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You Know Too Much in Trivial Pursuit

You Know Too Much193 (100)

Clear the board without getting a question wrong

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Credit to Suprak the Stud for this list -

Geography (BLUE)
What state is the setting for the Robert Redford film The Milagro Beanfield
A) New Mexico (map)
Where was the horror film Zodiac set?
A) San Francisco (map)
What state does the 1993 Johnny Depp film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? take
place in?
A) Iowa (map)
Where was the film In Bruges shot and set?
A) Belgium (map – Northern Europe)
What state does the title of the film Garden State refer to?
A) New Jersey
What film was taken to the International Space Station by Steven Swanson in
A) Serenity
Where are the letters stored that are needed to help decipher the clues in
National Treasure?
A) Philadelphia (map)
Who produced the subtitles for the Pan’s Labyrinth film?
A) Guillermo del Toro
Where does Victor have to go after accidentally marrying the Corpse Bride?
A) Land of the Dead
Where is Mulholland Drive, both in the film and in real life?
A) Los Angeles, California (map)
Where do the cops in the 2001 film Training Day work?
A) Los Angeles, California (map)
What island does the action of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the
Black Pearl begin on?
A) Jamaica (map – near Cuba)
What is the name of the island on which King Kong is found in both the 2005
and 1933 versions?
A) Skull Island
What city are they driving to in order to buy Aerosmith tickets in the film
Dazed and Confused?
A) Houston, Texas
Who directed the famous Ugetsu monogatari (Tales of Ugetsue), a film about
16th century Japan?
A) Kenji Mizoguchi
Who are the characters sent to vacation with in In Bruges?
A) Two hit men
Where does the film Anotnia’s Line take place?
A) The Netherlands
Where must the characters in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert travel in order
to put on their show?
A) Alice Springs (map – center of Australia)
What is the only Woody Allen film to make a profit in the United States after
Hannah and Her Sisters?
A) Match Point
What city is destroyed in the opening sequence of the 2004 film Team America:
World Police?
A) Paris, France (map)
Where is Detective James Carter from in 1998’s Rush Hour?
A) Los Angeles
Where do the events of the film Unbreakable take place?
A) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (map)
Where is the movie Hot Fuzz set?
A) Gloucester, England (map - lowest point)
What language does the name (and the film title) Shrek come from?
A) Yiddish
What was the original language Pan’s Labyrinth was filmed in?
A) Spanish
What state is the setting for the George Lucas classic coming of age film
American Graffiti?
A) Modesto, California (map)
What does the Chinese title of House of Flying Daggers literally translate
A) Attack from 10 directions
Where does Manuela go following the death of her son in All About My Mother?
A) Barcelona (map - right side of Spain)
Where were the campus scenes in 21 filmed?
A) Boston University
What quote from The Wizard of Oz became a famous graffiti in Washington,
A) Surrender Dorothy
What does the title of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Wo hu cang long) imply
in terms of Chinese proverbs?
A) Hiding One’s Strengths
Where is the film Trainspotting set?
A) Edinburgh, Scotland (map – second dot from top)
What is the name of Jack Skellington’s hometown in The Nightmare Before
A) Halloween Town
What country does Sally Field’s character rescue her daughter from in the
1991 film Not Without My Daughter?
A) Iran (map)
Where was The Illusionist primarily filmed?
A) Czech Republic
What unusual privilege was granted to the film crew of Casino Royale in
A) Put a Yacht on the grand canal
What city is the home of the killer pursued by Clarice Starling in The
Silence of the Lambs?
A) Calumet City, IL
Where is the wedding to take place in the film Mamma Mia!?
A) Greece (map)
Where was the film Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna set?
A) New York City (map)
What state is the setting for The Amityville Horror?
A) New York (map)
Where is the road that the film Mulholland Drive is named after?
A) Hollywood Hills
Where in Los Angeles does the movie Collateral (2004) begin?
A) Los Angeles airport
What band was featured in the Israeli film Bikur Ha-Tizmoret (The Band’s
A) Alexandria Police Orchestra
Where does Peter flee after his devastating breakup in Forgetting Sarah
A) Hawaii
Where do the mother and daughter move to in the film The Piano?
A) New Zealand (map – far right)
Where are the four main character animals in Madagascar originally from?
A) New York Central Zoo
What basketball-loving state is the setting for Home of the Giants?
A) Indiana
What U.S. state does the musical Meet Me in St. Louis refer to?
A) Missouri
What city does Bridget Jones work and live in?
A) London
Where is Room A-113, a reference made in every Pixar film?
A) A CalArts Classroom
Where is Eliza Dolittle’s first public presentation by Higgins in My Fair
A) Ascot Racecourse
Where does the couple go to on holiday in Happy Together (Chun gwong cha
A) Buenos Aires
Where do the 3 homeless unlikely godfathers find supplies to feed the
abandoned baby in Tokyo Godfathers?
A) A graveyard
What state is the setting for the film Fargo?
A) North Dakota
Who are the antagonists in the film Eastern Promises?
A) Russian mafia
What Minnesota college receives a nod in the form of a sweatshirt on a major
character in Hancock?
A) Macalester College
What city do the monsters live in, in Monsters, Inc.?
A) Monstropolis
What film was denied permission to film in Thailand, due to historical
inaccuracies in the film’s plot?
A) Anna and the King
What city does the marriage take place in in the Golden Bear winning film The
Wedding Banquest (Xi yan)?
A) New York City
What area of New York City is the setting for Rent?
A) East Village
Where is the film Street Kings set?
A) Los Angeles, California
What city does Spider-man protect in the Spider-Man movies?
A) New York City
What city does a child witness a train murder in, in the Harrison Ford film
A) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Where area all of the interconnected stories in Love, Actually set?
A) England
What tropical islands were the setting for Lilo & Stitch?
A) Hawaii
Where do the taxi driver and the antique dealer live and work in Mon meilleur
ami (My best friend)?
A) Paris, France
What city do Shrek and Fiona visit in Shrek 2?
A) Far Far Away
What country was the Michelle Pfeiffer film Ladyhawke set in?
A) Italy (map)
Where did Chihiro meet Haku originally in Spirited Away?
A) A river
Where was the film Hancock primarily set?
A) Los Angeles, California
Where does Krrish go to find Priya in the film Krrish?
A) Singapore
Which of these is named Ratatouille in the film of the same name?
A) A restaurant
What city’s police are called to action in A Wednesday?
