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To Bad Decisions! achievement in Cyberpunk 2077

To Bad Decisions!

Complete Kerry Eurodyne's storyline.

To Bad Decisions!-1.0
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How to unlock the To Bad Decisions! achievement

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    To start this mission chain for kerrys storyline meet with jonny in the mission HOLDIN ON finish that

    Then the mission
    SECOND CONFLICT will start right after you finish holdin on

    To start
    A LIKE SUPREME skip time by 24 hours exactly to wait for a call from nancy

    Then after you finish the performance
    Start skipping time by 24 hours until you get the mission REBEL! REBEL! not sure how much time you have to skip until you get the call from kerry just do it till it pops up

    After you have had coffee with kerry leave the area and start skipping time by 24 hours you will then get a text from kerry make sure you read it then start skipping the time by 24 hours again till kerry calls you giving you the mission I DONT WANNA HEAR IT

    Once you have finished the mission in the club leave the club and leave the area start skipping time by 24 hours periods again until you receive the mission OFF THE LEASH

    After that mission has finished leave the terrance and leave the area start skipping time by 24 hours periods again until you receive thr final mission in kerry mission chain called BOAT DRINKS

    Once mission BOAT DRINKS has finished your achievement should unlock

    Kerry story line should take a little over an hour to complete hope this guide helped happy hunting

    ( I wanted to make this guide because there were no other text guides)
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    schWaRzexTo those who can't get call from Kerry after waiting for 24 hours:
    go to the Afterlife and talk with Rogue about any topic - you'll receive the call mid conversation.
    Posted by schWaRzex on 01 Jan at 17:50
    DavidCan this be done after the main quest line?
    Posted by David#4473 on 02 Jan at 02:14
    PopPunkBobRossI can't get off the leash to start, Kerry just never calls
    Posted by PopPunkBobRoss on 02 Jan at 10:46
    YAT0Got mine after doing the main missions. Was also a women, and tried to kiss Kerry on the balcony... unlocked just fine as detailed in the guide. I just skipped a few days, rather than 24 hrs and drove around a bit waiting for the next bit to unlock
    Posted by YAT0 on 03 Jan at 23:37
    SoundgoodizerIf you are having trouble getting Kerry to call between missions, I recommend reloading a save as close as possible to when you completed the last one and then instead of skipping 24 hours at a time, wait in shorter intervals like 5 hours. My reasoning for this is when you wait 24 hours, it seems like the game tries to catch up on all the message/mission triggers you missed in that time period. And if for example at the end of a 24 hour cycle the game decides you need to get like 3 text messages and 2 phone calls, some of them might be cancelled out and never get a chance to come through, thus softlocking you out of doing a quest (this happened to me with an actual main quest). I'm just speculating because there's no way to be 100% sure, but keeping this in mind has helped me with 2 instances of Kerry not calling (if it wasn't just coincidence). Also for the last mission I had to wait like 15 days, what a weird game
    Posted by Soundgoodizer on 04 Jan at 16:24
    imthe1nonlyDYou can mess up his storyline during the "I Dont Want To Hear It" mission. You need to select the calm options and at the end Kerry should pose for a photo and stay back with the girls. If he ends up leaving and not staying with them his storyline will not proceed.
    Posted by imthe1nonlyD on 04 Jan at 20:29
    kT EchoI was skipping days and days for a call but I got it immediately as soon as I saved and reloaded the game. Something worth trying
    Posted by kT Echo on 10 Jan at 23:53
    SoH AnarchyI got stuck waiting for the last mission, skipped a bunch of days and no call. Took kT Echos advice and got the call as soon as I loaded back in.
    Posted by SoH Anarchy on 15 Jan at 16:56
    Haskogmeh Kerry dosent call me back....waited 1h 30min real life time, loads of time skips and roaming around and nothing....
    Posted by Haskog on 24 Jan at 17:38
    DeeecoAnyone else had the issue in rebel rebel where you wait for Kerry only for him to never actually turn up?
    Posted by Deeeco on 20 Feb at 17:24
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