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Rec Roomer I

Reach level 30

Rec Roomer I-5.5
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How to unlock the Rec Roomer I achievement

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    According to a graph released on official Rec Room forums you need what seems to be 2k xp to reach level 30. It's unclear if that's the total amount of xp or just what you need to get from lvl 29 to 30.

    It also seems like there is a cap to how much xp you can get every single day. This daily xp cap is mentioned on multiple forums. Either a cap or glitch which seems to reset every day. Please note your xp only increases after you left a room/new round starts. Some sources suggest to reset the game if xp doesn't increase.

    It seems you can earn 192.8XP on the first day and max 150xp per every other day. 12 days to get get this achievement, 92 days for lvl 50

    1: 21.5XP ------- 7: 150XP ------ 13: 342.8XP --- 19: 600XP ---- 25: 1214.2XP
    2: 42.8XP ------- 8: 171.4XP ---- 14: 385.7XP --- 20: 642.8XP -- 26: 1328.5XP
    3: 64.2XP ------- 9: 192.8XP ---- 15: 428.5XP --- 21: 757.1XP -- 27: 1442.8XP
    4: 85.7XP ------- 10: 214.2XP ---- 16: 471.4XP --- 22: 871.4XP -- 28: 1557.1XP
    5: 107XP ------- 11: 257XP ------ 17: 514.2XP --- 23: 985.6XP -- 29: 1671.4XP
    6: 128.5XP ----- 12: 300XP ------- 18: 557.1XP --- 24: 1100XP -- 30: 1785.7XP

    My xp cap resets at 00:00 UK time, Max in the comments section said his xp cap resets at 20:00 EST

    Here's a graph for those who want to know what their daily cap should be. Check your level first (e.g.: 23.8), use the graph to find how much xp you have at lvl 23.8, add 150xp (in this case lvl 25.1), that should be your daily cap. Use RED LINE FROM 1-10, PURPLE LINE FROM 10-20, GREEN FROM 20-30, BLACK FROM 30-40 AND ORANGE FROM 40-50
    (Zoom in to see the lines better)

    My daily progress, results will vary if you fail to reach a daily cap on some days
    Day 1: reached lvl 9 xp cap ----------- Day 7: reached lvl 23.8 xp cap
    Day 2: reached lvl 13 xp cap --------- Day 8: reached lvl 25.1 xp cap
    Day 3: reached lvl 16 1/2 xp cap ----- Day 9: reached lvl 26.5 xp cap
    Day 4: reached lvl 19 3/4 xp cap ----- Day 10: 27.5 xp cap
    Day 5: reached lvl 21 1/4 xp cap --- Day 11: reached 29.1 xp cap
    Day 6: reached lvl 22 1/2 xp cap --- Day 12: lvl 30 !!!!! YAAAY

    To see your own level open your watch interface (menu button) and click the top left corner (profile). This will display your profile dashboard including what level you are.

    Some ways to get XP:

    Daily login bonus:
    Logging in every day grants you small amount of XP.

    Cheering people:
    Dpad left and up to select cheer, approach someone and hold LT. This will bring up a menu where you can cheer people. Limit 16 per day.

    Getting Cheers:
    If someone happens to give you "cheer" a notification will pop up. Confirm the cheer to get small amount of XP.

    Completing challenges:
    There are weekly and daily challenges in your watch interface. Completing those challenges rewards you with an item and xp

    Playing games:
    Most important of all, playing games. I tend to stay away from team games like: paintball, laser tag, baseball etc. I find it easier to play solo games like: disc throw or quest games (^GoldenTrophy, ^CrimsonCauldron).
    As pointed out by Max you should only play rec room original games or games with #RRO in descriptions, just to be safe hit the first icon in game filter menu (square box icon with some lines in it)
    With quest games up to 4 people work together to clear stages of enemies. The more enemies you kill the more xp you seem to get, hence if you are in a lobby alone start the game. Take it easy and let the enemies come to you. It's a one hit kill so be careful.
    With disc throw up to 4 people compete against each other to get a disc from point A to B. Again if you're in a lobby alone, start the game.

    Making rooms:
    Probably the hardest one on this list. Make a room and publish it. If it's good enough people have the chance to like it (cheer), more people like the more xp you get. It's difficult for a room to become popular. Wouldn't waste my time on it.
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    pomikoliThis guide took a long time to make, there are ways to earn xp, a graph where anyone could find their daily xp limit, and the time it takes to get this achievement. Yet, people keep downvoting. If you find this guide bad, please do post your reasons. The moment it reaches a negative vote ratio I'll delete it. For the time being, I am moving on to "Rec Roomer II". To the people who keep following my progress, let me know if I should still list my daily progress
    Posted by pomikoli on 18 Dec 20 at 02:05
    FlipYourWigHDI thanked you first and I still thank you!!
    Posted by FlipYourWigHD on 19 Dec 20 at 08:17
    SwiftSupaflyI agree the effort and work is amazing.
    Posted by SwiftSupafly on 19 Dec 20 at 14:59

    @pomikoli, is this you? wink
    Posted by qManballin on 20 Dec 20 at 08:14
    pomikoliYep, that's me. Thought complaining might help. Didn't
    Posted by pomikoli on 20 Dec 20 at 11:59
    Sir PaulygonShould unlock this today or tomorrow. Thanks for the solution!
    Posted by Sir Paulygon on 26 Dec 20 at 23:19
    Angels Kill TooLooking at your graph on the left side I saw math i haven't seen in like years and...yeah it kinda scared me "what the fuck am i looking at" reaction lol
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 27 Dec 20 at 02:49
    pomikoliHahaha, you don't have to concern yourself with the math. My progress seems to match the graph prediction making me think it's correct. I wish I was doing that math hehehe. Working with vectors in the 6th dimensions and crazier stuff makes you go "oh I wish I only had weird symbols and pictures in my math"
    Posted by pomikoli on 27 Dec 20 at 12:44
    DDevSeem to be progressing slower than yourself but the daily/weekly challenges will see me there eventually.
    Posted by DDev on 04 Jan 21 at 13:52
    ShSilentFartThanks for taking the time for the guide! Yes! It does take a while for XP bit if you play enough games each day and switch it up trying new game modea youll be fine!!!!! :D dont stick to one!!!!!
    Posted by ShSilentFart on 13 Jan 21 at 00:56
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