A) Mumbai
Where was the full-length film that concluded the ground breaking Neon
Genesis Evangelion series set?
A) Tokyo-3
Where was the real life case the film Dar mo shiranai (Nobody Knows) was
based on?
A) Tokyo
Where are the villains from in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal
Where does Barbara Streisand’s character live with her family in the Barbara
Streisand film Yentl?
A) Poland
What is the name of the pizzeria in the film Do the Right Thing?
A) Sal’s
What U.S. state was the setting of Brokeback Mountain?
A) Wyoming
What state was the setting for the 1999 horror classic The Blair Witch
A) Maryland
What country do Bollywood films come from?
A) India (map)
Where did Harold and Kumar “escape from” in their 2008 movie?
A) Guantanamo Bay
Where is Harrison Ford’s doctor character from in the 1993 film The Fugitive?
A) Chicago, IL
What country was Sean Connery’s character from in the film Highlander?
A) Egypt
Where is Elvis’s military character stationed in the 1960 Elvis Presley film
G. I. Blues?
A) West Germany (map)
Where is the film Oldboy set?
A) Korea (map)
Where do the Owens witches live in the Sandra Bullock fantasy Practical
A) Sudbury, Massachusetts (map)
What was the originating city for the airplane in Flightplan?
A) Berlin
Where does Red meet Andy at the end of The Shawshank Redemption?
A) Coast of Mexico
Where does the former assassin live (and most of the action take place) in
Man On Fire?
A) Mexico City, Mexico (map)
What currency is Sivaji left with a single unit of in Sivaji (The Boss)?
A) Rupee
Where is the film Tsotsi (Thug) set?
A) Johannesburg, South Africa
Where is the film Sucker Free City set?
A) San Francisco, California
What city is Marjane sent away to for school in Persepolis?
A) Vienna
Where is the inn located in The Bing Crosby classic White Christmas?
A) Vermont
What does the character on Mantis’s back mean in Kung Fu Panda?
A) Longevity
What city does Tom Hanks’ widowed architect move from in the 1993 romance
Sleepless in Seattle?
A) Chicago, Illinois
What country does cook Penelope Cruz come from in the 2000 romantic comedy
Woman on Top?
A) Salvador, Brazil
What state is the mall located in, in the Kevin Smith cult classic Mallrats?
A) New Jersey
What was the group of costume artists’ trailers called during the filming of
Batman Begins?
A) Capetown
Where was Brokeback Mountain actually filmed?
A) Alberta
What state does the Brad Pitt/George Clooney film Ocean’s Eleven take place
A) Nevada (map)
Where does the 2006 film Babel begin?
A) Morocco

Science & Nature (GREEN) [A402]
What psychological problem is explored in the movie In the Valley of Elah?
What city did the monster attack in Cloverfield?
A) New York City (map)
Where was HAL-900 built, in the iconic film 2001: A Space Odyssey?
A) Urbana, Illinois
What is the “ultimate crime” in the film Equilibrium (Cubic)?
A) Emotion
Where does March of the Penguins take place?
A) Antarctica (map)
Where was Tony Stark wounded and captured, beginning the chain of events that
would turn him into Iron Man?
A) Afghanistan
What river is the setting for the 2006 monster film The Host?
A) Han River, South Korea
What media gave the name to the syndrome in which a person believes they are
the star of a 24 hour reality show?
A) The Truman Show
What must never be done in the movie Ghostbusters?
A) Cross the proton streams
What is the Divine Language in The Fifth Element?
A) An invented language
What is the doom in Doomsday (2008)?
A) Virus
What reference to the TV series Babylon 5 occurs in the film Serenity?
A) PPG on the floor in the bar scene
What technological item is Munna Bhai’s sidekick named after in the Lage Raho
Munnna Bhai film?
A) Circuit
Where is the film I, Robot set?
A) Chicago, Illinois
What scene in The Ring 2 was replicated in real life on the set during
A) The deer attack
What does the film Dasavathaaram, one of the larger blockbusters in Tamil
theater, revolve around?
A) A bio-weapon
What kind of dog appears as a character in Cowboy Bebop: Knocin’ on Heaven’s
A) Welsh Corgi
Where do the aliens finally land in the 1997 film Close Encounters of the
Third Kind?
A) Devil’s Tower, Wyoming (map)
What appears in the window of the “antique robot store” in I, Robot?
A) Sony AlBO robot dog
Where is the fictional crocodile infested Lake Placid?
A) Maine (map)
What unusual medical procedure drives the action film Face/Off?
A) A face switch
Where is the horror film Doomsday set in?
A) Scotland
What was the subtitle used for the Ghost in the Shell (Kokaku kidotai)
A) Innocence
Who plays Detective Del Spooner in I, Robot?
A) Will Smith
What was the first Disney film to feature a character with flatulence?
A) The Lion King
What real life scientist and eccentric is a character in the film The
A) Nikola Tesla
What famous puzzle is demonstrated by Professor Rosa in the film 21?
A) Monty Hall problem
What is the profession of Jodie Foster’s character in Contact?
A) Radio astronomer
What was the name of the rabbit Wallace captured in Wallace & Gromit: The
Curse of the Were-Rabbit?
A) Hutch
What is the name of the scary cannibalistic antagonists from the film
A) Reavers
What technology did Prof. Higgins use extensively in training Eliza
Dolittle’s accent in My Fair Lady?
A) Phonograph
How did the main character in Krrish get his super powers?
A) Inherited from his father
Where does the modern plague film 28 Days Later take place?
A) England (map)
How did they get the monkey to shiver in the film Pirates of the Caribbean:
At World’s End?
A) A vibrating plate
What animal shows up as a “spirit bus” in the Studio Ghibli film My Neighbor
Totoro (Tonari no totoro)?
A) A cat
What breed of dog are the stars of the Air Bud franchise?
A) Godlen Retriever
What South American country is the origin of the crystal skull in the title
of the fourth Indiana Jones movie?
A) Peru (map – north)
In Terminator 2, whose voice was used for the dying screams of the T-1000?
A) James Cameron
What was the last major Hollywood movie released in VHS format?
A) A History of Violence
Why was the Disney film The Lion King changed from the original title The
King of the Jungle?
A) Lions don’t live in jungles
What country is the setting for the 1959 post-apocalyptic Gregory Peck
classic On the Beach?
A) Australia
What is the name of the woman with whom Stephane is in love in The Science of
Sleep (La Science des reves)?
