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General of the Airforce

Become "General of the Airforce" (level 40)

General of the Airforce+1.6
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How to unlock the General of the Airforce achievement

  • GuinIceWizardGuinIceWizard738,469
    14 Jul 2009 30 Sep 2010 28 Jun 2013
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    Ideal Number of People: 5
    Gametype: Custom Player Match, 15 Minute time.

    Team Structure: 3 on 2
    Plane Req's: Team of 3 (Team Alpha) all take the SU-25 Frogfoot, Team of 2 (Team Beta) both take FA-18E SuperHornet's. This is done because both of those planes fly at similar cruising speeds (no thrust or brakes), the Frogfoot carries 100 Joint strikes in a standard game and the F18 has the available TOP. (Target Overright Pod)

    Setup: The basic setup has 3 designations, One Decoy, 3 Shooters and One Deflector. The Deflector is the only person who gains experience. At the start of the match all 5 players need to fly towards each other and get into position ASAP to maximize xp gain. Planes should be setup as follows with team designation in brackets.
    Decoy (B) --- 1200 Meters --- 3 Shooters (A) --- 800 M --- Deflector (B)
    This puts the total distance between decoy and deflector at approximately 2000 Meters. Once everyone is in position flying at NORMAL speeds, no thrust or brake, you begin.

    Gameplay: Each person has an important job to play in this process, if anyone screws up it can severely limit xp gain. Each job is as follows:
    Decoy: the decoys main job is to steer the group, using slow turns and good communication he needs to fly a large rectangular pattern around the map, turning soon enough to avoid the edges of the map using only the yaw function RB or LB. I prefer clockwise but it really doesn't matter.
    Shooters: Fire as many missiles as humanly possible, once all 100 missiles are out crash and rejoin the group as quickly as possible and begin firing again.
    Deflector: Deflector every missile fired at the decoy, letting the decoy die will severely slow down the process. Also don't die as that kills your streak and thus your xp gain.

    Advanced tips and overview: So basically using this setup the distances outlined allow the deflector to deflect every Joint Strike missile fired without being in danger of getting hit himself. A good group of people can farm between 600,000 and 700,000 experience per match this way. Each person must do their job properly in order to max out the gain, the streak bonus is where all the experience comes from and if anyone dies it slows things down, the last 300 missiles or so are where all the real gain comes from so slowing down the front end really hurts total gain. A shooter should be able to put out a minimum of 200 Joint Strikes and personally I have been able to put out 300 plus missiles and still respawn with a new plane before time ran out. 3 solid shooters could empty 900 missiles and that makes for one h*** of a streak bonus.

    For optimal death and rejoin by the shooters there are a couple things you can do, firstly stay approximately 2000 - 3000 meters altitude so you don't require much for altitude changes from spawn, and secondly a good organized team can change their flight path to swing through the middle of the map during shooter respawns, essentially "picking-up" the shooter, this cuts down on "down time" for the shooters as they do not have to chase down the group and increases efficiency.

    Communication is KEY here, holding off on missiles for 10 seconds to fix a botched turn or a loss of appropriate distance saves way more time then getting lazy and shooting someone down. If any missile hits anyone for any reason all shooting should immediately cease to fix the problem, and on the off chance the decoy takes a missile or two the deflector can use a medic when available to heal him back up. Other than a Medic DO NOT USE ANY SUPPORTS!!!! Radar jamming, Missile restriction will really screw up your shooters, EMP or Altitude Limiter will potentially kill all your shooters, for the safety and peace of mind of all involved don't even bother. Good luck out there guys!

    Credit: I heard this strategy somewhere from someone then made appropriate changes, ie plane types, flight paths, number of people etcetera in order to optimize experience gain. Credit due to the inventor of this method, whoever he might be :)

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    GuinIceWizardSomeone who had a similar but slower method who I was crediting at the time. When the solutions went haywire a while back I guess his is gone. Will amend the solution.
    Posted by GuinIceWizard on 28 Jun 13 at 15:00
    Epsilon ThetaThank you!
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 28 Jun 13 at 17:14
    eeysiexcellent solution
    used this solution as base for boosting session.

    Got 580k with 4 players in total
    240k with 3 players total
    and we got the achievement

    Posted by eeysi on 26 Jan 14 at 21:23
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  • TonySkiTonySki1,948,630
    25 Jun 2010 25 Jun 2010
    16 2 3
    As another way with the deflection method that Tinoes suggested is that instead of a plane with alot of regular missiles, have the shooters pick either the EF2000 or Su-47 with the JStrikes and AA missiles.

    If you chose these then you can fire off 5 missiles in the time that it takes a plane to fire off 4 regular missiles

    so you shoot 2 JStrikes, 1 MultiAA, 2 JStrikes and so on. with one person shooting we got up to 255000 points in one match.
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    Canadien BakinAnd with 3 or 4 people shooting (cant remember how many we had), I got 920,000 points in one match... Hells yes! I went from Rank 13 to Rank 40 in 23 Minutes (1 and a half matches).
    Posted by Canadien Bakin on 28 Jun 10 at 19:04
    Yeah if you have the shooters use the Mirage 2000S you have 80 missiles, have the decoy fly low (so the shooters can quickly die) and circle the centre we racked up 550,000 in ten minutes with 5 players.
    Posted on 21 Apr 13 at 21:16
    liiamiA word of warning with the boosting.

    First; You will need to have either played some MP non-boosting, or completed a good portion of the campaign in order to have levelled up enough to have a plane with the T.O.P (Target Override Pod). If you just start the boosting straight away you'll be out of luck. You'll need the FA-18 with the AASupport loadout. Make sure you at every lobby you change to this loadout or you'll be suiciding and wasting time as soon as you enter to get the T.O.P.

    Secondly; The exp cap is just shy of 1400000 exp. None of the guides seem to mention this and this achievement can glitch if you hit level 40 with an absurd amount of exp. I hit level 40 with just 500 exp over the cap, but had gained nearly 300000 exp that match and the achievement did not pop.

    Thirdly; Pick the F15-Active plane. It's basic loadout has 80 JStrike missiles, meaning you'll only need to restock once or twice per 15 minute match. We tried planes with a healthy mix of JStrikes and MultiAA, but between the time it took to lock on after switch (T.O.P doesn't deflect non-locked-on missiles) it generally ended up being a waste of time to switch. Not to mention you can only do 1 Multi AA and 2 Jstrikes in that time when you could have fired off 4 Jstrikes.
    Posted by liiami on 26 Jun 13 at 09:10
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