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How to unlock the Rec Roomer II achievement

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    Warning this achievement takes around 108 days to complete lvl0 -> lvl 50

    We heard it was too easy to get to level 30, so we made getting to 40 and 50 more challenging. It will take significant time and investment to get to Level 50, and those who make it there should feel proud of their achievement. In addition, we made the lower levels come a bit faster to keep the excitement up for new players.
    - published on Rec Room official forums

    To reach level 50 you need about 16k xp (8x as much time as it took to reach lvl 30). Unclear if that's the total amount or amount of xp needed to get from 49 to 50. Click the link below to see XP chart

    It also seems like there is a cap to how much xp you can get every single day. This daily xp cap is mentioned on multiple forums. Either a cap or glitch which seems to reset every day. Please note your xp only increases after you left a room/new round starts. Some sources suggest resetting the game if XP doesn't increase.

    My xp cap resets at 00:00 UK time, Max in the comments section said his xp cap resets at 20:00 EST

    Level 0 -> 30 progress is in my "Rec Roomer I" guide
    Starting off with: lvl 30.1
    Day 1: lvl 30.5 ---- Day 14: 35.9 ---- Day 27: 40.45
    Day 2: lvl 30.9 ---- day 15: 36.3 ---- Day 28: 40.60
    Day 3: lvl 31.4 ---- Day 16: 36.75 -- Day 29: 40.73
    Day 4: lvl 31.8 ---- Day 17: 37.2 --- Day 30: 40.87
    Day 5: lvl 32.25 -- Day 18: 37.62 -- Day 31: 41
    Day 6: lvl 32:6 ---- Day 19: 38 ----- Day 32: 41.13
    Day 7: lvl 33.1 ---- Day 20: 38.45 -- Day 33: 41.26
    Day 8: lvl 33.5 ---- Day 21: 38.87 Day 34: 41.39
    Day 9: lvl 33.9 ---- Day 22 39.25 ---- Day 35: 41.51
    Day 10: lvl 34.27 -- Day 23: 39.75 -- Day 36: 41.63
    Day 11: lvl 34.73 -- Day 24: 40.03 -- Day 37: 41.85
    Day 12: lvl 35.12 -- Day 25: 40.15 -- Day 38: 41.95
    Day 13: lvl 35.5 --- Day 26: 40.28 -- Day 39: 42.09
    Day 40: 42.23

    Starting at level 40 you should be progressing at a steady rate of around 0.13 per day (A little over 1/8 of the square per day, or half a straight bar). If you finish the day with fresh lvl 43 for example, then the next day you can expect to be just past the first corner (about 3-4 pixels past)

    To see your own level open your watch interface (menu button) and click the top left corner (profile). This will display your profile dashboard including what level you are.

    There are 2 strategies found so far

    1, Active
    - Play 3 games to complete daily challenges + another 10 games to max out the daily xp cap. Results may differ, depends on how long the 10 games take

    2, Passive
    - Join a community room (watch -> play -> select community in the right-hand side menu) The UI has been updated earlier on this week. Select Watch -> play and pick hot from the top bar menu to see levels where you can earn XP or recommended to play levels you joined before and afk for about 30 mins, after 30 mins leave the game and rejoin, repeat 4 times to get 2 hours play time (There seems to be a cap to how much XP you can earn at once)

    Some ways to get XP:

    Daily login bonus:
    Logging in every day grants you a small amount of XP.

    Cheering people:
    Dpad left and up to select cheer, approach someone and hold LT. This will bring up a menu where you can cheer people. Limit 16 per day.

    Getting Cheers:
    If someone happens to give you "cheer" a notification will pop up. Confirm the cheer to get a small amount of XP.

    Completing challenges:
    There are weekly and daily challenges in your watch interface. Completing those challenges rewards you with an item and xp

    Playing games:
    Most important of all, playing games. I tend to stay away from team games like: paintball, laser tag, baseball etc. I find it easier to play solo games like: disc throw or quest games (^GoldenTrophy, ^CrimsonCauldron).
    As pointed out by Max you should only play rec room original games or games with #RRO in descriptions, just to be safe hit the first icon in game filter menu (square box icon with some lines in it)
    Community rooms do give XP now
    With quest games up to 4 people work together to clear stages of enemies. The more enemies you kill the more xp you seem to get, hence if you are in a lobby alone start the game. Take it easy and let the enemies come to you. It's a one hit kill so be careful.
    With disc throw up to 4 people compete against each other to get a disc from point A to B. Again if you're in a lobby alone, start the game.

    Making rooms:
    Probably the hardest one on this list. Make a room and publish it. If it's good enough people have the chance to like it (cheer), more people like the more xp you get. It's difficult for a room to become popular. Wouldn't waste my time on it.

    Big thanks to all the people who helped me write this guide:

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    CerberustormThe rate is still the same. Back out every 30 minutes to the dorm room and go into into any mode again preferably community rooms
    Posted by Cerberustorm on 29 Mar at 22:16
    SwiftSupaflyAgree with Cerb, not seeing a difference.
    Posted by SwiftSupafly on 30 Mar at 14:05
    MCPandagamerzIdk about the rate but I can confirm pretty much since lvl 40 xp stops in the hour to hour and a half portion. I always did an extra half hour to make sure I hit the xp cap but when I noticed how little it was after lvl 40 I just start doing 10 minutes extra.
    Posted by MCPandagamerz on 05 Apr at 05:16
    qManballinCongrats, @pomikoli. I gave up/moved on to other games for a while at 35 but guess I'll grind some more until I get bored again. Was hoping they would adjust xp gain/bonuses by the time I came back, haha...
    Posted by qManballin on 11 Apr at 15:24
    AlahertI also stopped grinding for quite some time a couple of weeks back but I started pretty strong again, sitting at level 46 and 2/3 at the moment, can't wait for this to end though laugh
    Posted by Alahert on 11 Apr at 15:31
    pomikoli@Alahert only a month of grind left then hahalaugh
    Posted by pomikoli on 11 Apr at 17:46
    AlahertWell, considering I started in December only 1 more month seems like nothing clap
    Posted by Alahert on 11 Apr at 18:10
    SincereSeeker6Nice. I have 23 days left. Just reached 47 yesterday! Would be 16 days left if I didn't go on vacation.
    Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 12 Apr at 00:31
    SuperPowers762Just finally finished, I actually had fun for most of it. Wont miss the hardcore racism in lobbies
    Posted by SuperPowers762 on 16 Apr at 01:50
    pomikoli@SuperPowers762 congrats
    Posted by pomikoli on 16 Apr at 09:55
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