A) Stephanie
What science fiction element occurs in The Piano?
A) Possible telepathy
What is the central plot element of Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of
A) Surveillance
Where is the stargate originally found in the 1994 film Stargate?
A) Giza, Egypt
Which of the following abilities does the Batmobile NOT have in The Dark
A) Go underwater
What is the name of the “medical” company that forms an important plot point
in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?
A) Lacuna, Inc
What was the name of the spaceships used in the movie Sunshine?
A) Icarus
What species is Sid from Ice Age?
A) A sloth
Where was the science fiction film Deja Vu set and filmed?
A) New Orleans, Louisiana
What cameo did George Lucas have in Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith?
A) General Grievous’s coughing
What city is the setting for the final showdown between mutated creatures in
the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk?
A) New York City
What do Chihiro’s parents turn into at the beginning of the film Spirited
A) Pigs
What heavenly body does Hancock visit at the end of the movie of the same
A) The moon
What kind of laboratory does Peter’s class take a field trip to in the first
Spider-Man movie?
A) Genetics
Which character in The Butterfly Effect moves back and forth in time?
A) Evan
What real footage was used as one of the special effects in Star Wars III:
Revenge of the Sith?
A) Mt. Etna erupting
What scientific venture wiped out the savings of Chris Gardner in The Pursuit
of Happyness?
A) Bone density scanner
What unexpected fallout occurred while filming an explosion at Battersea
Power station for The Dark Knight?
A) People thought it was real
In Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones, who controls the clone army?
A) The Jedi
Which of these films payed $200,000 to offset their production of “carbon
A) The Day After Tomorrow
What does a gangster pretend to be in the popular Bollywood comedy Munnabhai
A) A doctor
Who was originally slated to direct Artificial Intelligence: AI?
A) Stanley Kubrick
What was the name of Will Smith’s canine co-star in I Am Legend?
A) Abbey
What fantastic thing does a computer virus do in the fourth Die Hard film?
A) Explodes computers
What U.S. state do storm chasing scientists cross in the 1996 Helen Hunt film
A) Oklahoma
What does Dr. Arya possess that Krrish must try to keep him from using for
evil in the film Krrish?
A) A future predicting computer
Why was there difficulty with the tanks used for filming the scene in
Parliament Square in V For Vendetta?
A) Security as they were real
What city was The Sixth Sense set in?
A) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (map)
Which of these films about dreams is animated?
A) Paprika
Who says the line, “I have been, and always will be, your friend,” in Star
Trek II: Wrath of Khan?
A) Spock
What film technology was used for the Oz sequences in The Wizard of Oz?
A) 3-strip Technicolor
What does the title of Gattaca refer to?
What animal does one of the prisoners keep as a pet in The Shawshank
A) A crow
What is the central plot device for the movie Click (2006)?
A) A remote control
What was the name of Wallace & Gromit’s pest control company in Wallace &
Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit?
A) Anti-Pesto
What director is famous for making zombie movies such as Night of the Living
A) George Romero
Where does David Rice take Millie for a teleported “date” in the movie
A) Rome, Italy (map)
What city does Godzilla regularly destroy?
A) Tokyo (map –right coast)
What disorder do the children Anne and Nicholas have in the horror film The
A) Photosensitivity
What is John Nash’s health issue in A Beautiful Mind?
A) Schizophrenia
Where does Edward Elric end up being transported to in Fullmetal Alchemist:
The Conqueror of Shambala?
A) Munich, Germany
What anatomical peculiarity does the popular Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan
A) Two thumbs on right hand
What disease is the policeman’s wife dying of in the film Hana-bi
A) Leukemia
What accident turns Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk in the 2008 film?
A) Gamma radiation
Which of these appears in the plot of The Simpsons Movie?
A) A polluted lake
Where do the genetically enhanced sheep go on a man eating rampage in the
2007 film Black Sheep?
A) New Zealand
What ability does the box give Joker/Monkey in Chinese Odyssey (Sai yai gei)
Pandora’s Box?
A) Time travel
What country were the Ice Planet Hoth scenes filmed in for the film The
Empire Strikes Back?
A) Norway
What is the name of the title character in Artificial Intelligence: AI?
A) David
What does the title of The Island (2005) refer to?
A) A lottery
Which one of these zombie movies feature ZombAid?
A) Shaun of the Dead
What did the scientists need to do in the movie Sunshine?
A) Reignite the sun
Which of these classic sci-fi films was remade in 2001 by Tim Burton?
A) Planet of the Apes
What is the only Star Trek film in which Captain Kirk appears without Spock?
A) Star Trek: Generations
What line from The Fly is repeated to Jeff Goldblum’s character again in
Jurassic Park?
A) Something went wrong

Art and Literature (PURPLE) [A403]
What movie does the famous line “I’m king of the world!” come from?
A) Titanic
What is the name of the protagonist in the Studio Ghibli film Howl’s Moving
Castle (Hauru no ugoka shiro)?
A) Sophie
Who is the villain in the 2005 Fantastic Four movie?
A) Dr. Victor Von Doom
Where does the family emigrate to in order to farm in the autobiographical
film Nowhere in Africa?
A) Kenya (map – middle right of Africa)
What film has the famous Cary Grant line, “Insanity runs in my family. It
practically gallops”?
A) Arsenic and Old Lace
What artist’s works are often seen in the background in Children of Men?
A) Banksy
Who is the main villain in Spider-Man 2?
A) Doctor Octopus
Where does the search for ancient texts take place in the New Age themed
movie The Celestine Prophecy?
A) Peru (map – middle/left of South America)
Who laments, “We are so poor we do not even have a language, just this stupid
accent!” in History of the World, Part I?
A) Madame DeFarge
What horror writer’s work is the film The Mist adapted from?
A) Stephen King
What part, in the Lord of the Rings films, did Orlando Bloom originally
audition for?
A) Faramir
Who wrote the novel that Along Came a Spider was based on?
A) James Patterson
Where does the princess emerge into the modern-day world in Enchanted?
A) New York City (map)
What character does P.D. James, author of the original novel, appear as in,
in the film Children of Men?
A) Old woman in the cafeteria
Which of these George Lucas-created characters do NOT say the signature line
“I have a bad feeling about this”?
A) Padme Amidala
What famous Chinese novel does the film The Forbidden Kingdom use as
A) Journey to the West
Where do the chapter titles of the film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang come from?
