The Melting Remnant achievement in Monster Train

The Melting Remnant

Win a run with all covenants enabled on The Melting Remnant.

The Melting Remnant-0.6
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How to unlock the The Melting Remnant achievement

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    Input the following seed in the Community Challenges section.


    This set up gives every friendly unit Damage Shield 2 and Multistrike 1, including the champion. You will want to start with the Burn Bright champion.

    Enable the trial on the first fight then take Molten Encasement from the first pick and Shattered Shell on the third. These are all you really need for this build to work and since you're on covenant 25 you need to thin down your deck I advise against picking up too many additional cards. I also recommend hitting the Vortex whenever possible to get rid of the healing cards and additional conductors.

    Now that you have these cards here is the idea of this build. You will put Molten Encasement in front of your champion and Shattered Shell so when it dies it adds stealth to them and they take no damage.

    Take the right path after the first room to apply quick and Heartstone to your Shattered Shell. This is so that Shattered Shell will be able to survive hitting enemies with spikes.

    Take the Purifying Cleanse after the second fight to ensure your champion stays alive then take the left path to add double stack to your Engulfed in Smoke and reduce its cost by 1 ember.

    The last card you should take is Intent on Death from the first boss fight with Talos. This allows you to trigger the extinguish ability on your Molten Encasement without killing it, letting it trigger a second time on death

    I recommend taking the card draw upgrades since you can get 3 extra ember by summoning two 0 cost dregs. Make sure to place your units on the first floor unless it only has 4 capacity, then move up to the second.

    Enable the trial on the level 4 fight to get the Wax Snuffer. This triggers all extinguish abilities an additional time. After this fight take the left path and upgrade your Molten Encasement with Wickstone which gives it Burnout 1, ensuring it will die the round it is cast.

    Finally, at the final Merchant of Steel on level 8 upgrade your Molten Encasement with Endless. This means it will die every round, triggering its extinguish ability twice and then go back to the top of your deck. Coupled with Intent on Death you shouldn't have a single monster touch you, including Seraph. I recommend summoning your left over monsters to any floor possible to remove them from rotation so you can get your spell cards faster.

    This can unlock the Win at Covenant 5, 10, 15 and 25 achievements if you do not have them already as well as The Melting Remnant.

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    A Navy of DucksAnyone got a more current seed and guide?
    Posted by A Navy of Ducks on 11 Jun 21 at 04:26
    StuWhyteI got the achievement yesterday with SmallerReloadBlock
    Posted by StuWhyte on 26 Jun 21 at 07:10
    A Navy of DucksAww got so excited and then it says it’s a dlc seed
    Posted by A Navy of Ducks on 26 Jun 21 at 14:04
    JakuviousThis has definitely changed, but I was still able to get the achievement first try with the original seed. You'll get shattered shell a little bit later, but from then on, the strategy above breezes through everything. Just need to survive to that point. I got a lot of mileage out of using Thorned Hollow on the second floor with all of the Rejuvenation spells to back up in case just the champion wasn't enough. Anything that could get past my champion would die to thorns by the end.
    Posted by Jakuvious on 17 Jul 21 at 08:16
    ErutaercReally easy DLC one is AllowedSwingCounted. You get Dante and a tonne of blight cards. Dante gets one multistrike per blight card, and also starts with quick. Give him as much attack as you can and you mow through the units. You can also duplicate him twice to cover all three floors. Against Seraph I had 58x14 as my attack on all three floors.
    Posted by Erutaerc on 27 Jul 21 at 12:17
    thatNoseyParkerMade a custom non-dlc seed (SurelyTraceHolly). Also got killing Deadalus and Archus, both with 2 turns spare.
    Posted by thatNoseyParker on 15 Aug 21 at 13:15
    JakeWuzHereYoUsed @thatNoseyParker's seed, and Just copy Dante and add damage to him when you can.. easy win.
    Posted by JakeWuzHereYo on 05 Dec 21 at 03:46
    EKaffeinatedI had amazing success with SurelyTraceHolly as well.
    Posted by EKaffeinated on 10 Dec 21 at 22:53
    Inspector AdamIt didn't unlock! I created my own challenge on Covenant 25 and completed it, got all the covenant achievements except the clan specific ones! What am I missing?
    Posted by Inspector Adam on 13 Jan at 09:02
    Cancerman1120SurelyTraceHolly worked for me. I had to do the run two times but it finally popped.
    Posted by Cancerman1120 on 28 May at 15:29
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