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Chef de Classe de Médailles achievement in DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition

Chef de Classe de Médailles

Awarded for completing the third page of your album de médailles.

Chef de Classe de Médailles-1.3
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How to unlock the Chef de Classe de Médailles achievement

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    Album de médailles is French for medal album. You can find it at the hotel in Puerto Valor. Once you fill up your first page, you can go to L’Academie De Notre Maitre Des Medailles. There are 55 in act 1, 20 in act 2, and 47 in act 3, for 122 total. You need 75 of them to complete the third page for this achievement (Captain Vize).

    Here is a guide that says where they all are.


    These videos show where they all are as well:




    There's also this method if you're post game and don't feel like looking around for them:

    Credit for all the videos: Gamer Guru

    NOTE: You should continue farming them post game if you've finished the medal album in full. The Headmaster will sell you Elfin Elixers for 3 medals and Pep Pips for 10, eliminating the need to purchase them at the casino. You can also win medals by participating in the difficult Black Cup race. You don't even need to win.

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    AsturgisAnother way is when you exit Hotto and start the "Oh, for the Rainbough" chapter, you can switch the game to 2D at the Priest next to the exit, then collect 5 mini medals on the way to Gallopolis (and also plenty of money, pearls, gear you can sell and 1 Seed of Skill), change back to 3D in Gallopolis, which will take you back to Hotto at the beginning of the chapter (while keeping everything you earned and collected), then rinse and repeat. It's a well known trick; it's everywhere.

    Do this while popping Holy Waters on the way (2 per run if you're fast, 3 otherwise) not to encounter any monsters (if you're level 15 or above), and you will have collected 110 mini medals, 200 Perfectionists Pearls, and made over 100000G in 2 to 3 hours. Not saying it's an amazing trick, but it gives a lot of money early, plenty of pearls to rework your gear, and over 20 Seeds of Skill. Plus, you won't have to worry about farming mini medals at the end of the game.

    The run I did was this (in broad strokes) :

    Start in Hotto in 3D at the Priest (you can safely overwrite your save file every time, all you have to do is spam A)

    Behind bottom right house > 500G
    Behind left house chest > mini medal and 100G
    Miko’s temple chest > 5 pearls

    Go back to the Priest and switch to 2D (overwrite your file)

    Down the well > fishnet stockings
    Chest left of pub > 2 chunks of gold ore (if you did the guy's quest)
    Inside bottom left house dressers > mini medal and 100G
    Barrels left of item shop > lamplight and copper ore
    Miko’s temple chest (inside this time) > 5 pearls

    Exit to the open world, and travel left towards Gallopolis, popping Holy Waters every 30 sec when you get the MSG on screen that their effect has stopped. Again, be level 15 or above for this to work.

    East clearing before the gate (looks like a little light colored square on the map) > copper, mini medal and glass frit
    South east clearing after the gate > 2 gold, 1 iron, witherwood, beast bone, mini medal

    Enter Gallopolis

    Church dresser > traveler’s hood
    House above, right dresser > wayfarer’s clothes
    House above (stables), dresser > seed of skill
    Top left house chest > mini medal
    Inn top floor > turban (if you want)

    Go to Sultan Palace

    Palace right room > feathered cap, iron broadsword
    Palace left room > fishnet stockings, 1500G, concrete earrings (sell for a ton of G)

    Go back down to the Church, switch to 3D, you will be teleported back in Hotto at the beginning of the chapter while keeping all your stuff. Collect again the first 3 bullet points, switch to 2D, rinse and repeat until you're tired of it. Watch a podcast or some TV while doing this.
    Posted by Asturgis on 31 Jan at 15:01
    Qoncrete@Asturgis, your comment deserves a separate solution. Amazing!
    Posted by Qoncrete on 01 Feb at 10:12
    rocking23nfthe other solution is so easy, just steal over and over in the basement of the crypt. i got 14 coins in less then 10 minutes.
    Posted by rocking23nf on 15 Feb at 01:40
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    For the people that want to get quick mini medals.

    -Kill Token taker (Slot Machine monsters)
    - Use Half-Inch from Erik on the Token taker.

    To increase drop rate, get the Bunny Tail by killing Bunnies.

    Good luck
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