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Buy all vehicles available for purchase.

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How to unlock the Autojock achievement

  • ΤιταηΤιταη103,120
    14 Dec 2020 14 Dec 2020 14 Dec 2020
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    To get this achievement first of all you need to get atleast £$1.8 million but this can be aquired over time using different methods. There is 24 vehicles ranging from prices 13k - 220k.

    Once this is understood it's time to unlock the vehicles. To unlock the vehicles you need to play through the story to atleast the mission in act 2 "Gimme Danger". You also need to travel to the 6 city regions and follow Panama's story to at the most the mission "Lightning Breaks" to unlock the off-road vehicles. A good majority of ride missions will come over time through your playthrough but you have to finish some of the ride missions for others to appear. I hope this guide helps you get this expensive achievement.

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    Death Angle2112Do you get anything besides the achievement for getting all the buyable vehicles?
    Posted by Death Angle2112 on 19 Dec 20 at 02:46
    SWYV MGLol how to earn that a lot money?
    I just got like 204k money
    Posted by SWYV MG on 20 Dec 20 at 02:08
    snake42069go do space oddity and then dupe the reward painting, sell it repeatedly to a drop box and waiting 24 hours for it to refill its cash. I have like 5000 of the painting, at 4k each thats 20m. I only got 2 mil on me right now, and i sell the paintings when i actually need the cash.
    Posted by snake42069 on 20 Dec 20 at 19:22
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  • Nik 1xNik 1x113,145
    18 Dec 2020 14 Dec 2020 21 Dec 2020
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    To buy every vehicle (26 total) you need 1.672.000 €$ and Street-Cred-Level 50.
    Some vehicles have a minimum Street-Cred-Level requirement and you need to visit a specific location after you met the Street-Cred-Level to receve the actual offer to buy the vehicles.

    In the following you can find a list of all vehicles available for purchase and their requirements:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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    MattTweeksThere's a money glitch available if worse comes to worse, YouTube it.
    Posted by MattTweeks on 31 Dec 20 at 10:17
    SoundgoodizerGotcha, I'm not normally a fan of using glitches like that for RPG games such as this, but I figured I might as well since the amount required is so high and was impacting my willingness to spend money on actual useful stuff in the game. Just reverted to my actual non glitched save after buying all the cars lol.

    Something worth mentioning is that the actual pricing for the cars seems to be inconsistent, not sure to what degree though. Another guide said it would be 1.7 mil for all the cars, so I saved up 1.8 for good measure, and I came up around $5000 short of getting the final car. Maybe price scales randomly between people's games or according to overall level? I'm 36 atm
    Posted by Soundgoodizer on 01 Jan at 01:35
    RobG88My total was $1,721,605 ... I think I got a few bucks when I ran over some enemies on the way but it wasn't more than $300-400 and I'm Level 38.

    I had saved $1,000,000 and then got fed up with not being able to buy some expensive items so I just used the money glitch and gave myself another million and now after some pain the ass achievements out of the way, I'm back to playing the game normal.
    Posted by RobG88 on 09 Jan at 19:47
  • Metal CrusherMetal Crusher578,166
    18 Dec 2020 18 Dec 2020 18 Dec 2020
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    There is a total of 26 vehicles which together cost a total of €$1,722,000 that you must purchase in order to unlock this achievement. You must be Street Cred Level 50 to be able to purchase all vehicles.

    As you progress through the game you will receive vehicle purchase locations from the fixer of the region the vehicle’s location is in through phone calls. You can track these locations in your journal under Rides.

    You will not receive some vehicle locations until you reach their required Street Cred level which can be seen below. If you do not receive the location of a vehicle you have reached the required Street Cred level for, you should receive it by driving around in the region the location is in.

    Do not spend too much money on Cyberware or weapons throughout playing the game. You will need to save as much money as possible in order to accumulate the amount needed to purchase all vehicles.

    You should complete the main story (reach the point of no return), side missions required for achievements, complete all Gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles before attempting this in order to accumulate the amount of money needed to purchase all vehicles. Also, you should be looting and selling epic, rare and legendary weapons etc. dropped by defeated enemies as much as possible along the way.

    The locations of all the purchasable vehicles (total 26) can be seen below:
    External image
    A List of all the purchasable vehicles (total 26) can be seen below:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
  • angelloveboy25angelloveboy25221,073
    08 Jan 2021 Today Today
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    For this you obviously need to buy all vehicles. Now there are a few glitches to get money, however the best and most profitable glitch is doing the " I walk the Line" story mission in act 2. There is a video on it on youtube which involves you getting to the boss ( Sasquatch). I tried this and it still works! You can get a million in under a hour with this enough for you to buy all cars and any cyberware.

    1-Kill all enemies BEFORE getting to the boss. Make sure all of them are defeated.
    2-Once that is done proceed to the boss Sasquatch
    3-Fight her until she is defeated After Pacid says his line get close to the defeated Sasquatch and V should say " I think she has had enough". Loot her for her drops and make sure the 30k goes through.
    4- Now make two manual saves right here. Important
    5-Reload your second save file that you just made.
    6-As soon as the game loads up you will start right where you left off which is after the defat of the boss.
    7-Take out a melee weapon like a katana that does over 300 dps preferably go to Sasquatch and slice her this will Kill her again and notice you will get Street cred,exp, and 30k.Save your game again and load and repeat this step

    Each time you do this you will get money and the exp since your abusing a save state. Sometimes she may give you 15k if that happens keep hitting her and she will give the remaining 15k. This is a pretty credible glitch and one I found on youtube. This is faster and WAY more profitable than the painting glitch. i did this on my first run and got everything easily. You can find this easily on youtube. Cheers!
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