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High Roller achievement in Forza Horizon 4

High Roller

Reach Level 10 in The Horizon Super7

High Roller0
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How to unlock the High Roller achievement

  • Target QGTarget QG
    23 Dec 2020 09 Dec 2020 09 Dec 2020
    If you cycle by New in the Challenge Browser, the first time a map is completed it awards 5200 XP. It'll probably take longer than the above methods but it might be more fulfilling.

    Sometimes the Challenge Browser has issues if you cycle too quickly, where it will show the wrong category under the incorrect tab. Cycling again or backing out a tab and searching again tends to fix it.

    Additionally, sometimes you'll see a map you've already completed show up under New without any plays. These will still award 5200 XP.

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    Miojo666The algorithm seems to just roll a dice to award xp in super7
    Posted by Miojo666 On 23 Feb 22 at 00:03
    KGI KlikoNL@Miojo: That is because it seems to reward based on position on leaderboard or how many have played it before and regular Super7 7-Challenges Trials, give mixed challenges and so also those with many players already played.

    When you do new not done yet, you get the 5.200 XP.
    Posted by KGI KlikoNL On 29 Jul 22 at 10:03
    ALoneWolf42Good tip on the new maps! I was getting like 100xp on some of the other maps, so 5200xp is a massive improvement.
    Posted by ALoneWolf42 On 26 Sep 22 at 03:23
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  • Elite MouseElite Mouse
    20 Dec 2020 20 Dec 2020 20 Dec 2020
    Fastest way to do this by far is with slight manipulation of the "new" browser.

    When you complete a track that has no completions on it you are awarded 5200xp, and if you can find the right tracks in new you can complete a track in less than a minute and with load times (at least on the series x) I'm probably 15-20k xp every 5 minutes.

    Before you start this achievement go and do the seven squared and build achievements and get them out of the way, and then you can just start grinding this one (most likely you will get the hot wheels and lego achievements passively like I did).

    --> go to the horizon super 7 tab in the menu, go to challenge browser, and look at the "new tab"

    Now the most frustrating part about this is finding an easy and quick track, lots of the tracks are just garbage and not playable, and lots of others are super try hard times that you likely would have to practice just to beat. When I was looking I focused on tracks with less than 2m completion in the description, and mainly destination or speed trap tracks (a lot of them were very easy or you could cut the track early and blow their time away). I also had very good luck with the ferrari 599x challenges as there were lots of quick easy ones on the interstate highway area.

    Now when you complete a quick easy track, "like" the track and load up the new browser again. I think it takes a bit of time for the servers to sync up so a lot of the time that exact same track is going to be in the new tab again except it still won't have any plays on it (controller icon in the corner of the card) so you can just play that same track over and over again. I had a couple really fast tracks that I was able to play 4-5 times in a row very fast and was able to grind this achievement out in like an hour and a half.

    Also a random little bug that's quite beneficial, when you cycle over to the "new" tab just go once more over to the "friends and followed" tab, and then go back to new and for some reason it will pull an extra 10 cards for you to look at as options, and there is an even better chance one of your easy tracks will show up again to play again.

    Oh also a quick note if you cycle over to "new" too fast it will bug out and pull the wrong set of cards, so just cycle over to it slowly and give it time to load properly.

    This isn't the most fun way to do it but there is also nothing I found fun about this dlc so this is how you just get it over with.
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    LockieThat worked well thanks. There happened to be a guy pumping out easy tracks so I liked them and they kept reappearing without any playcount. Saved alot of grinding. smile
    Posted by Lockie On 28 Jan 21 at 23:55
    Stevo6483There really is a lot of trash to sift through lol, finally got this and pleased it's out of the way.
    Posted by Stevo6483 On 20 May 21 at 21:20
  • GameplatoGameplato
    31 May 2021 31 May 2021 31 May 2021
    Drift is king of rank progression. If you’re decent at drifting, here’s how to rack up nearly 5k per challenge:
    1. Scroll to “Challenge Browser”
    2. Search the following title: “DOUGHNUT DRIFT”
    3. Select the challenge by the creator: “HOURLYTHYME9065”
    4. Hit the 32k target in 22 seconds to win 5k quick
    5. Rinse and repeat
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    kriegirBest solution thanks
    Posted by kriegir On 28 Jan 22 at 16:01
    pupariabest and fastest solution
    Posted by puparia On 02 Jan at 07:37
    GameplatoAnytime, folks. Go pop that Achievement!
    Posted by Gameplato On 01 Feb at 15:48
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