How to Deckbuilder achievement in Monster Train

How to Deckbuilder

Win a run with 0 cards at the end of the run.

How to Deckbuilder-14.6
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How to unlock the How to Deckbuilder achievement

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    This achievement requires that you end a run with zero cards in your deck. No spells, creatures, champions - all must be PURGED (not simply consumed). I have no idea how someone would ever manage to do this in a normal run of the game - but thankfully we don't have to. We'll be using a seeded run that was posted by rjr619 on Steam instead:

    From the main menu, select:

    - Challenges
    - Community Challenges - Play
    - In the Join Challenge section type in: IrishOccurPraise
    - Hit the right arrow button

    Pick Up Thorn Fruit initially and play Stings throughout the run. There is an artifact shop (Merchant of Trinkets) about half way through has both the sting relics in it to pump up their damage. You will be forced to purge one card after each fight, but along the way hit a few Unstable Vortex to remove additional cards and pay to have some removed if necessary. Make sure you go into the final battle with absolutely no cards in your deck and your pumped up free Stings will be enough to win!
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    ShazamFTWJust cleared it, also worth noting there is a caverns that lets you take an artifact for minus one space on all floors for 15 magic power. Helps a lot. Want to say level 5-6ish on the left.
    Posted by ShazamFTW on 31 Dec 20 at 04:02
    JORAXSkogarmaorr - I'm sorry to hear that! I've done this twice (on PC/Steam and now Xbox) to confirm it works. Are you not able to generate enough damage? Are there specific units that are getting by and hitting your core?
    Posted by JORAX on 31 Dec 20 at 18:31
    SpuddynuttI would say go right on level 4 to purge some more, and then do NOT turn on the trial for 4 as it adds spell shield 2. Maybe that is why you died @Skogarmaorr? I did every other trial though.

    The Merchant of Trinkets that gives the sting upgrades is on the right of level 6 and you need 430 gold to buy both.

    Also, @ShazamFTW the cavern is on the left of level 7 and the artifact is called Frozen Nostalgia (The Locket, last option).

    Lastly, I took every chance to purge for free except on level 7 so that I could get the cavern. I had to use the purge service in the shop two times I believe (might have been three).
    Posted by Spuddynutt on 05 Jan at 04:25
    Coughdrop777As a side note, it is possible to get the Li-Fel-less achievement (defeating fel before combat phase) on level 6. I killed minions until 4 turns left and then threw everything at fel
    Posted by Coughdrop777 on 08 Jan at 20:22
    CelxiusWorked like a charm. Thanks for posting this guide.
    Posted by Celxius on 09 Jan at 14:07
    WobbloThanks for all the extra tips in the comments toast
    Posted by Wobblo on 13 Jan at 16:59
    Leap Of Faith77Brilliant guide, thanks so much. And thanks comments too
    Posted by Leap Of Faith77 on 14 Jan at 00:26
    osubluejacketAwesome solution.
    Posted by osubluejacket on 15 Jan at 15:44
    d2e0a2t7hThanks everybody clap wave
    Posted by d2e0a2t7h on 23 Jan at 23:57
    ZulghinlourI messed this up twice along the way, so wrote a bit more detail of how I ultimately succeeded.

    1. First Area
    a. Pick Thorn Fruit artifact
    b. Fight - Challenge on (Enemies start on every floor)
    2. Second Area
    a. Collect artifact (A Forgotten Name)
    b. Skip collecting cards (+ gold)
    c. Remove Restore
    d. Pick either path, skip buffing anything and collecting cards, take gold
    e. Fight - Challenge on (+10 armor)
    3. Talos Fight
    a. Skip Improved Firebox artifact (+25 gold)
    b. Skip cards (+30 gold)
    c. Remove Restore
    d. Go left
    e. Select Rules of Containment artifact (Enemies enter with Frostbite 2)
    f. Skip cards (+10 gold)
    g. Don't take anything from Concealed Caverns
    h. Fight - Talos
    4. Fourth Area
    a. Skip Traitor's Quill (+25 gold)
    b. Skip cards twice (+20 gold)
    c. Select Fel's Remorse (+1 fire)
    d. Remove Restore
    e. Go Right
    f. Skip Awoken Banner (+10 gold)
    g. Remove Restore x2 with Unstable Vortex
    h. Purge Train Steward at Merchant of Magic (-50G)
    i. Fight - Challenge OFF (Spell Shield)
    5. Fifth Area
    a. Collect Tempered Talisman (+3 Power)
    b. Skip cards twice (+20 gold)
    c. Remove Train Steward
    d. Go Left
    e. Remove Train Steward x2 with Unstable Vortex
    f. Collect Forgotten Boons (+75 gold)
    g. Do nothing with Merchant of Magic
    h. Fight - Challenge on (Spikes 4)
    6. Fel Fight
    a. Collect Cursed Vines (50% chance to swap front & back)
    b. Skip Emblem of the Exiles (Friendly units get +5 health)
    c. Skip cards twice (+20 gold)
    d. Remove Frozen Lance
    e. Go Right
    f. Purchase Thorn Casing (+10 Magic and Piercing for Sting, 210 gold)
    g. Purchase Channelheart (+20 power sting spells, 220 gold)
    h. Restore Pyre Health
    i. Concealed Caverns - Leave it alone
    j. Fight - Fel
    7. Seventh Area
    a. Skip Sap Tap (+25 gold)
    b. Take Fel's Remorse (+1 fire)
    c. Remove Frozen Lance
    d. Go Left
    e. Heal Pyre Health
    f. Skip Merchant of Magic
    g. Concealed Cavern - Take The Locket for +15 spell power
    h. Fight - Challenge on (Spikes 5)
    8. Seraph Fight (Need to be at zero cards)
    a. Skip Split Anvil (+25 gold)
    b. Skip cards twice (+20 gold)
    c. Remove Frozen Lance
    d. Go right
    e. Skip Hellvent duplication
    f. Heal pyre
    g. Purge your last two cards - Purge frozen lance (75g), Purge frozen lance (100g)
    h. Bought all 3 trinkets because I had the cash (25% chance to do 5 damage to units, 50% chance to daze units, +40 health pyre)
    i. Fight Seraph
    Posted by Zulghinlour on 12 Feb at 23:48
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