The Ragtag Bunch achievement in Monster Train

The Ragtag Bunch

Win a run with 10 or fewer cards at the end of the run.

The Ragtag Bunch-2.8
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How to unlock the The Ragtag Bunch achievement

  • JORAXJORAX1,613,183
    17 Dec 2020 23 Dec 2020 23 Dec 2020
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    The easiest way to do this is by using Mutators. From the Standard Run menu:

    - Start
    - Choose clans & Champions (any will work)
    - Set Covenant to level 1. Level 0 will work but you you will only have the crappy starting cards. Levels higher than 1 unnecessarily increases the difficulty.
    - Add Mutator Yeetpocalypse (purge a card after each battle)
    - Add 2 other beneficial mutators such as Mansion (+2 space on each floor), Burn Bright (+2 energy per turn), Cheap Trick (spells cost 1 less) or Fast Draw (friendly units get quick)

    While playing, aim for an Unstable Vortex or two to remove more cards. You can also pay any merchant (magic, steel, or trinkets) to remove cards, though the cost increases each time. Following this general guide, you should be able to add a few good cards early and still be able to thin your deck to 10 or less by the end.
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  • Ikne AmarathaIkne Amaratha294,963
    22 Dec 2020 30 Dec 2020 30 Dec 2020
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    Input the following seed into the Community Challenges section:


    Take the Glutton champion all the way through and pass on the starting artifacts to get the gold. For now the strategy is put your champion on the bottom floor and feed him morsels. Make sure you turn on every trial for every fight to maximize gold.

    Turn on the trial for the first fight then only grab the Morselmaster after you beat the boss. Make sure you summon your champion first from now on then add the Morselmaster behind it or you will end up summoning 2 champions and have no room for morsels.

    Take the left path to reduce the cost of Shadesplitter to 0, reroll and reduce another to 0 and add holdover.

    Turn on the trial for level 3 then hang right to grab a 2nd Morselmaster.

    **Please note I am not sure how decks are randomized. Your draws may be different but this is the overall strategy**

    During the boss fight with Daedalus, put your champion on the second floor with one of the Morselmasters, a morsel on the 2nd floor and a Morselmaster on the 3rd floor.

    Secound round use an Antumbra Assault on Daedalus's bomb then cast your Prism Retrevial with your remaining ember to summon a buffed conductor which you'll place in front of the Morselmaster on the top floor. Place your remaining morsel in front of the conductor on the bottom floor.

    Third round put another conductor in front of the one on the bottom floor and add a morsel behind your champion.

    Fourth round add another morsel in front of your conductor to wipe out the monsters on the bottom floor.

    On the fifth round Daedalus should be in front of your champion. Simply end your turn and he should be defeated. After killing him take Overgorger and the card draw upgrade.

    From here on out your main objective is to feed your Overgorger whenever possible, even before your champion. Put it on the top floor with a Morselmaster behind it.

    Take the right path on level 4 to reduce your deck, getting rid of spells and grabbing the gold from the banner. Grab Mitosis after the fight.

    Go right on level 5 to further reduce your useless spells. Now that you have Mitosis, put a morsel behind your Overgorger then hit it with the Mitosis to max out the floor.

    Head left on level 7 to pick up the Fossilized Fangs artifact from the shop then use your gold to purge as many spells and conductors as possible, obviously keeping your Shadesplitters for morsel generation. You should have about 13 cards going into the boss fight.

    Again, I am not sure about the RNG of card draws but the idea is to summon your Morselmaster on the top floor FIRST this time, then put your Overgorger in front, summoning 2. Then when Fel moves to the 3rd floor you should pull your Mitosis. Hit your Overgorger with it (or before if you draw it sooner) and you will fill the floor with Overgorger copies, crushing Fel. Take the card draw upgrade option.

    Go left on 7 and grab the Abandoned Antumbra artifact. Make sure you turn on the trial for this fight to get that 400 extra gold.

    Hang one last left on level 8 to ditch a couple more cards in the Vortex. Use the Merchant of Magic to reduce the cost on your Mitosis and spend the rest of your gold purging cards. You should have 6 or so cards left, leaving your champion, 1 Shadesplitter, 1 Mitosis, 2 Morselmasters and your Overgorger.

    With luck you will pull a Morselmaster, your Overgorger and 0 cost Mitosis your first turn. Put the Morselmaster down on the same floor as Seraph, then your Overgorger in front of it and hit it with Mitosis. This should be enough to kill Seraph on your first turn.

    Depending on draw RNG you may need to adjust which floor you set up on if you don't get all the cards you need first turn.

    This should pop the achievement.

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