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War Hero

Complete all chapters on the most difficult setting.

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How to unlock the War Hero achievement

  • atheistiumatheistium127,148
    15 Mar 2009 15 Mar 2009 16 Mar 2009
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    Unlock by finishing game on Veteran. Co-Op with a friend is preferred to get this achievement. Just because sometimes AI will walk into death!

    Also when you go into a dying state you have to be next to the person and press B straight away or they will die instantly. The recovery time is 1 second.

    TIP: I recommend trying to complete the game in under 5 hours PRIOR to trying Professional difficulty out. Finishing the game in under 5 hours gives you an infinite Rocket Launcher which makes 90% of the bosses 1 hit kills.

    The only boss that was frustrating was the boss on 2-3. Whoever is on the lower gun needs to hit the boss constantly while if you are on the above gun you need to also keep an eye out on enemies around the area.

    Why? The above gun shoots quicker but is lower in power. So you can quickly change targets and start off. Also learn to stop the rock, because it takes around 75% of your health!


    Getting the stone off of Jill will require you to be a bit more precise. On Professional Jill has a few extra tricks up her sleeve including a sliding shoot and tends to run off up the walls more often. Keep in a pincer position (one of you in front and one behind) and don't get hit ONCE by her as you will die. Make sure you only hit her in the chest and restrain and shoot the gem 4-5 times before attempting to remove the gem off of her chest.

    When you fight wesker in his final form, you just need to proceed to the second section (where Chris and Sheva get separated) and continue to blast rocket launchers into his face. After 4-5 he will die. Done!

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    for completing the game in under 5 hours, can i go on easy difficulty?
    Posted on 10 Dec 12 at 08:22
    nitrogen rounds worked best in Jill fight as flash rounds will blind you as well
    Posted on 19 May 13 at 21:12
    KryptCeeper969This need to be done in pro not veteran.
    @H4MED3000 yes you can. 1 difficulty's total playtime has to be under 5 hours.
    Posted by KryptCeeper969 on 28 Jul 13 at 18:00
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  • Big ZimmBig Zimm82,904
    27 Mar 2009 26 Mar 2009 29 Mar 2009
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    Before you start your Professional play through make sure you've completed a previous play through in under 5 hours to obtain the infinite rocket launcher. It will take out most bosses with a single shot!!! You do not need to play through the entire game in under 5 hours. You simply need to get your total play through time in the chapter select screen down to under 5 hours. Using better weapons you get later in the game helps in cutting down your times from earlier in the game. So replay any and all chapter you feel you can cut down your time, until you hit the 4:49 mark. Also you can go to chapter 3-1 over and over to build up a stock pile of rocket launchers. This sill help you to speed through any chapter with a boss fight in it.

    Fully upgrading the M3 shotgun, the S75 rifle, and fully upgrading a magnum makes the professional play through much easier. Any of these weapons you can purchase unlimited ammo for will cut the difficulty down even more. Play through chapter 4-1 over and over if you need to build up enough money. And for exchange points to get unlimited ammo you could play through 6-2 if you have a infinite rocket launcher, since it will only take you a few minutes. Or you could play through 2-3 which should take you under 7 minutes.

    Here are some tips for what I feel are the two hardest parts of this game on Pro.

    ** Spoilers Below **

    Chapter 2-3 The Ndesu Boss Fight:

    -Use Chris and have Sheva as the AI.

    -If you are using controller Type A or Type C for the controls change them to Type B or Type D. This will allow you to shoot and zoom in at the same time, but more importantly it will give you easier buttons during the QTE sequences. (i.e. X button or B button instead of the RT and LT or the X and A buttons simultaneously.

    -Only kill the bottom archer on the right side. The archers will not re-spawn until both are killed. Having only one alive all the time is much better than having to worry about one more thing during this fight.

    -When Chris's gun is about to over heat tap the fire button to allow his gun to cool while still shooting.

    -Every chance you get to scan to your left and kill the molotov throwing Majini take it. When Ndesu gets stunned from an attack, like after the stomp this is a great time to do so.

    Chapter 5-3 The Wesker and Jill Boss Fight:

    -Use an infinite rocket launcher and run to the second floor. Wait for Wesker behind a corner, and shoot a rocket at Wesker before he sees you. He will then attempt to stop the rocket, so shoot a second rocket immediately after the first.

    -For the next part when fighting Jill use flash rounds with the grenade launcher or use flash grenades. Shoot or throw one at Jills feet and she will be stunned. You and your partner can then easily grab her to shoot or try to pry the thing off her chest. Once she stands up again or kicks you off her just shoot or throw another flash at her feet and repeat. If you are fast enough throwing the flash grenades or using the flash rounds Jill will be unable to attack you.

