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Mastery achievement in Unto The End


Show true mastery of the sword

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How to unlock the Mastery achievement

  • I Argonaut II Argonaut I
    21 Dec 2020 21 Dec 2020 26 Apr 2021
    Mastery can be earned by defeating the final boss while only using your sword. Do not throw your knife or spear. You can watch this be done at 101:00 in the video below.
    A few tips for this fight and situation. The game is not over when the final boss is defeated so try to make sure you have a tonic in your inventory from the last camp fire which is quite a few fights previous to this. You may be bleeding after your fight and if you want to see the end of the game and have a chance to continue without resetting progress to work toward the "Bloodlust" achievement, you could likely love having a tonic so you don't have to fight the boss again.
    This guy is tough and has a particular attack that will likely kill you instantly.

    If you are not the most skillful and reacting to his prompts, perhaps try what I did below:
    The best method I found to defeating the final boss was a high attack (cn_Y) and then quickly stagger him with a shoulder check (cn_RT), then take advantage by attacking again. You can get a rhythm with a bit of practice to chain these two moves over and over. If the boss gets away from your combo, try to induce the situation again by sneaking in a shoulder check after you land a high attack. Also, at the very beginning of the fight, if you are quick dropping down to him, you can get behind him for a free attack, this is a good way to set up your first combo of cn_Y and cn_RT. You should have success stringing the combo together as long as you dont get close to walls, that can throw it off. (This cheese method has been patched)

    Since the Cheese Method is likely not gong to work for you, you are gonna have to do this one with skill! Take the time to try and learn his attacks and indicators of where you can get an attack in. The video posted shows combat with the boss that can be studied to set you up for success and then will like take some repetition and improvement until you finally break through and defeat him. My advice would be prioritize your own health and not get into a situation where you open yourself up.

    You can also make sure the the combat is set to "Assist" in the settings to make combat a hair slower and easier.

    Maximum Armor will help as well to ensure you can take a little punishment. If you are traveling up to the final boss and have your armor piece break, I would let that enemy kill you, so that you can respawn with that armor intact.

    For all achievements in the game, you can follow this awesome guide on YouTube:
    All credit to Trophy Tom. Please like or subscribe to support him. Please note how he has conveniently labeled sections of his video based on which achievement is next or what item you are tracking down, this can be seen if you watch his video on YouTube on the video progress bar instead of the imbedded video here on True Achievements. It is a very well done 100% guide.

    *If this solution helped you in some way, please vote positively. If you think it needs improvement, please let me know how in a private message or by leaving a comment.*)

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    MasterCheeks117I struggled with this for a while so just to add on- you really can't use heavy attack (besides the first one to surprise him) as he is unfazed by taking damage and just hits you right away. So I basically rolled constantly unless he starts his high attack with BOTH swords in front, high block, light attack with X, then keep rollin and rollin away. Only took about 5 or so hits to finish him. Happy hunting wave
    Posted by MasterCheeks117 On 31 Jul 21 at 22:14
    Boots OrionHit him with the heavy attack (Y) at the start when his back is turned, then roll around to evade him when he does anything other than run at you on all fours. It seems like you have to be a specific distance for him to do that though.

    Use heavy attack when he's running at you on all fours, and proceed to roll around some more. I think he take 5-6 hits total, including the one at the beginning of the fight to his back.

    When I fought him, my armour wasn't great anymore, so I used the potion immediately so I could take an extra hit or two (tip: put away your torch before drinking the potion, so you don't drop the torch - and have it after the fight when you're running through some dark caverns). After the fight, I ate some herbs so that I would slow any bleeding.

    This fight is challenging, and annoying, but this "evasion" strategy works. Just wait until he's run towards you like a dog and then use heavy attack. You only get one attack at a time, so don't be greedy...you'll fail.
    Posted by Boots Orion On 04 Dec 21 at 04:34
    Brave TanukiI'd like to extend my gratitude to everybody who left advice! toast It was all very helpful.
    Posted by Brave Tanuki On 03 Feb at 02:21
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  • thatNoseyParkerthatNoseyParker
    04 May 2021 04 May 2021 04 May 2021
    Description translation: Defeat the final boss using only your sword (no throwing your dagger or spear)

    1) Walk left to get down as quick as possible, then move a little right and attack him ONCE with cn_X.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    2) Immediately hold left stick down to block low attacks and keep it down for the rest of the fight (or at least when you’re able to block) - Note if you’re successful with step 1, he seems to always use a low attack first.
    3) Any time he attacks high, use a well timed cn_B to duck under the attack. This important because, in my experience if you block a high from him you just get knocked down and get kinda stun locked.
    4) Attack with cn_X immediately after ducking.
    5) Repeat steps 2-4.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Good luck, and please give feedback on whether you experience the same or not.
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    OkeemI found mastering the timing of the duck worked best for me too. Duck and stab for the high stab attack, roll for your life on the rest. I also found only attacking once per duck and not getting greedy worked best for me.
    Posted by Okeem On 06 Dec 21 at 18:18
  • ShortSniperShortSniper
    22 Aug 2021 22 Aug 2021 22 Aug 2021
    I thought this was going to be a lot harder as the first time I tried this this I had zero armor.

    My biggest piece of advice is to wait until you get the metal helmet to craft your level 2 (bone bracers) AND level 3 armor (bone plate). You shouldn't need any before this. Carry capacity maxes out at 11 for resources to allow you to get the pristine shard and level 3 (++) armor. And resources CAN BE wasted if you are full and try to pick up more. But at this point in the game you should have almost capped out. If you craft both at the metal helmet spawn you will have enough for one or two repairs if you get hit plus enough for both pristine shards (3 herbs and 6 bones) thru pickups the rest of the game. If you lose all of your armor in a fight let the enemy kill you so you restart the fight with the armor you had.

    Now for the actual fight. There is still a cheese... Sort of...
    The boss has a few different moves which can be quite annoying. Obviously he attacks low/high, but he also has a fake attack where he tells one directional attack and as you guard he will switch directions on you. Ignoring that he has a heavy lunge which can be read when he is in a kneeling position with his front hand straight behind him brandishing the dagger clearly. Now I have no actual proof this works 100% of the time, but when you are close to him and DO NOT throw up a block he thinks you can be one hit so he won't waste time with directional light attacks and just go for the lunge. You are essentially baiting him to use the heavy lunge because that is when he is exposed the longest. You have enough time for a light LOW attack and roll AWAY. after you roll he may try to jump toward you simply roll UNDER him and prepare for the next attack. Double rolling helps if you aren't making enough space after your attack. And you have heavy armor if you make a mistake.

    It's also worth noting the player also has a leap attack if you jump toward them and press your high attack button.

    That's all I got. Good hunting.
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