It's Elementary achievement in Cyberpunk 2077

It's Elementary

Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in Watson.

It's Elementary-65.1
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How to unlock the It's Elementary achievement

  • E73RN I ErjE73RN I Erj343,313
    13 Dec 2020 14 Dec 2020 21 Dec 2020
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    To obtain this achievements you need to complete all the gigs (the yellow esclamation/question marks on your map) AND all the blue ones (related to the police). You can find them easily on your map (if you have trouble finding some of them, there are plenty of videos on youtube, or check Powerpyx site, all credit goes to him and his team).
    What I want to UNDERLINE are a few key notions:
    1) In some case, while completing the cops quest, (basically the blue-cube icon with a ? ), as soon as you'll grab the loot, the quest will CONTINUE (usually changing name). Most of the times it's just to go to another part of the area to collect additional loot. Sometimes it may lead out of Watson, but what it is IMPORTANT, is that you NEED to complete these "hidden" parts as well. As an example, the quest WORLDY POSSESSION is under this category (but it's not the only one) and you have to complete it! Thanks to Epic Louie and the others who confirmed that.
    2) There are few secondary quests (not Gigs, but proper quests) that STARTS in Watson but they do not count for this achievement, such as the fighting pits (Beat on the Brat), the cabs one (Epistrophy), the street races, the cyberpsycho (the one in Watson yes, the others no. To be more precise in Watson you have 5 c-psycho, that have their own little quest, you need to do them, but not the main one, to neutralize all 17. There is another achievement tied to that) and the tarot ones. There may be more, but those are the ones I remember. The ones tied to the achievement are the YELLOW AND BLUE SIGNS on your map. Important NOTE: you need to reach a certain street cred level to unlock all the cops and yellow pointers. For the first area should be around 35 (could be lower though). I did mine while I was around 37, but as I said it was glitched, so could be way lower.
    Moreover, you do NOT NEED to buy any car for this achievement to pop. There is another achievement related to them.
    3) If you started to do that before patch 1.04 (as I did), it may have happened that you finished some quests, they don't appear anymore on your map, but they are still stuck on the journal and you not have received the rewards, because Regina did not call you. That happened to me with 5 quests (I was stuck at 98% for quite a long time) and the way I was able to fix this (without reloading hours of content/restarting the game) was the following. GO FIND THE CYBERPSYCHO, it doesn't matter where in the map. Whenever you approach the area, you'll receive a call from Regina. In may case, I received the call for the psycho and the call for the reward of the quests I did hours earlier. I can not guaranteed it'll work for you, but to me that worked, after trying any other method (reboot, hard stop etc). With the patch 1.04 this shouldn't happen anymore (to me it didn't and I was able to clear Japantown way more easily). I still have those 5 quests stuck in my journal, but the achievement popped and I got my rewards.

    Hope it may help someone, happy hunting!

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    Tyger7Might want to include warning for Violence mission. If you say "it's worse" then you have an extra part of job that has a game breaking. The body will spawn below the environment and you can't pick it up. I believe this is my last as I am at 98 percent. If you don't agree to help move body, it fails mission.

    Can anyone confirm the mission must be a success? Or does it register a failed mission as complete. Technically I didn't fail, as I only refused to get my hands dirty when asked.
    Posted by Tyger7 yesterday at 12:01
    MajkelMossI was stuck on 98% too. None of new missions appear on the map. The problem was that stupid prophet. When I approch him the mission mark appear again. When I finally figure out how to complete his mission and do so the new mission mark appear. It was Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy. When I completed this gig the achievement popped.
    Posted by MajkelMoss yesterday at 22:19
    E73RN I Erj@Tyger7 Violence doesn't count for the achievement at all. Only quest that start with GIGS and Police activity.
    Posted by E73RN I Erj today at 00:46
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  • A Krayt DragonA Krayt Dragon112,083
    15 Dec 2020 15 Dec 2020 15 Dec 2020
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    Not a full guide, but a helpful tip: for some of the last missions I needed, the mission icons were not showing up if I was zoomed too far into the map. So what I did was zoom ALL the way out, then slowly zoom in until the mission icons showed up. This allowed me to find the last two gigs I needed. Hope this helps someone.
  • Metal CrusherMetal Crusher578,093
    17 Dec 2020 22 Dec 2020 23 Dec 2020
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    Below is an image of all the Gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles for Watson that must be completed in order to unlock this achievement.

    The locations on this map are the exact locations I completed to unlock this achievement. I kept track of my progress on the achievement tracker until I unlocked the achievement.

    You might have to increase your Street Cred Level if a location does not appear for you. Also, this is best done right before the point of no return as some Gigs will not appear until certain story missions are completed.

    I completed all of these locations right before the point of no return (right before the last story mission "Nocturne 0P55N1").

    External image

    * Reported Crimes: "Don't Forget The Parking Brake", "Needle In A Haystack", "Dragged Up", "One Thing Led To Another", "Dangerous Currents", "Protect And Serve", "Paranoia" and "Worldy Possessions" will appear after you complete their corresponding Reported Crime NCPD Scanner Hustle (which is indicated by the red arrow on the map).

    * The Cyberpsycho Sightings "Six Feet Under", "Bloody Ritual", "Where The Bodies Hit The Floor", "Demons Of War", "LT. Mower" and "Ticket To The Major Leagues" which are located in Watson are not required for this achievement. The exact locations of these Cyberpsycho Sightings can be found here:
    Cyberpunk 2077I Am The LawThe I Am The Law achievement in Cyberpunk 2077 worth 71 pointsComplete all Cyberpsycho Sightings.
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    b3n irlThank you for putting this together, it's massively appreciated.
    Posted by b3n irl on 03 Jan at 00:38
    Metal CrusherGlad to hear you found it useful and I appreciate the feedback!
    Posted by Metal Crusher on 03 Jan at 07:28
  • CheevohntingCheevohnting45,233
    Today Today
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    For anyone wondering what ncpd scanner your missing its not located in watson its in located in westbrook north oak and its called worldly posessions
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