24 Jan 21
24 Jan 21

I'll make a note of that... achievement in Call of the Sea

I'll make a note of that...

Collect all the puzzles notes.

I'll make a note of that...-1.3
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How to unlock the I'll make a note of that... achievement

  • DominusTenebraeDominusTenebrae592,055
    12 Dec 2020 12 Dec 2020 12 Dec 2020
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    It’s not my guide but I used this to find all the logs, notes and clues to finish the puzzles. It’s not perfect in describing every log and note but it helped me find the last ones I needed.

    Also after the game it will tell you in chapter select how many murals and longs/notes remain for each chapter.

    I hope this helps!

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    A Big RadroachChapter 3: If you’re missing anything. The chances are that you’ve just got to press each of the keys on the mini piano to update the book
    Posted by A Big Radroach on 02 Feb at 22:30
    EskimosoundI was stuck with something missing for the notes Cheevo. I played the last chapter again and it was the golden hexagon thing in the middle of the standing stone circle thing in the constellation room...right in the centre...if that helps anyone
    Posted by Eskimosound on 04 Feb at 15:04
    ProjectOasisSo this was really a PITA!
    My diary was complete. Everything 100%. But this achievement states to collect all the puzzle notes, which are not necessarily visible in your diary. I tried chapter select, but couldn't figure out what was missing. Also, I thought it might be glitched, so to give me a better chance at it I played the game again on a new save. I know...
    This time I not only followed the guide but made sure to pick up and look at EVERYTHING. I also only solved the puzzles AFTER I collected all the necessary items.
    Now it popped. I have an idea what I might have missed, since the item seemed new to me but I'm not really sure. (Chapter 3, Puzzle at the end to open the stone pillar bridge, before solving the puzzle VERY visible box with a paper inside right next to the moon circle thingy).
    If any of this only helps 1 of you this comment wasn't for nothing ;)
    Posted by ProjectOasis on 09 Feb at 23:54
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  • CuddIe BunnyCuddIe Bunny821,748
    12 Jan 2021 12 Jan 2021 12 Jan 2021
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    Just a note to those viewing this solution to the achievement. I wanted to make a post instead of a comment as others may skip over the comments section of the other solution. So, to add to the solution already posted, or outline the importance of order of collectable selection for Chapter 3 and to maybe help those stuck at 96%.

    Before entering the destroyed ship, move over to the smaller boat to hear a commentary.
    Proceed to the next small boat shortly ahead of the first one you just saw and stand close for a second commentary.
    Now enter the destroyed ship, turn the power on, and ensure you listen to the recorder below before exiting.
    When restoring power to the camps, go into the tent with the red lighting and observe the hanging photos.
    Proceed to the "organ" staircase and over to where you would find the water level markings.

    Observe the water level markings.

    Proceed back to the staircase taken to the organ and look at the notes and tools in the makeshift workshop.
    When you reach the second part of the camp, observe the mural on the wall above the tent with the piano and projector.
    When you arrive to the camp, enter the tent with the piano and projector but DO NOT INTERACT WITH THEM YET.
    I found it extremely important to begin with the projector, otherwise it voids the achievement "I'll make a note of that..."

    Using the right button on the projector, press over to the fifth slide.

    Ensure that you observe the slide before clicking forward or you may not be able to observe it after.

    Once observed, proceed to the end of the slides and observe the cartoon character.
    Pick up the note under the table, the calendar on the right wall of the projector and observe the floating rock next to the projector.

    Before using the piano, open the case to its right and observe the page to find out the puzzle clue.

    Now use the piano found in the tent and PRESS ALL OF THE KEYS BEFORE ENTERING THE CORRECT SEQUENCE.

    This should then pop the achievement for those stuck at 95% and 96% as most guides created on YouTube never outlined the importance of the bolded text above. Just in case those are struggling with the puzzles, I will link a video guide below belonging to Maka91Productions. Although he may have been a little aggressive in speed with this guide, I suggest 0.75% playback speed and to follow each and every thing he does, especially interactions. This, combined with the guide I have written above should help fix the issue that many of you, including myself, seemed to have.

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    CuddIe BunnyI'm glad I could help!
    Posted by CuddIe Bunny on 20 Jan at 20:12
    CheshireMulishaThanks, I just needed to press all of the piano keys to get it to unlock as I missed that on my playthrough.
    Posted by CheshireMulisha on 18 Feb at 16:59
    CuddIe BunnyYup, from what I remember, that was a key part most video guides had left out. Glad my guide was useful!
    Posted by CuddIe Bunny on 18 Feb at 22:38
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