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Turbo in Watchmen: The End Is Nigh

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Complete the game in less than 80 minutes in one session, without restarting from a checkpoint.

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Posted on 25 May 10 at 23:08, Edited on 25 February 13 at 16:22
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It's best to use Nite Owl. I got this on my first go, so it really isn't too difficult as long as you don't panic through this. You cannot die, or restart from a checkpoint at all throughout the game, so allow yourself some time before attempting this.

Now in order to get this, you've got to complete the game by defeating Underboss within 80 minutes without restarting from a checkpoint. I also suggest not pausing, as it's uncertain whether or not pausing stops the timer.

Learn the levels, and learn where in-level cut scenes take place (as they wipe out all active enemies and respawn your partner near your position regardless of where he was before). Learn where all doors/switches/grapples/pipes are as well, so you know at which points your partner should be next to you.

As Nite Owl, make sure you're fully upgraded with all batteries so that you can make the best of your Electrify suit ability. You're going to use this a lot, and you're going to counter attack (RB, then X when being attacked) a lot. Also, whenever you can, you should try throwing the enemies over railings or off of rooftops to speed up the fight time. Also, never perform finishing moves as they take too long. If Rorschach starts complaining or calls for help, make sure you help him out as it will speed up the process in the later levels.

Chapter 1 - Right off the bat you want to get the attention of all the enemies here and lead them towards the door ahead of you that will open once they die. Stick to using YYY and YYXXY combos through this game, aside from counter attacking whenever available. After you defeat this group, the door opens and 2 more enemies spawn in. Ignore them. Proceed through the door and a short cut scene plays. Continue ahead and skip all of the enemies until you get to the area with flames. At this point you should at least electrify your suit so that all the enemies that have been chasing you get stunned. Proceed forward until you get to the room with the gate you have to lift for your partner. Once the enemies are clear, the game allows you to lift the gate. After you do so and Rorschach hits the switch, head up the stairs and turn on the generator. After the next 2 doors open, throw the next group of enemies over the railing so the game instantly kills them.

When you head around and down the stairs, you'll need to head to the security office with the 2 levels that need to be pulled in order to proceed. You can help Rorschach clean up the enemies but if you can get him through to the room without fighting everyone (sometimes holding the lever forces him to skip them and help you), it will speed up the process and kill them. But if they're blocking the way and distracting him, and you have enough charge, just deal with them quickly.

Once you flip the levers and open the next door, head through the next few rooms until again you're at an area that requires cleaning before proceeding. Soon as the door opens, bust through and head towards the next security office with the levers. Continue on through skipping enemies until you get to the toilet block and the end area. Sometimes the game will trigger the end scene for the chapter if there are no immediate enemies around you and you reach the hole.

Should take about 10 minutes.

Chapter 2 - Make sure you skip ahead (but have the enemies follow you) and head left at the fork and pass through all the open gates until you reach the area that has a closed gate. Take care of the enemies here, and backtrack if you need to get Rorschach who may be caught up in a fight.

This level is not too difficult, and make sure to make ample use of your electrify ability, as it will help both you and Rorschach clean up the fights. When you're on the rooftops in this level, try to throw enemies off if you can rather than fighting them.

Also, at points like the end of the level, where there is a door and a ton of enemies, try to get near as many as possible so that you affect the most amount before electrifying your suit.

Shouldn't be too hard, about 10 minutes.

Chapter 3 - This level can be annoying if you're not careful. Address enemies when you're near the gates that auto-open after clearing the way, but make sure to skip the huge lot of enemies that precede the long stairway down into the ditch-like area. You can skip all the enemies down there as well, as you make your way to the crane. Electrify and clean up the enemies at the crane, and when you hit the switch, make your way across to the next path. The next batch will be by the drawbridge, but it's only about 3 enemies. Try throwing as many as you can into the water.

Continue luring enemies into large groups before choosing to fight them, and make sure they do not swarm Rorschach as you proceed through this level. Towards the end where you go into and out of buildings with switches, my game glitched because I left Rorschach behind and he disappeared from the game (or I couldn't find him no matter how far back I ran) thus not being able to climb the required pipe to open the gate for me. So make sure you pace yourself accordingly.

This level should take about 20 minutes.

Chapter 4 - The sewers aren't so bad at all, although the enemies like to attack with the knife; however that allows you to counter and build your charge. You split from Rorschach a lot, which helps you to breeze past as many enemies as possible.

Make sure in the large room with pillars and water on the ground, you help Rorschach clean out the enemies so that he can climb the pipe and hit the switch for you.

When you get to the large room with the gates on both sides and many enemies, I chose the left path by opening the right gate for Rorschach, but I don't think it matters which way you go, really. In that room though, prior to being able to address the gates, I threw as many enemies as I could (where you climb up to the area, lure the enemies back to the ladder that got you up here) off the top in order to expedite the fight.

The end of the level requires you turn a few wheels to reduce the water level and get to the end gate, but that's not difficult at all.

Should take about 15 minutes for this level, DO NOT PANIC.

Chapter 5 - Cops, heh. You will need to address many of them so they don't swarm Rorschach, but again you split from him often during this level so don't worry. When you're on your own, just run ahead but be sure to remember the points that require you to grapple, climb, jump down, etc. because they will need to be clear before the game prompts you to do those actions.

When you meet up with Rorschach towards the end, and he's fighting cops, make sure you make a left at that fork, towards the purple light.

This level should take about 10 minutes.

Chapter 6 - Ignore everyone, and just chase after underboss. You only need to fight when he gets up a ladder, but you can throw all of these enemies here. You can also use a moment to build your charge by countering. When he starts to fight you "with his FISTS and your FACE", block his punch and stick to using YYXXY then blocking his response. Do not get greedy with him; you have plenty of time to defeat him.

Just get him to proceed as normal, and watch your combos around him. Every time you execute a combo, just block as he will most likely counter with his rushing punch which knocks you down and hurts a lot.

Eventually he whips out the flame thrower, so be careful not to be in the middle area. You can throw these enemies farther than normal, so be aware that you don't have to be so close. Also, when he jumps off to fight you, run away because the shockwave from his land will affect you.

Again, pummel him with electrified YYXXY and eventually he will go down. Just don't get greedy, block his attacks, and you should defeat him within 10 - 15 minutes.

*Update* Thanks to CookItAndBookIt, we've got a video you can use to get an idea of what needs to be done for the achievement as well.
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