A) Raymond Chandler novels
What painting or poster hangs above Evan’s dorm room bed in the film The
Butterfly Effect?
A) Sleep, Salvador Dali
In the film The Brothers Grimm, what do the brothers do for a living?
A) Swindle/con villagers
Where does Grovers Corner’s, where Albert (as Mother) claims to have grown up
in The Birdcage, come from?
A) Thornton Wilder’s Our Town
What is the title of the collection which contains the story The Shawshank
Redemption was based on?
A) Different Seasons
What Mae West film has her famous line, “Why don’t you come up sometime and
see me?”
A) She Done Him Wrong
What does Tony Stark’s computer system JARVIS reference from the Avengers
comic book series, in the film Iron Man?
A) A butler
What film does the line, “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the
War Room!” come from?
A) Dr. Strangelove
Who says the line, “The only way to win is not to play” in Wargames?
A) Joshua, the computer
Who screams, “Game over, man, Game over!” in Aliens?
A) Hudson
What classic Shakespeare play is the film Omkara an adaptation of?
A) Othello
Where were all three of the Lord of the Rings movies filmed?
A) New Zealand (map)
What film has the often-quoted (and parodied) line, “I see dead people”?
A) The Sixth Sense
What novel ties the lives of the characters together in the film The Hours?
A) Mrs. Dalloway
Who remarks, “I am exhausted from living up to your expectations of me,” in
Labyrinth (1986)?
A) Jarreth
What is the subject of the Swedish film Ondskan (Evil), based on a popular
A) Boarding school
What film had the signature line, “Houston, we have a problem”?
A) Apollo 13
Who wrote the original manga that the movie Speed Racer (and the original
anime) were based on?
A) Tatsuo Yoshida
Who is the chocolatier in the film (and the original novel) Chocolat?
A) Vianne
What book is briefly visible in the ransacked dorm room scene in the second
Harry Potter film?
A) A D&D Encyclopedia Magica
Who addresses Han Solo as “You stuck up, half witted, scruffy looking nerf
herder!” in The Empire Strikes Back?
A) Princess Leia
What did Rupert Grint do when Alfonso Cuaron asked the actors to write essays
on their characters?
A) Never turned it in
What city was sunk or flooded in the James Bond film Casino Royale?
A) Venice (map)
What Shakespearean actor played Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and the
Chamber of Secrets?
A) Kenneth Brannagh
Which of these Mira Nair films features the famous literary protagonist Becky
A) Vanity Fair
What film has a character famous for saying “My precious”?
A) The Two Towers
Who claims, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way,” in Who Framed Roger
A) Jessica Rabbit
What famous science fiction author does Lex Luthor quote in Superman Returns?
A) Arthur C. Clarke
Which of the sets for the fifth Harry Potter film was entirely CGI for
budgets reason?
A) Hall of Prophecies
Where in Africa does the action of The Constant Gardener, based on a le Carre
novel, occur?
A) Kenya (map – center of Africa)
What film does the famous line “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t
refuse” come from?
A) The Godfather
Who snaps, “Prophets don’t know everything!” in The Dark Crystal?
A) Kira
What is the name of the asylum from which the villains escape in Batman
A) Arkham Asylum
What famous character needed to “phone home”?
A) E.T.
Who of the cast of Finding Neverland had played before in a film based on
J.M. Barrie’s work?
A) Dustin Hoffman
What did Daniel Radcliffe do to Robbie Coltrane during the filming of the
first Harry Potter movie?
A) Set his cellphone to Turkish
What film is the source of the memorable line, “This is Sparta!”
A) 300
What is Harold Crick trying to do in the film Stranger Than Fiction?
A) Talk to his author
Who remarks, “Now, everybody remember where we parked” in Star Trek IV: The
Voyage Home?
A) Kirk
Who says, “When someone asks if you’re a god, you say yes!” in Ghostbusters?
A) Winston
What European country is the Danny Kaye classic musical Hans Christian
Andersen set in?
A) Denmark (map – mainland Europe)
What is the name of the bar which is featured in Shrek 2?
A) The Poison Apple
Which of the following is true about the film Thank You for Smoking?
A) No one smokes on screen
What film does the line, “Good night, you princes of Maine, you Kings of New
England come from?
A) The Cider House Rules
What state were the exterior shots of the Overlook Hotel filmed in the 1980
horror classic The Shining?
A) Oregon
Who wrote the original book that the animated film Howl’s Moving Castle
(Hauru no ugoku shiro) was adapted from?
A) Diana Wynne Jones
Where does the title of the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind come
A) Alexander Pope poem
What film does the line, “Are you gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are
you gonna bite?” come from?
A) Reservoir Dogs
Who announces that the Death Star is a “fully armed and operation
battlestation” in Return of the Jedi?
A) The Emperor
Who plays Jo March in the 1994 adaptation of Little Women?
A) Winona Ryder
What is the first rule of Fight Club?
A) Do not talk about it
Which of the Kill Bill, Vol. 2 cast go co-writing credit for work on
character lines?
A) Uma Thurman
What genre is the film 3:10 to Yuma?
A) Western
What state aren’t we in anymore, Toto?
A) Kansas
What does the title of the film Black Snake Moan come from?
A) Blind Lemon Jefferson song
What country is writer Christy Brown from in the 1989 Oscar nominated film My
Left Foot?
A) Ireland
Why did Richard Harris take the role of Dumbledore in the first Harry Potter
A) Granddaughter insisted
Where was the film Finding Neverland set?
A) Kensington Gardens, England (map – lowest point)
What line from the book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire does NOT appear
in the film version?
A) Remember Cedric Diggory
Where is The Devil Wears Prada, based on a novel by Lauren Weisberger, set?
A) New York City
Who says, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think
it means,” in The Princess Bride?
A) Inigo Montoya
What name does Yubaba give to Chihiro while she works at the bathouse in
Spirited Away?
A) Sen
What fictional comic book shows up in the movie Juno?
A) Most Fruitful Yuki
Where did the film Twelve Monkeys get its title?
A) An Oz book
Who yells, “Walk on the left side!” in Ladyhawke?
A) Imperius
What film originated the often quoted line, “You had me at ‘Hello’”?
A) Jerry Maguire
What film gives Tim Robbins the line, “Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’”?
A) The Shawshank Redemption
What film had the famous line, “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your
lives extraordinary”?
