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Kill the trolls

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How to unlock the Trollbane achievement

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    Unto The EndTrollbaneThe Trollbane achievement in Unto The End worth 189 pointsKill the trolls

    The easiest way I found to deal with the trolls for Trollbane achievement was to:
    1/ Throw dagger
    2/ Walk towards Troll and low attack (X)
    3/ Immediately roll twice towards the way you are facing. This will take you past the two troll swings
    4/ Repeat steps 2 and 3 until dead.

    This worked well for both trolls, sometimes to create some extra distance on the second troll I would roll a third time to be safe.

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    corpirateThis worked absolutely perfectly and as described on my first attempt. Thank you very much.
    Posted by corpirate on 04 Dec 21 at 22:45
    ppinconI totally cheesed the second troll. Here's how: you'll notice that if you walk far enough away from either direction the troll will at some point give up (you'll see him slap the deer down, roar and then stomp away). If you time it right you can roll past him while he's walking back - you'll probably need a double roll to take you past him). He'll then glitch and won't be able to attack or walk back since you are now in the way. At this point just wail on him with any attacks without moving and you'll kill him super quickly. Done this multiple times - it's easy and works like a charm! ✌🏻
    Posted by ppincon on 01 Sep 22 at 19:08
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    Trollbane is earned after killing both the trolls. Both trolls are found along the story path so you do not need to worry about seeking them out.
    The first troll can be found at the 24:00 mark in the video below.
    -The way that I defeated the first troll would be to attack with cn_X and then roll away twice to avoid his incoming attack. Just rinse and repeat until he is defeated. You can also just follow the pattern shown in the video to duck his normal 2x attacks and then dodge his sweeping overhead strike.
    The second troll fight can be found at the 35:00 mark in the video below.
    -The second troll is trickier, he swings around a dead deer that will insta-kill you. Make sure to duck this attack or have rolled out of the way to avoid contact with it. The second was a simple formula for me as well, blocking low to deflect his spear and then ducking when he swung with the deer.

    If you are having trouble, you can temporarily blind a troll by using the Shiny Pendant object.

    For all achievements in the game, you can follow this awesome guide on YouTube:
    All credit to Trophy Tom. Please like or subscribe to support him. Please note how he has conveniently labeled sections of his video based on which achievement is next or what item you are tracking down, this can be seen if you watch his video on YouTube on the video progress bar instead of the imbedded video here on True Achievements. It is a very well done 100% guide.

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    LeXXuzplanchetflaw you only get killed if you duck too early. Just duck shortly before he strikes and he will miss you every time. It takes a little bit getting used to. The pattern is still the same. Duck, hit him with a lower stab, duck again, hit him once more then roll away to avoid his third attack. Repeat twice and he's gone.
    Posted by LeXXuz on 16 Jan 21 at 08:31
    MasterCheeks117I was having some trouble with the second troll as his spear attack has a pushback that pushes me out of reach with my sword, every time, and could not move quickly enough to close the gap and hit a swing. (Maybe the pushback was patched in?) Anyway, I found a reliable way to hit him was to jump and heavy attack with Y, holding LS down to block his imminent spear attack, rinse and repeat. Obviously you still have to avoid the deer attacks here and there. Good luck!
    Posted by MasterCheeks117 on 31 Jul 21 at 03:13
    Cleaner7x@Mastercheeks117 On the 2nd troll I died quickly the 1st time. On the 2nd time I tried blocking twice and he pushed me back each time. I quickly rolled away then tried your strategy of jump + Y attack then rolled away again. Rinse and repeat and didn't even get hit. :)
    Posted by Cleaner7x on 05 Dec 21 at 07:48
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