Present Hunter achievement in Katamari Damacy Reroll

Present Hunter

Collect all of King's presents.

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How to unlock the Present Hunter achievement

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    There are 15 presents in the game. The achievement will pop at the level summary screen after collecting the final one.

    Presents are only "collected" once a stage is properly completed by reaching the required objective.

    Be sure to ensure that each present is kept in the katamari as crashing after rolling one up may cause it to fall off.

    This video by Brentinitis LPs on YouTube shows the locations:
    If you prefer a written guide, this one is by Steam user eri:

    Where: Make A Star 2
    Go outside of the house. A gnome being pulled by two turkey legs (arranged to look like Santa being pulled by reindeer) will have the present trailing behind him.

    Chef's Hat
    Where: Make A Star 3
    Whack the tree with the swing when you're about 30cm round. It can take a bunch of hits, but eventually a present will fall out. You need to be about 50cm before you can pick it up.

    Champion's Belt
    Where: Make A Star 4
    Roll out of the house and around the corner past the 20cm barrier. Go into the back of the house and into the kitchen, the present is sitting up on the kitchen table. You need to be ~30cm to get up on the table and about 50cm to pick it up.

    Where: Make a Star 5
    Build up to 45cm to get past the barrier leading down to the shopping district. There's a crow flying around with a present. If you're super huge, you can just pick it up without any issue. You can also climb up the giant turnip very slowly to reach it.

    Where: Make a Star 6
    In the schoolyard up behind the gas station, it's floating from a balloon behind the jungle gym near the circle of students. This one's pretty obvious.

    Where: Make a Star 7
    Build up enough to get up to the schoolyard. The present falls with the rest of the boulders and junk in the looping order of rock, rock, rock, washing machine, tractor, car, dump truck, rock, sumo wrestler, present. It helps to be large enough to pick up the sumo wrestler so he doesn't knock you out of the way.

    White Guitar
    Where: Make a Star 8
    The present is rolling along behind a red jeep driving counter clockwise around the streets past the 1.5m barrier.

    Aloha Set
    Where: Make a Star 9
    Build up enough to get past the school and up to the second town. In the middle of the buildings there's a factory with two smoke stacks. Roll up the ladder of the stack farthest from where you came. It's at the top of the chimney. Do it as soon as you get to the second town or you might get too big to get it.

    King's Mask
    Where: Make the Moon
    Build up enough to get past the 12m barrier at the school and head to the port area with the boats and squids. A red Jumboman robot flies around there with the present in his hands. Once you're about 30m, you can simply pick it up from the ground when he flies over. When he crashes into you it'll knock the present back out, so you'll have to pick it up again. Make sure to do this as fast as you can, so you don't run out of time.

    Where: Make Cygnus
    First collect some of the eggs in the attic so you're big enough. Go down the ramp by the cones, it's on a ledge to the right before going through the little window.

    Where: Make Corona Borealis
    Go down the hill and around the buildings to the opposite side of the lower area. Next to the stream, the present will be sitting between two chickens.

    Running Top
    Where: Make Virgo
    Head out to the beach. The present is on top of one of the beach umbrellas near the water. You'll need to build up a little bit before you can roll yourself up on top of it.

    Superhero Scarf
    Where: Make Ursa Major
    There's a guy floating around the roads from a balloon, he's holding the present. You need to be about 2.5m to reach it.

    Where: Make Taurus
    Build up the ball to 3m then get up onto the roof of the school just to the left of where you started. Climb up onto the highest part of the building and roll right into the present.

    Where: Make The North Star
    Roll straight forward from the start, and go through the forest. You'll end up near a campfire and a small cave thing, which has the present in it.
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    JLogan27Make a Star 5...I cannot get it. My ball will not roll up the stalk...I've tried right when I get to the 45cm area. I've tried while at around 1m20cm like the video. I've tried to get 'super huge' but the most I can get is around 2m50cm and that isn't large enough. Help!
    Posted by JLogan27 On 15 Apr 22 at 16:46
    Pazuzu98224I honestly thought the bear one was way harder. I couldn't go more than about 20 seconds without accidentally picking up a bear whereas on the cow one I just stayed on the road until old until I was big enough and got it on my 2nd try.
    Posted by Pazuzu98224 On 22 Apr 22 at 16:39
    JLogan27I finally got the present in Make a Star 5...I used the green ramp by the street across from the other garden. Roll up between 70cm and 1m or so (not too big or you won't fit onto the ramp) and spin dash to get the bird who drops the present, then pick it up!
    Posted by JLogan27 On 29 Apr 22 at 16:04
    thanatos8285Dyssident's comment is false - the present does not count if you don't meet the level objectives.
    Posted by thanatos8285 On 08 May 22 at 19:42
    xShoot4WarAmpsxThere's a special place in hell for whoever designed the Taurus level. Cant hit the Present while small and any time I get big, I end up touching a cow. Wouldnt be an issue if the controls didnt suck
    Posted by xShoot4WarAmpsx On 16 May 22 at 02:31
    The NotoI take it you can't get the presents in "Eternal" modes, correct?
    Posted by The Noto On 08 Jun 22 at 08:42
    AKA Ram KadyrovTaurus was driving me crazy too, however I found a better way to do it.

    Instead of waiting an eternity for the little bastards to clear out so you can get at the ramp, roll up onto the raised structure just left of the ramp (hold both sticks forward and wait for him to slowly climb up, then be prepared to stop quickly so you don’t roll off the other side!)

    With no cows to harass you here, you can take your time lining up a power roll. Got it second try using this method.

    Classic case of necessity being the mother of invention - after I failed the ramp method and came around for a second attempt I noticed the frigging ramp was gone since you roll it up if you’re big enough, so this was my only option lol.
    Posted by AKA Ram Kadyrov On 20 Jun 22 at 13:08
    TheOnlyMattoty aka ram kadyrov. first try!

    for Make A Star 5 I suggest getting to about 2.5m then going up the green ramp. You are too big to fit in the gap but big enough to end up on the roof. You can just drop down on the bird then. Much more reliable imo.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto On 28 Jul 22 at 20:57
    Virulent CruxFor the Ursa Major present, the 2.5m mentioned in the guide is on the small side. It depends on where you intercept the present, but 2.5m is not enough to reach it if you are on the opposite side of the map from where you start, and 3.5m is plenty. As the present floats around the sides of the map, 3m is much more of a reasonable goal. Also, it takes a long time for the present to make a circuit, so if you see it before you can reach it, take note on its direction and follow the road around. Going clockwise, from the direction you face at the start, along the road is also a fairly safe way to grow as well, so you may intercept the present around the same time you have the appropriate size doing that.
    Posted by Virulent Crux On 03 Sep 22 at 21:26
    Virulent CruxI was able to get the Taurus present at 2m and 40cm using the green ramp. It is not big enough to get to the higher portion of the building next to it, but a normal roll right in the middle of the ramp was sufficient.
    Posted by Virulent Crux On 03 Sep 22 at 22:46
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