A) Dead Poets Society
What film is known for the line, “I’m just an actor playing and emperor. You
really are Yu Ji”?
A) Farewell My Concubine
Who played Arthur Dent in the 2005 movie version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to
the Galaxy?
A) Martin Freeman
What piece of classic literature is the plot of O Brother, Where Art Thou?
based on?
A) The Odyssey
What comic book writer had a cameo in the film Iron Man?
A) Stan Lee
What country does Watership Down, the animated film made after the novel by
Richard Adams, take place in?
A) England
What film has the disturbing line, “No wire hangers, ever!”?
A) Mommie Dearest
What film has the line, “Face it, girls, I’m older and I have more
A) Fried Green Tomatoes
What familiar soundtrack is worked into the music of the third Harry Potter
movie during the snake boggart scene?
A) Raiders of the Lost Ark
What author’s work is the film War of the Worlds adapted from?
A) H.G. Well

History (YELLOW) [A404]
What historic Chinese figure does the amateur theater troupe perform shows
about in the beginning of Platform (Zhantai)?
A) Mao Zedong
Where is the film Blood Diamond set?
A) Sierra Leone (map – far left)
What was used as the base of the mask in the first (1978) Halloween film?
A) A Captain Kirk mask
What was the last film that Joel Siegel reviewed for Good Morning America?
A) Ocean’s 13
What famous Japanese film series about a blind swordsman was remade in 2003?
A) Zatoichi
What is the film La vie en rose (La Mome) about?
A) Edith Piaf
Which of these Bollywood films has been remade at least three times, the
latest in 2002?
A) Devdas
Who was the first woman to receive the prestigious Palme D’Or filmmaking
A) Jane Campion
What profession is the main character, Balian, in The Kingdom of Heaven?
A) Blacksmith
What does the title of the film The Last King of Scotland refer to?
A) Title Idi Amin favored
What near disaster happened at the 2000 Oscars?
A) 54 Oscar statuettes vanished
What is the film Centre Stage (Yuen Ling-yuk) about?
A) Actress Ruan Liu-Yu
Who is the movie Walk the Line about?
A) Johnny Cash
Which of these facts is true about the film Get on the Bus?
A) All of these
Which of Akira Kurosawa’s films did he consider the best?
A) Ran
What unusual criticism did the film Beaufort receive apropos of casting?
A) Actors did not been soldiers
Who was Edna E. Mode in The Incredibles based on?
A) Famous costume designer
Who played Paul Rusesabagina in Hotel Rwanda?
A) Don Cheadle
What historical figure became an unlikely action hero in Fullmetal Alchemist:
The Conqueror of Shambala?
A) Fritz Lang
Who plays Hana (the nurse) in The English Patient, winning an Oscar for this
A) Juliette Binoche
Which of these films did Nelson Mandela appear in?
A) Malcolm X
Where was the historical film Milk filmed?
A) San Francisco, California (map)
Which of these Spike Lee films is a documentary?
A) 4 Little Girls
Where does the title of Farewell My Concubine (Ba wang bie ji) come from?
A) Opera of the same name
What was the first foreign language film to open at #1 in the U.S. box
A) Hero
Who directed Schindler’s List?
A) Steven Spielberg
Where is the film Miracle at St. Anna primarily set?
A) Italy
Where does the main character, a Texas congressman, attempt to provide aid to
rebels in the movie Charlie Wilson’s War?
A) Afghanistan (map)
Which of these British celebrities makes a cameo in the film Philadelphia?
A) Quentin Crisp
What time period is the setting for Once Upon a Time in China (Wong fei
A) Victorian
What film was not only banned in China, but earned the director a ten-year
ban on filmmaking?
A) The Blue Kite
What historical figure does the title of the film Onmyoji (The Yin Yang
Master) refer to?
A) Abe no Seimei
Who is the old warlord in Akira Kurosawa’s Ran?
A) Hidetora
What U.S. state is the homeplace of the Native Americans in The Last of the
A) New York
What social movement was started by the comedy film Lage Raho Munna Bhai?
A) Gandhigiri
What does the title of the film Munich reference?
A) 1972 Munich Olympics
Why is much of the footage in Malcolm X in black and white?
A) Footage of real Malcolm X
Which of these films is a remake of a German language Austrian original by
the same director?
A) Funny Games
What famous historical person appears in the moving portraits in Harry Potter
and the Sorcerer’s Stone?
A) Anne Boleyn
Who plays Harvey Milk in the film Milk?
A) Sean Penn
What senator (and Batman fan) plays a character role in The Dark Knight?
A) Patrick Leahy
What country submitted No Man’s Land (Nicija zemlja) and won the Foreign
Language Oscar in 2001?
A) Bosnia-Herzegovina (map, lower left)
What is the only winner of the Best Animated Film academy award to be
traditionally animated?
A) Spirited Away
What was the first James Bond film to be approved by Chinese censors?
A) Casino Royale
What does the plot of Erin Brockovich center around?
A) Illegal pollution
What is the background setting for Ingmar Bergman’s famous film Det Sjunde
inseglet (The Seventh Seal)?
A) The black plague in Europe
Which of these films started a persistent internet meme?
A) Snakes on a Plane
Where is the River Kwai referenced in Bridge on the River Kwai?
A) Burma (map – south Asia)
Why does Andrew Beckett need a lawyer in the film Philadelphia?
A) Unlawful firing
Who turned down the leading role in the 1978 hit movie Grease on “moral
A) Marie Osmand
What U.S. film was inspired by the Hong Kong production Internal Affairs (Mou
gaan dou)?
A) The Departed
What is the setting for Farewell My Concubine (Ba wang bie ji)?
A) Beijing Opera
What cameo does the real Erin Brockovich make in the film of the same name
staring Julia Roberts?
A) A waitress called Julia
Who played Private Ryan in Saving Private Ryan?
A) Matt Damon
What UK television show has a brief homage in The Truman Show, via a
background of red awnings?
A) The Prisoner
What is the main conflict in the film Earth (1998)?
A) The division of India
What line in Robin Hood: Men in Tights had to be extensively changed in the
dubbed versions?
A) Line about English accent
What film was dropped from the 2007 Bangkok Film Festival due to pressure
from the Iranian embassy?
A) Persepolis
What is the name of Spike Lee’s production company?
A) 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks
What period is the film Huozhe (To Live) set in?
A) 1940s-1970s
Who or what was journalist Edward Murrow working against in the film Good
Night, and Good Luck?
