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Little Tokyo achievement in Cyberpunk 2077

Little Tokyo

Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in Westbrook.

Little Tokyo-2.2
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How to unlock the Little Tokyo achievement

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    Below is an image of all the Gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles for Westbrook that must be completed in order to unlock this achievement.

    The locations on this map are the exact locations I completed to unlock this achievement. I kept track of my progress on the achievement tracker until I unlocked the achievement.

    You might have to increase your Street Cred Level if a location does not appear for you. Also, this is best done right before the point of no return as some Gigs will not appear until certain story missions are completed.

    I completed all of these locations at Street Cred Level 50 and right before the point of no return (right before the last story mission "Nocturne 0P55N1").

    External image

    * Reported Crimes: "Table Scraps", "Lost And Found", "Crash Test", "Another Circle Of Hell" and "You Play With Fire..." will appear after you complete the Reported Crime NCPD Scanner Hustle (which is indicated by the red arrow on the map).

    * "Gig: Family Heirloom" has an item (Johnny's Shoes) that must be collected for the "Breathtaking" Achievement. More information about this item can be found here:
    Cyberpunk 2077BreathtakingThe Breathtaking achievement in Cyberpunk 2077 worth 76 pointsCollect all items that once belonged to Johnny Silverhand.

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    DavidEverything except for the fleshing wanted stars that only appear when you're near them.
    Posted by David#4473 on 25 Jan at 08:33
    CamJobUgh, I'm stuck on this until CDPR releases bug fix that actually fixes Getting Warmer...the quest with Bugbear. I can't interact with her or the monitor after picking up the coolant.
    Posted by CamJob on 02 Feb at 05:56
    The Reverend JCThanks David 🙂 it's also worth noting that side jobs aren't required for these achievements, so certain yellow markers can safely be ignored. I know it says as much in the achievement description but I was feeling overwhelmed by the sea of icons before noticing that I wouldn't have to do a lot of them!
    Posted by The Reverend JC on 10 Feb at 23:51
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  • andrews1022andrews1022#2983357,602
    18 Dec 2020 18 Dec 2020 18 Dec 2020
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    NOTE: As Necropage33 pointed out in the comments, there is a notorious bug with the gig "Getting Warmer" which I mention below. There is a chance Okada doesn't call you, triggering the start of the gig, and all doors to the building are locked. There's currently no known fix for it. If it happens to you, you won't be able to unlock this achievement, and it potentially impacts Watson too.

    Thankfully, unlike "It's Elementary", I faced no issues with unlocking this achievement. Simply complete all NCPD activities and gigs in the Westbrook area. Westbrook surrounds Japantown, North Oak, and Charter Hill. Again, just want to state some things you do and do not have to do, as well as some important things worth mentioning.

    First, here is what you do NOT need to do:
    - Buy any of the vehicles in the Westbrook area (it is a separate achievement, "Autojock")
    - Complete the job "I Can See Clearly Now". This is not a gig, so it should not count towards the achievement. I do believe anything in your Journal under the "Side Jobs" will not count towards this, and the other complete everything achievement(s)

    What you DO need to:
    - Complete all NCPD Open World activities (can be found in the map, setting the filter to "Open World"). These are the light blue icons, and have labels such as "Assault in Progress", "Reported Crime", etc. Simply go to each one and complete them. My biggest tip to get these done as quickly as possible would be use the mantis blades. I found I could just rush in, chop everyone up and be done in a matter of seconds some times. Reserve stealth for missions/gigs/etc. that require it.
    - Complete all Gigs (can be found in the map, set the filter to "Jobs"). Also check the Gigs section in your Journal.
    - Occasionally, when you complete one of the 2 above, you get what is essentially a follow-up job. These are simple: go to a location, loot something (and others, but IIRC this was the most common type). You must complete these as well. They are also usually close by to the job/gig you just completed. In my experience, this occurs when you complete an NCPD activity, you might get an additional job (yellow icon) labelled as "Reported Crime". This is where you can gain some extra loot. Again, these must be completed for the achievement.
    - Have a Street Cred level of at least 40. I completed everything with a Street Cred level of 43, so you might need to level up a bit. I noticed as I was leveling up between Street Cred level 38-43, new NCPD activities appeared on the map. Apologies I do not have a more specific number, but as you complete things for this achievement you will level up anyways, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.
    - Have started Act 2 in the main storyline (mostly so you can even access this area in the first place). At the time of unlocking this achievement, I had only completed "Playing for Time", and started progressing through the next mission "Ghost Town" to where my current objective is "Meet with Panam".

    Now I do want to mention 2 gigs in Westbrook that you should be aware of.

    1) The gig called "Family Heirloom". In this gig, you can acquire one of pieces necessary to unlock the "Breathtaking" achievement, where you must "Collect all items that once belonged to Johnny Silverhand". In this job, you can find his shoes. They are in the same locker the bootleg recording/bootleg shard (which is the objective) is in. To get this gig, you must be Street Cred level 37 or higher, and you might have to progress enough in the story where you have talked to Rogue at the Afterlife club during the mission "Ghost Town" in Act 2, as she is the one who calls you to start this gig. I had already done this, so I am not 100% sure if it is required or not. Either way, this gig is located in southeastern Charter Hill.
    2) There is a gig called "Getting Warmer". This gig is in Westbrook; however, it DOES NOT have a Westbrook icon in the Journal. You would probably go to this one if you were looking at the map only, but if you noticed it in the Journal, you might have dismissed it. Once I completed this gig, the achievement unlocked (it was the last thing I needed to do).

    This one was a lot easier and a lot less time consuming than going for "It's Elementary" (complete everything in Watson). I'll list some steps I mentioned in my "It's Elementary" guide to help you troubleshoot in case you are stuck at 96/98% even at a high level:

    - While you do not have to go to the "Fixer" icon at any point, perhaps talking to Wakako could help any remaining missions appear on the map, so it's worth a try
    - Really, the best way to see what you need to do (aside from the map) is to go to your Journal and look under "NCPD Scanner Hustles" & "Gigs". Look for any with the Westbrook icon and complete them.
    - Go to your Shards (press start, hover over Journal, select Shards). What I did was go through ALL of them, and made sure none of them were labelled as "New". For some gigs/jobs, you do need to read specific shards that you pick up as part of that gig/job, so make sure you do that as well. You can alternate between down on the d-pad and A button to quickly read them all (or take your time and actually read them, if you are interested of course).
    - I've seen some people mentioning you should clear your console's cache. I never did this, and I've unlocked the achievement. But it is something to try if you're still stuck.
    - Try progressing through the main storyline slowly. It seems progressing through either a part of a mission or completing a mission entirely will unlock further gigs/jobs on the map. But also make sure you have a high enough Street Cred level!

    Happy hunting!
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    LAZY SHIKAMARUXI think a couple NCPD gigs messed up on me only thing I can think of. I've read all my shards and waited....
    Posted by LAZY SHIKAMARUX on 15 Jan at 19:54
    AqueousTxSo I've got an issue with one remaining 'Assault in Progress'. It's one that is SE of Westbrook, before the desert and just slightly north and under the bridge of the San Amaro St fast travel. I go there and theirs not enemies and only innocents at a camp. Can't see or find anything to kill or complete. Any thoughts?
    Posted by AqueousTx on 19 Jan at 18:17
    AMoxey97Anyone know of any time specific ones you need to be close vicinity of in westbrook? Last achievement I need, stuck at 96% and all gigs/hustles complete
    Posted by AMoxey97 on 23 Jan at 03:45
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