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Master Crafter achievement in Cyberpunk 2077

Master Crafter

Craft 3 Legendary items.

Master Crafter-0.5
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How to unlock the Master Crafter achievement

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    To obtain this cheevo, you need to craft 3 legendary items. As the name implies you need to craft top tier stuff, which is highly valuable.

    Short Explanation :
    1) Put 20 points in Intelligence or 18 in Technical Ability
    2)Unlock Edgerunner Artisan (tech) or Bartmos' Legacy (int) perk
    3) Craft 3 legendary items
    4) Achievement unlocked, happy gamer.

    Long Explanation

    If you want to obtain as soon as possible you need to create a character and put ALL the starting stats in one of these two options: technical ability OR intelligence.
    After that you need to reach lv 10 while putting all the stats points in the aforementioned stats of your choice, by doing that you should have either technical ability at 18 or intelligence at 20.
    THIS IS THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENT for crafting legendary items, because you need a perk that allows you to craft legendary items and this one will be able to be unlocked only if you have 18 points in tech or 20 in Int. (The perks are: Edgerunner artisan for technical ability and Bartmos' Legacy for Intelligence).
    Once you obtain one of these two, you are allowed to craft legendary items.
    You need a LOT of materials and a blueprint for crafting a legendary one. Don't worry about the blueprints, since you get a few from the main quest(if you go for the technical path, for the intelligence one you need to have the perk in order to get them). Materials can be a pain to find, so you may want to visit junk shop/netrunner shops to buy some extra ones.

    IMPORTANT Since the perk tree is not actually a tree, you can unlock immediately the perk to craft as soon as you hit 18/20 on the stat. You don't need to have the uncommon/rare/epic one. HOWEVER, especially for the intelligence path, to craft the legendary quickhacks you need the epic version of that one. The epic can still be found on the world, from loot and quests rewards or you can buy them. So I'd recommend to have them to make your life easier. There are other perks that helps you finding more crafting components, but it's up to you if you want them or not.

    Once you craft three items the achievement will unlock!

    Happy hunting.
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    Rubber DucksssWas hoping I could cheat the system with this one, and save before upgrading something to Legendary. Upgrade it to Legendary to get progress towards the achievement, then reload my save and upgrade the same thing again to get the achievement. Unfortunately that method didn't work but luckily I was able to easily upgrade everything else I had to Legendary
    Posted by Rubber Ducksss on 21 Dec 20 at 08:09
    RDSFor technical you only need to have 18 points to craft Legendary items, not 20.
    Posted by RDS#5610 on 21 Dec 20 at 12:09
    E73RN I ErjThat is true! Edit it now
    Posted by E73RN I Erj on 21 Dec 20 at 21:13
    SoundgoodizerHad to reload to a previous save to grab this one because I hit the level cap while being nowhere near the required Technical or Intelligence level. If you're in a similar situation there are some pretty good XP farming guides on youtube, was able to grind 7 levels in like an hour
    Posted by Soundgoodizer on 05 Jan at 23:33
    DavidJust an FYI that you can craft a legendary, reload a checkpoint, craft again and repeat 1 more time and it will pop.
    Posted by David#4473 on 06 Jan at 11:47
    RobG88Just my experience, I was frustrated with the V for Vendetta achievement, having to replay again, and XP Farmed 13 points to get that, then I realized I could restart and add my final 8 into Tech/Crafting. Brought crafting up to 20 with the 'soda' exploit and then remember this master. I quickly jump into crafting and produced 2 legendries and was completely out of resources ... then remember the perks about upgrading components.

    So my last legendry was actually just the component upgrade.
    Posted by RobG88 on 07 Jan at 23:21
    Michal TMGame is bugged, so please be beware, that if you do not craft legendary hacks early in the game - you won't have this possibility in the future.
    Later in the game you can find legendary hacks which makes legendary hacks crafting unavailable.
    Thanks to the fact that I have old saves - I could craft hacks, but I was really surprised that I cannot craft them later in the game.
    Posted by Michal TM on 09 Jan at 10:54
    kids got soulDavid#4473 is wrong. Reloading saves to craft the same item does not work. Achievement tracker only counts the first one.
    Posted by kids got soul on 09 Jan at 20:28
    SoundgoodizerYeah as a general rule this game's achievements track in-game stats, so if you revert to a previous save it won't remember what you did, even if the xbox achievement tracker suggests otherwise
    Posted by Soundgoodizer on 10 Jan at 04:14
    DavidThat's weird, that's how I got my achievement.
    Posted by David#4473 on 11 Jan at 14:07
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