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How to unlock the King of Katamari Damacy achievement

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    Below is a link to a list that was linked in this TA forum by XBL:Johnny Sinister, and was created by some hard workers in a Steam community back when the game released on PC (who are all credited in the spreadsheet and the Steam guide). I had nothing to do with any of these guides and only wanted to point people here towards the right direction when trying to go for this ***** of an achievement.

    Backup of the Guide Description on the Steam post;

    The last achievement in Katamari Damacy REROLL involves picking up one of every item/creature/person/cousin. In order for any pickups to count you have to "successfully" complete a level, that means: getting to the size required for "Make a Star" levels and then quitting, quitting anytime on Eternal levels, or fully finishing constellation levels.

    Easiest way to do this is just a google spreadsheet:

    (This first tab emulates the in-game 100% object booklet, so you can line it up and find what you are missing, the second tab is a list for all items you can get level-by-level.)

    My recommendation is that you first play through the game normally and simply try your best to grab everything you can notice - then start using this guide to find the few final missing items that are giving you trouble.
    Link to my backup of the spreadsheet in case the above disappears, deletes it in a fit of rage, or whatever:

    You can check your collection next to the first tab of this spreadsheet from your home planet. Walk over to the "Collection" tree (screenshotted), and navigate through to "Locations". Objects in here are categorised by "House", "Town" and "World" which matches the order in the spreadsheet.

    View this thread on TA for discussions about specific items instead of commenting here (so far, someone has had an issue with Bucket, for example).

    Any kind of item location list anywhere??

    This will take you a long time, though the world record is currently under 5 hours if that's any consolation.

    Good luck!

    Edit: Thanks to "Vash 1he Stmpde" who posted this in the comments, below are also links to pictures of most (if not all) of the items in the collection, which should hopefully provide a massive help to what you're looking for in the above spreadsheets.

    Vash' link:

    My backup link:
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    thanatos8285Completely agree with xShoot4WarAmpsx. I appreciate the effort and it's a good guide overall, but there's definitely room for improvement. All of the ones labeled "basically unmissable" were irritating too. Many were very easily missable.
    Posted by thanatos8285 On 14 Jun 22 at 06:46
    Miojo666Found the guide very helpful, could have never done it without it, so thank you (and all involved) for it.
    That said, if you're reading this thinking about whether you should start this game (and you care for the 100%) my tip would be: don't. This achievement is extremely tedious and I hated every second of it.
    Posted by Miojo666 On 04 Jul 22 at 07:18
    Frankie DrumsNYThanks Miojo666, I was on the fence about the game and you helped me make up my mind.
    Posted by Frankie DrumsNY On 06 Jul 22 at 13:52
    Mike LangloisThanks @Miojo6666, guess I wont try to finish this in 2 weeks before it drops from Game Pass!
    Posted by Mike Langlois On 18 Jul 22 at 10:45
    vSullyGuys, the difficulty of this achievement has been vastly exaggerated. I was able to complete the collection in several hours (for the first completion) the day the game came out with basically no item list available, having to cobble info together from the Internet. Is it a little annoying? Sure. But it’s really not that bad. And the game is delightful.

    Almost 500 people have unlocked this achievement. If there were like 20 unlocks, then sure, maybe that might indicate that it’s an absurd chore. But it’s really not that bad.
    Posted by vSully On 18 Jul 22 at 11:58
    DubstepEdgelordOnce you learn that certain items despawn when you reach a certain size, it becomes more tolerable, I expect this to be easier the 2nd time because I spent an hour or 2 realizing that clapper boards don't show up when you are a certain size. Also: use the pictures! They help immensely; I didn't realize that there were pictures until I had like around 100 items left and I wasted so much time because I didn't know what I was looking for.
    Posted by DubstepEdgelord On 21 Jul 22 at 23:43
    SL1CK CHR1SFinally unlocked this one as well. The only trouble was the Kintaro Bear. The comments definitely made it seem like this achievement would be worse than it was. Glad I played it anyway as the game is super weird and fun.
    Posted by SL1CK CHR1S On 27 Jul 22 at 05:11
    UltimateRichyHello, I have just completed this achievement ( f the kintaro and holy cow!), and I gotten the original google sheet above and added my spin to it (I made sure to credit the original creators).

    I made percentages for each section and subsection, added check box to see how much items you have left remaining ( since the game had glitched a few times, and my counter did not matched with what i got), and added two notes (in red) for 2 objects. Just doing this for visual clarity, not claiming any of the original info as my own. Hope this helps!
    Posted by UltimateRichy On 31 Jul 22 at 01:20
    ColdCutterCrap, I was only 6 items away before it left gamepass.....
    Posted by ColdCutter On 02 Aug 22 at 05:26
    MemoriesOfFinalJust a tip for the Kintaro-Bear: since it only runs away from you when you're big enough to roll over it, you can intentionally leave yourself 1 item under the required size (4m 6cm) so it acts normally. If you overshoot the size, you can collide into walls to drops stuff.

    When you're set up, you can move into the Kintaro-Bear while its traveling around, which will likely make you drop stuff and may send you flying (so don't do this near other bears, outside the tunnel is a good place to do this) but will "hold it in place" for a few seconds upon collision. You can then keep touching it once every few seconds to extend the hold time. Pick up your fallen stuff until you're over the size requirement and collect him easily afterwards.

    Speaking as someone that couldnt really get roll-dashing to work consistently on demand.
    Posted by MemoriesOfFinal On 02 Aug 22 at 17:44
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