A) Senator Joseph McCarthy
What is the movie Cinderella Man about?
A) A 1930s boxer
What George Lucas reference shows up in the film Munich?
A) American Graffiti poster
Where is The Last King of Scotland set?
A) Uganda (map – center right)
Who plays legendary Wong Fei-Hung in Once Upon a Time in China (Wong fei
A) Jet Li
What scene in Persepolis has the background music Eye of the Tiger?
A) Marjane’s renewal
Where does Alexander’s kingdom start in the 2004 film of the same name?
A) Greece (map – left)
What city is the setting for the Orlando Bloom film Kingdom of Heaven?
A) Jerusalem
What city is invaded in Empire of the Sun, in which Christian Bale playes a
child separated from his British parents?
A) Shanghai, China (map –right center coast)
Where does Chiyo live in Memoirs of a Geisha?
A) Kyoto (map – middle left)
What film did Denzel Washington win the Best Actor Oscar for in 2001?
A) Training Day
What present day U.S. state is the setting for the historical heroic film The
Mask of Zorro?
A) California (map)
What Academy Award did the 2001 film Shrek receive?
A) Best animated feature
Why did Capote open on September 30, 2005?
A) Truman Capote’s birthday
What theme ties the stories in Syriana together?
A) Oil
What does the title of Jarhead refer to?
A) The Marines
What ironic demand did TriStar attempt to make during the filming of the
movie Philadelphia?
A) To not hire a HIV+ actor
What film was made in 2004 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Godzilla?
A) Godzilla: Final Wars
Who played the role of Maximus in the 2000 film Gladiator?
A) Russell Crowe
What country submitted Mongol to the Academy Awards in 2007?
A) Kazakhstan (map – top left)
What European city is the 1972 musical Cabaret set in?
A) Berlin, Germany (map)
What Hitchcock film shares a plot element involving a window with the film
A) The Lady Vanishes
What is the name of the famous sound effect used in many movies for someone
A) Wilhelm scream
What was the plot point of Deepa Mehta’s Fire which caused the film to be
banned in Pakistan?
A) A lesbian relationship
What controversy surrounded the film Divine Intervention (Yadon ilaheyya) at
the 2002 Academy Awards?
A) Refused foreign language nomination
What kind of mask does V wear in V for Vendetta
A) A Guy Fawkes mask
Which of the following is true about the film The Bank Job?
A) Based on a true story
Which of these films was released in 2005?
A) Land of the Dead
What American film is the Russian movie 12 an adaptation of?
A) 12 Angry Men
What country’s revolution is the setting for the 1981 Warren Beatty film
A) Russia (map)

Entertainment (PINK) [A405]
What film is referenced in a scene between Frozone and a cop in The
A) Die Hard: With a Vengeance
Who is Major Ram Prasad Sharma (played by Shahrukh Khan) looking for in Main
Hoon Na?
A) His younger brother
What do the characters in Ocean’s 11 plan to do?
A) Rob casinos
Which of these films had a large portion of the footage ruined by an airport
x-ray machine?
A) Monsoon Wedding
What is unusual about the first part of Kill Bill, Vol. 2?
A) It is in black and white
What mishap occurred to one of the camera lenses during the filming of
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
A) Fell into a vat of chocolate
What “extras” were included in the horror film Grindhouse?
A) Fake horror movie trailers
What connects the four families depicted in Babel (2006)?
A) A rifle
What profession is Amelie in the film of the same name (Le Fabuleux destin
d’Amerlie Poulain)?
A) A waitress
What is unusual about the music in Y tu mama tambien?
A) It is all in-scene
Where does the title of the film Swordfish come from?
A) The film Horse Feathers
What country is the musical group ABBA, whose music provided the base for the
2008 musical Mamma Mia!, from?
A) Sweden (map –far right)
What kind of ransom note was used in the fourth Die Hard film?
A) Video montage of presidents
In Shrek 2 what film are the Giant Gingerbread Man’s last lines a reference
A) E.T.
What script reportedly caused Sigourney Weaver to have nightmares for two
weeks after reading it?
A) The Village
In the film Memento, what is the main character looking for?
A) His wife’s killer
Which of the following happens to Shahrukh Khan’s character in Veer-Zaara?
A) Wrongfully imprisoned
What was Jamie Lee Curtis’s first feature film?
A) Halloween
What tune does V hum as he cooks eggs for Evey in V for Vendetta?
A) The Girl from Ipanema
Which of these Bollywood films had a singing cameo by rapper Snoop Dogg?
A) Singh is Kinng
What is the main conflict in the film Summer Snow (Nu ren si shi)?
A) Grandfather with Alzheimer’s
What does the 12-year-old Mathilda want to become in the film Leon (The
A) An assassin
Where did the title of Snakes on a Plane come from?
A) After-work bad title contest
What does Qui Ju do in the Golden Lion winning film The Story of Qui Ju (Qui
Ju da guan si)?
A) Seeks justice from bureaucrats
What song often featured in the original Miami Vice TV series appeared in the
2006 film?
A) In the Air Tonight
What scene in Brokeback Mountain had an unfortunate real-life parallel during
A) 2 heards of sheep mixing up
What stolen item impels the plot of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Wo hu
cang long)?
A) Green Destiny sword
What is the film Millennium Actress (Sennen joyu) about?
A) A documentary of an actress
Who got a part in The Incredible Hulk because another member of the cast was
a fan of their work in The Wire?
A) Michael K. Williams
What is being stolen in La Cite des enfants perdus (The City of Lost
A) Children’s dreams
What is the profession of the main character who is stranded on a desert
island in Cast Away?
A) A FedEx employee
What does Ocean’s 11 reference when Matt Damon punches 1138 into a keypad?
A) A George Lucas film
What is the profession of the main character Lonette McKee’s film Dream
A) A hip-hop writer and producer
Who plays the police officer who solves the case in Fargo?
A) Frances McDormand
What film is famous for never showing the audience what is in the suitcase?
A) Pulp Fiction
What country was Academy Award winning director Ingmar Bergman from?
A) Sweden (map)
What is the slang term used for the genre of horror films made in Japan?
A) J-Horror
Who directed the musical film Mamma Mia?
A) Phyllida Lloyd
What U.S. city does Risky Business, the film that brought Tom Cruise to
stardom, take place in?
A) Chicago, Illinois
What is the central plot device for the movie Deja Vu?