    -Only try to pry the thing off her while your partner is standing up holding her. Do not try to pry the object off her while shes lying on the floor. Jill will always do a QTE after which knocks you off her, One wrong button press and you are dead.
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    L1B3RTYorD34THThe flash rounds against Jill worked to perfection. Well done, sir.
    Posted by L1B3RTYorD34TH on 28 Feb 11 at 00:41
    Tomblyboo117Wow, i couldn't do 2-3 in co-op and i do it first time without dying with the AI, great guide :D
    Posted by Tomblyboo117 on 21 Jan 12 at 10:00
    netstrykerFortunately my path was more short. I did my first playthrough playing on Pro with a friend. He was the host of the match and used the RPG with infinite ammo.
    Posted by netstryker on 03 Apr 19 at 04:51
  • dc0drdc0dr548,517
    05 Oct 2010 08 Jun 2010 08 Jun 2010
    30 6 5
    This guide is solely for Chapter 5-3 on professional. By the time I completed the round I died over 60 times. This video is the only way I've been able to pass Jill and Wesker. It was upped by speedfactor and I take no credit for the creation or any gameplay.

    Taken from the video:
    "Many people complain how difficult this fight is even with Infinite Ammo. Many people complain the AI get them killed repeatedly.
    This is actually really easy if you come in with the right gear. This video shows what I did below with No Infinite Ammo and minimal gear.

    All you need:

    1. Rocket Launcher
    2. Any gun.
    3. Grenade Launcher with 12 Flash Rounds. 24 to be on the safe side.
    Heals are optional, I got a free FAS from the locker in the section before it so I allowed myself to bring it in this video.

    Part 1:

    1. I go upstairs to buy some time while Wesker does his 7 minute speech. I grab the treasure since Im already there.
    2. I get myself kicked through the door.
    3. Hope the AI follows you through the door. It has about an 85-90% follow rate imo. A few times, she gets stuck which sucks on Professional.

    Optional: Collect a free L.Hawk and 3 treasures before doing these next steps.

    4. Go around a corner and wait until Wesker walks around the corner (or has his back turned to you)
    5. Fire Rocket at Wesker. Wesker catchs said Rocket.
    6. Shoot Rocket. Part 1 over. (I knifed him for fun)

    Part 2:

    1. Go downstairs.

    Optional: Pick up the Heart of Africa. Might as well.

    2. Jill pulls out her SMGs. If you ignored the HoA, you have ample of time to shoot her with the Flash Round. If you pick up the HoA, you need to be a bit quick on the shot or take damage like I did (but hey, I bring heals so its all good to me)
    3. It may take a Flash round or two to set it up but the idea is for the AI to Restrain Jill.
    4. Pull at the device.
    5. Jill knocks you and the AI off. The moment Jill turns after the punch, fire a Flash Round.
    6. You're blinded and so is Jill but the AI will restrain her.
    7. Repeat step 4-6 until said device is off.

    (possible) Frequently Asked Question (for 5-3):

    1. Why wont (the AI) follow me or what do I do if (the AI) runs off to fight Jill?
    Press B every so often so she comes back to you. Pretend you're rescuing survivors in Dead Rising.

    2. Why wont (the AI) heal me when I take damage?
    (the AI) naturally likes to heal you when you reach a critical point in health. If for whatever reason it doesnt come to you right away, press B.

    Note: The person restraining Jill has to deal with a Quick Time Event button press every time that person restrains until the device is off. On professional, if the player holding her misses the QTE, there is not enough time for the person to stand up and the other person to heal them before dying. The AI always hits the QTE.

    3. The Rocket Launcher is 10k gold! This strategy sucks! It makes it pointless to even get the Heart of Africa! Why bother?

    There is a Rocket Launcher that can be gotten for free for almost no effort on a sunken boat on Chapter 3-1. Due to a flaw (or conveniance) in the Chapter system of this game, you can replay a level as many times as you want to stock up on ammo/collect treasure etc. (in this point, free Rocket Launchers)."
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    bibis44340merci pour la video je comprenais pas vraiment qu'il fallais le faire aussi longtemps.
    Posted by bibis44340 on 08 Aug 12 at 14:24
    FWWCyrusThanks for the help!
    Posted by FWWCyrus on 05 Oct 12 at 14:38
    Pandominus*Pretend your rescuing survivors in Dead Rising*

    ^^ LOVE!
    Posted by Pandominus on 21 May 16 at 12:34
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