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Not of sound mind achievement in Morkredd

Not of sound mind

Make noise with all the wind chimes

Not of sound mind-29.1
15 December 2020 - 1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeMissable

How to unlock the Not of sound mind achievement

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    Some people have noted that this achievement can be a little fiddly to unlock, and I did find this myself, which is particularly annoying on a game with no chapter select - if you somehow didn't properly activate all the chimes, you're looking at another complete re-run of the game to this point to try again. Yucksters.

    The problem is, the game doesn’t indicate in any way whether you’ve “rung” the chime enough for it to count towards the achievement, so you have to basically give it your best attempt when you are going for it.

    Additionally, as far as I can tell, you need to ring every subset of chimes within a set for it to count as being fully rung. For example in the first set, you’ll see 5 subsets of chimes within the entire chime set, I believe you need to trigger all of these 5 subsets (not necessarily within the one life) to count as that chime being rung.

    Anyway, there are seven chimes that need to be activated for this achievement, and they are all in the Temple level. I'll list them below:

    1. 60% Progress - A single chime to the right of a slug. This is to introduce the mechanics of the chime.

    2, 3 and 4. 61% Progress - Shortly after the last chime you'll ascend some steps behind a slug and there are 3 sets of chimes at the top of these stairs. I tended to ring the set on the right hand side first, running through them from left to right to match the movement of the slug as he looks towards you. Continue with the same character into the middle set and try and ring all the chimes. You’ll probably die here, so on the next life (or if you are going for the no death achievement, once you’ve reloaded the save), go for the left set.

    5. Immediately after the previous set after turning a corner, there is another long set of chimes in between two sets of stairs. This will probably take a few attempts to make sure you’ve rung all the subsets in this chime.

    6 and 7. 69% Progress – Later, after collecting the second light crystal, you’ll come to a point where you must activate two eye light switches to open a door in front of you leading to a slug and the next 2 sets of chimes. These are smaller and easier to ring in one attempt.

    The achievement should pop upon ringing that last chime. Good luck!
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    ASUnknown1Not sure why this has been downvoted. The achievement itself is awful for several reasons but this guide really gives you all the info you need. In case it isn't clear, you can die as many times as you need to be sure you have every single part of each wind chime and you'll still get the achievement on the last one.
    Posted by ASUnknown1 on 09 Feb at 22:54
    xNeo21xThis achievement is total BS. I’ve done it 3 times now and still haven’t gotten it. The worst part is that once you go past the first section with chimes and the light slug, a random wall closes behind you so there’s no way and backtrack to get any you may have missed and since this stupid game doesn’t have a level select, you have to play from the start of the game again. angry

    Edit: Finally got it on my 4th try. I think the issue is that when you follow the slug up the stairs, some of the chimes in the groups on the right and left are practically in the shadows so you can’t really see them and have to risk death to walk through them.
    Posted by xNeo21x on 10 Feb at 03:30
    Matin MafiaJust ring every subset of chimes within a set.
    Do it multiple times just to be sure.
    Doesn't matter if you die.

    Worked for me on my first try.
    Posted by Matin Mafia on 14 Feb at 07:19
    LITIG8RIt DOES matter if you're over 60 % into a no death run. It's near impossible to do both at the same time.
    Posted by LITIG8R on 21 Feb at 03:46
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