A) Time travel
Which of these is true about the film Om Shanti Om?
A) All of these
What is the title of the fourth Die Hard film?
A) Live Free or Die Hard
Why is the engagement long in A Very Long Engagement (Un long diamanche de
A) Fiance missing in battle
What did Gene Kelly have to deal with as he danced the title song to Singin’
in the Rain?
A) He had a 103 degree fever
Which of these films had a camera accidentally run over by a tank during the
A) Iron Man
What did Nicole Kidman do with the false nose she wore to film The Hours?
A) Wore it to avoid paparazzi
In the film The Incredibles, who initially needs to be rescued?
A) Mr. Incredible
Who are the characters in After Life (Wandafuru Raifu)?
A) Newly dead
Where does the film Lilies of the Field, for which Sidney Poitier won the
Academy Award, take place?
A) Arizona
Who directed the Academy Award winning Antonia’s Line (Antonia)?
A) Marleen Gorris
What film did the actor John Malkovich refuse to star in for two years before
finally accepting the role?
A) Being John Malkovich
Where is the popular movie musical Singin’ In the Rain set?
A) Hollywood, California
What is the nickname of the character who mentors David Dunn in Unbreakable?
A) Mr. Glass
What was the first black-and-white film to be nominated for Best Picture at
the Academy Awards since The Elephant Man?
A) Good Night, and Good Luck
Who directed The Piano?
A) Jane Campion
What prop from the first Superman movie is used in Superman Returns?
A) Martha’s truck
What movie’s extras during filming had an escaping robber give himself up to
them, thinking they were real police?
A) Leon
Where is Bill Murray’s washed up movie star character shooting a TV
commercial in, in Lost in Translation?
A) Tokyo, Japan
What state is the location for the Kirsten Dunst mockumentary Drop Dead
Gorgeous, chronically a teen beauty pageant?
A) Minnesota
Which of these films features Bruce Willis playing himself?
A) Ocean’s Twelve
What is the name of the social worker in Lilo & Stitch?
A) Cobra Bubbles
Who is the main character in Deepa Mehta’s Water?
A) A child widow
Which of these is true about the critically acclaimed film Dare mo shiranai
(Nobody Knows)?
A) Based on a true story
Why are some of the cargo crates labeled “Reusable Container: Do Not
Destroy” in one scene in Serenity?
A) TV series set was destroyed
Where do the Sharks gang members originate in the Academy Award winning West
Side Story?
A) Puerto Rico (map – far right)
What character does Jet Li play in the action film The One?
A) Both the hero & the villain
Who does Shilpa Shetty play in Phir Milenge?
A) An AIDS patient
What Gandalf scene in The Fellowship of the Ring was ad-libbed?
A) Hitting his head on a beam
What set mishap happened during the filming of Red Eye?
A) Rachel MacAdams knocked out
What are the names of the characters that Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer play in
Pulp Fiction?
A) Pumpkin & Hunny Bunny
Where is the local Corny Collins Show, which Tracy Turnblad wants to dance
for in Hairspray filmed?
A) Baltimore, Maryland
What real life bands plays a television band in the film Bamboozled?
A) The Roots
Which of these animated Studio Ghibli films had a live action version made in
A) Grave of the Fireflies
Which of these is a reference of the title of the film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?
A) All of these
Who plays the title character in Unleashed?
A) Jet Li
Who plays the tanuki princess in Operetta tanuki gotten (Princess Raccoon)?
A) Ziyi Zhang
Who played the younger sister-in-law in the film Fire by Deepa Mehta?
A) Nandita Das
What 1970s TV series is referenced by the only coherent thing said by the
pill bugs in A Bug’s Life?
A) The Partridge Family
Why is Willliam Miller Almost Famous?
A) Hired by Rolling Stone
What references to other movies can you find somewhere in all four Indiana
Jones films?
A) R2-D2, C3PO
What does the title character do at the beginning of Good Will Hunting?
A) He is a janitor
What villain from the first Chinese Ghost Story (Sien nui yau wan) film
reappears in the third?
A) The Tree Devil
Which of the following is true about the film Paris, je t’aime?
A) A collection of shorts
Who plays the younger brother of the estranged family in Khabi Khushi Khabie
A) Hrithik Roshan
What Oscar did The Incredibles win besides Best Animated Feature?
A) Best Sound Editing
What is Ofelia looking for in Pan’s Labyrinth?
A) Her real father
Who gets married in Addams Family Values?
A) Uncle Fester
Who played the lead role in the 2000 musical Dancer in the Dark?
A) Bjork
What film won best musical, actor in a leading role, and best foreign film in
the 1998 Academy Awards?
A) Life is Beautiful

Sports and Leisure (ORANGE) [A406]
What is unusual about Brigitte Lin’s part in Ashes of Time (Dung che sai
A) She plays siblings
What game was featured in the famous 1961 film The Hustler?
A) Pool
What Disneyland ride was referenced in Jurassic Park as when it breaks down,
the characters “don’t eat the tourists!”
A) Pirates of the Carribean
Who played the ghost in the first of the Chinese Ghost Story (Sien nui yan
wan) films?
A) Joey Wong
Which actor/actress of Shanghai Noon is a real rodeo champion?
A) Brandon Merrill
What fortunetelling device does Hitomi use in Escaflowne (the full length
A) Tarot cards
What does the title of the film Little Miss Sunshine refer to?
A) A child beauty pageant
What state is the fictional Hazzard County in, in the Jessica Simpson film
The Dukes of Hazzard?
A) Georgia (map)
What puzzle did Will Smith learn to solve in The Pursuit of Happyness?
A) A rubik’s cube
What unusual weapon does a villain use in The Big Lebowski?
A) Cricket bat
What eBay auction is visible on Warlock’s computer screen in the fourth Die
Hard film?
A) A Boba Fett action figure
What sport does Jessminder want to play in Bend It Like Beckham?
A) Football/soccer
What state team does Jerry Maguire’s only remaining client play for in Jerry
A) Arizona (map)
What college basketball team is featured in the film Glory Road?
A) Texas Western College (map)
What is the film Jumper about?
A) Teleportation
Where are the boys playing hockey at the beginning of the film Mystic River?
A) Boston, Massachusetts
What football team as featured in 1993’s The Program?
A) ESU Timberwolves
What real world activity do the police characters do in Hot Fuzz which is
often absent from other police films?
A) Paperwork
What city does the character played by Robin Williams in the 1996 film The
Birdcage own a nightclub in?
