reason for trying to do this with at least 2 new Xbox's is because they can quit and rejoin the game incredibly fast. It takes roughly 15 seconds for them. Versus the Xbox One may take 30-60 seconds.

    Player 3 will now go through his lives donating them to the host, getting gloves, circling. By the time he is done, player 2 should be back. If they are not, player 4 can take their turn. We tended to have player 4 as a backup option/safety net because they had an Xbox One and could not join back in fast. Rense and repeat until the round is over. Once that happens, have everyone leave and come back at separate times to refresh their lives but not leave the host vulnerable from accidentally going down since they have 0 lives.

    There are some significant risks to doing this strategy if it's not done properly. If someone is AFK, timing is not done well, or people are not paying attention/focused, it is very easy for all hell to break loose and down the whole team. This whole strategy relies on good timing between the players going down, getting gloves continuously, passing the glove responsibility on to the next player, leaving, and coming back in. If your team is having major trouble doing this, this strategy won't work for you. You can also practice it with your team in the early rounds to get the hang of it.

    You also want player 1(host) to be collecting nukes as you progress through all the earlier rounds. They should have 9 nukes and 0 lives by the time they reach the boss fight at wave 64. I'll explain this later on.

    It is not guaranteed that boxing gloves will drop when you donate a life. Sometimes you will get a pack a punched weapon. If this happens, the host needs to go down as quickly as possible again and you need to donate another life. Keep doing that until you get the gloves. I'd say we got the gloves about 80-90% of the time we donated our lives.

    The gloves will not take out the bigger zombies, special zombies, etc. that I mentioned earlier. So make sure the players that are not spinning gloves at that time focus their guns on those.

    Certain spots are better for hoarding the zombies too. On the level with the house, grass, and lawnmower there is a spot at the top of the map next to a fence. You can climb on a lawn chair to climb over the fence to get to it. This is a great spot since they can now only come down the hall and the door in the middle.

    Another good spot when doing this strategy on one of the last levels with the fireballs all over would be on the circular-shaped part on the wooden walkway. Zombies can only come from two spots there.

    One of my early playthroughs we finished wave 60. After that is a Wild spot. At some point during the Wild area it caused our hosts xbox to crash and ended the game for all of us. In the session I got the achievement 2 of the 4 players back out and rejoined as the other 2 players entered the wild. The 2 joining will sit in a black screen until the other 2 players finish the wild and get to the next round. BUT that allows the players going through the wild to have infinite revives since the game is registering 4 players in the game but only two are actually going through the Wild at that time.

    Wave 61 strategy.
    When the save starts you will face a Margwa. Have player 2 or 3 constantly join in and leave the game just dropping their nukes. Don't worry about the lives. Just drop the nuke, quit, rejoin. This allows the other 3 players time to focus their firepower on the Margwa until it's done. Once it's done have all the players stay in and resume the boxing glove strategy.

    Wave 64 strategy.
    This will be a normal zombie round at first. Use the boxing glove strategy here until you see the red text on your screen saying the Boss Battle is happening. From this point on be very careful leaving and joining back in. If you are not back in the game when the boss is killed you will not get the achievement. Everyone should use their nukes one at a time. Similar to the nuke strategy in wave 61 but without leaving and coming back if possible. Then player 1(host) will have their 9 nukes and start using them efficiently. This allows the whole team to focus their firepower on the boss without having to worry too much about the zombies. If you find your team losing lives quickly then have the players that can leave and join quickly do so. But be very careful.

    ALWAYS try to leave at least one person with lives in the game with player one(host) until someone else has joined back. If player one goes down and nobody is in there with them that is up, that's game over.

    Even using this strategy, this is not an easy achievement to get in my opinion. If people are not focused or not pulling their own weight, it will be very difficult.

    I'll add anything else to this as I remember it. Please let me know if there is anything I can clarify too. Good luck to all of you!
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