A) Miami, Florida (map)
What famous sporting event does Madame Souza’s grandson aspire to win in The
Triplets of Belleville?
A) Tour de France
What game decides the taxation future of the Indian villagers in Lagaan?
A) Cricket
What nationality were the athletes depicted in the classic film Chariots of
A) British (map)
What state is the location of the resort island in the 1975 thriller Jaws?
A) Massachusetts
What movie, with Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” supposedly produces the
“Dark Side of the Rainbow” synchronicity?
A) The Wizard of Oz
What real-life exploits of Frank Abagnale, Jr. are the basis for the film
Catch Me if You Can?
A) Extensive fraud
Where did the warning “Don’t drive like my brother!” come from in the movie
A) “Car Talk” radio program
Where does Chon Wang find the missing Princess Pei Pei in the Jackie Chan
western Shanghai Noon?
A) Carson City, Nevada (map)
What country is Brad Pitt’s mountaineer character from in the 1997 film Seven
Years in Tibet?
A) Austria (map – dot above Italy)
What college must Jake convince his son to attend in order to get parole in
He Got Game?
A) Big State
What film had the line “There is no crying in baseball”?
A) A League of Their Own
What excuse did a drunk driver give for crashing into the Batmobile during
the filming of Batman Begins in Chicago?
A) Thought it was a UFO
What does Skinner drive in the Ratatouille film?
A) Facel Vega HK 500
Who plays the title character in Jui kuen II (Legend of the Drunken Master)?
A) Jackie Chan
What two characters are fighting in the scene from Ying xiong (Hero) in the
yellow forest?
A) Moon and Flying Snow
What character does Leslie Cheung play in the first Chinese Ghost Story (Sien
nui yau wan) film?
A) A tax collector
What is the sequel to Swordsman (Xiao ao jiang hu) and Swordsman II (Xiao ao
Jiang Hu Zhi Dong Fang?
A) The East is Red
What sport is a major plot and background element in The Big Lebowski?
A) Bowling
What university had unknown students place a replica of the Eye of Sauron on
the university’s bell tower?
A) University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
What is the name of Maggie Cheung’s character in Hero (Ying xiong)?
A) Flying Snow
What relaxing place is the center of the action in Spirited Away?
A) A bath house
What Olympic sport is the focus of Chariots of Fire?
A) Running
What unusual warning label does director Takashi Miike’s Dead or Alive:
Hanzaisha yakuza film sport?
A) For clowns
What Philadelphia Eagles coach is depicted in Invincible (2006)?
A) Dick Vermeil
What is the name of the opposing team in the film Shaolin Soccer (Siu lam juk
A) Team Evil
Where does the film Cinderella Man take place?
A) New York City
What sport was the 2005 film Shooting Gallery about?
A) Pool
Where is the character Maximus condemned to be a gladiator in the film of the
same name?
A) Rome (map)
What “cover” does the folk hero Iron Monkey use in the film Iron Monkey (Siu
nin Wong Fei Hung ji: Tit ma lau)?
A) He is a doctor
Where does Jessminder run off to in order to play football/soccer in Bend It
Like Beckham?
A) Germany (map)
Who plays the main role in Tasogare Seibei (The Twilight Samurai)?
A) Hiroyuki Sanada
Who directed Shaolin Soccer (Siu lam juk kau)?
A) Stephen Chow
What game is the center plotline for Searching for Bobby Fischer?
A) Chess
Where is the challenging racecar driver from in Talladega Nights: The Ballad
of Ricky Bobby?
A) France
Where was the viral marketing event “Why So Serious?” for The Dark Knight
A) San Diego Comic-Con
What animated baseball film was Christopher Reeve directing at the time of
his death?
A) Everyone’s Hero
What live action/animated basketball film features Bugs Bunny playing with
Michael Jordon?
A) Space Jam
What state was the Bulldogs football team in Leatherheads from?
A) Duluth, Minnesota
Who is the third member of the Heroic Trio (Dung fong saam hap) of Michelle
Yeoh, Maggie Cheung, and..?
A) Anita Mui
What unusual performance does the onmyoji do at the climactic end of the film
Onmyoji 2?
A) A shrine maiden dance
Which of the characters from Kill Bill, Vol. 2 appears in kung fu films made
by other directors and studios?
A) Pai Mei
What does Marge Gunderson’s husband do in the movie Fargo?
A) Wildlife painter
What sound is used for the target lock on Iron Man’s heads up display?
A) Original Space Invaders game
Which of these things did Tom Cruise do to prepare for his role as the hit
man in Collateral?
A) Made public FedEx deliveries
What film is All for the Winner (Du seng) a parody of?
A) God of Gamblers
Who claims to have defeated Flying Snow, Broken Sword, and Sky in Hero (Ying
A) Nameless
Which of these character with amazing kung fu appear in Kung Fu Hustle (Kung
A) Landlady
What competition occurs in the final scenes of Adolescence of Utena (Shojo
kakumei Utena: Adolescence mokushiroku)?
A) Car race
What does the film Jeux d’enfants (Love Me if You Dare) revolve around?
A) A game of dares
Who played the God of Gamblers (Du shen) in the film of the same name?
A) Chow Yun-Fat
Where were the sound effects for The Island’s (2005) jet bike race scene
previously used?
A) Return of the Jedi
Who is the “lone wolf” in the famous Lone Wolf and Cub series of samurai
A) Ogami Itto
What did Internet fans of Godzilla call the despised Americanized Godzilla in
the 1998 U.S. remake?
A) GINO (Godzilla in name only)
What is Jerry Maguire’s profession in the film of the same name?
A) Sports agent
What aspect of Parminder Nagra’s life was worked in the script of Bend it
Like Beckham?
A) Scar on her leg
What is the plot of Chak De India about?
A) Women’s field hockey
Where was the car racing movie Speed Racer filmed?
A) Berlin, Germany
Where is the film The Sandlot set?
A) Los Angeles, California
What employment does Krishna get in order to pay for the damaged motorbike in
Salaam Bombay!?
A) Circus
What character does Ziyi Zhang play in House of Flying Daggers (Shi mian mai
A) A blind dancer
What state do the two main characters take a vaction in in Sideways?
A) California
Where are the stranded rugby players from in the 1993 cannibalism tinged
movie Alive?
A) Uruguay (map – right coast)
What is the subject of the anime film Perfect Blue?
A) An online stalker
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