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Relentless Cold achievement in Overwatch: Origins Edition

Relentless Cold

Interrupt an enemy ultimate ability by freezing them in Freezethaw Elimination.

Relentless Cold+0.6
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How to unlock the Relentless Cold achievement

  • NDGMaxiNDGMaxi450,512
    19 Dec 2020 19 Dec 2020 19 Dec 2020
    17 0 8
    My friends and I also got this achievement killing ourselves while we were using the ultimate. It works with Bastion and Pharah, just use ult against a wall, killing yourself.
    Tracer's pulse bomb doesn't work.
    Not sure if that glitch will be patched, but it works as of Dez 19

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    FoolontheHill24I can confirm this is still working. I found it easiest to use bastion, but pharah has also been confirmed to work. I got mine on the necropolis but I typically found ayutthaya to be easier to get my bastion ult up. I think I only ever got my ult once on ecopoint and castillo, and never managed to get it on black forest. You will quickly learn if it will be doable in the match by seeing if your team can stay alive/rez consistently and if the enemy team can do the same. The best matches are the ones where both teams almost always have 4 people up.

    Be aggressive, but not on the front lines. For instance on ayutthaya, I would walk to the end of the starting building and post myself on the middle balcony overlooking the center of the map (usually off to one side for cover) and would turret bastion anyone I could see. Don't be afraid to change back into normal bastion/get fully behind cover if you need to heal. If you get in a spot where you can't safely transform into the turret, don't be afraid to run and gun as normal. If you get pulled by a roadhog, you can usually just heal yourself as soon as you get control back and run while healing. Most roadhogs I came across can't finish you quickly if you do that or they are alone. If there is a second enemy shooting you at the same time, you will probably be frozen. I know it sucks playing conservatively while your team is out there running around, but getting an ult in these short matches is tough enough as is. If it gets unbalanced (for instance the enemy team has 2 up/2 frozen and all 4 of your team is up) lay off to give the enemies a chance. They will have an easier time bringing back their team for you to farm if they are only fighting 3 people instead of 4.

    Finally, when you do get your ult, run off somewhere secluded and don't use the ult until you're in a good position. I made the mistake of ulting as soon as I got it and tried going to a corner as tank bastion. That wastes too much time. I only got my health down halfway before it was over. Position yourself first, use it, and immediately start killing yourself while moving forward to offset the blowback. Oh, and if there is a healer on your team, make sure you get away from them too. I failed a couple times because randoms obviously didn't know what I was doing and they would heal me as I was suiciding. I think I gave the achievement to 3 or 4 people before I managed to suicide properly/without interruptions.

    Edit: Oh and to the comment above asking if you can ult and run off the edge of the map, I tried with torb and it didn't count. It has to be a freeze, not a death.
    Posted by FoolontheHill24 on 28 Dec 20 at 05:39
    AxelSteel15I'm not sure how I did it, but I got the achievement shortly after using the ult with D. Va GETTING INTO HER MECH! Might be worth investigating. Might have just been dumb luck, though.
    Posted by AxelSteel15 on 29 Dec 20 at 18:25
    FruitofPassionStill worked as of Dec 29th.
    I got it with Bastion and found it far easier to charge his ult than Pharas by intentionally taking damage and just healing yourself. It gives a good chunk of ult charge. Sometimes I'd even stand in an enemy Symmetra turret and keep healing through it.
    Posted by FruitofPassion on 30 Dec 20 at 22:30
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  • SwiftSupaflySwiftSupafly407,579
    16 Dec 2020 16 Dec 2020 21 Dec 2020
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    For this achievement, you need an enemy to actively be using an ultimate ability and do enough damage to freeze them. Someone getting their ultimate does not occur all that often so with that being said we are looking for the enemy to have a D.Va as our best chance. De-mech the enemy D.Va (do enough damage to her that she gets out of her mech suit) but don't freeze her once she's out. Keep an eye on her and hopefully she will recharge her mech. When she calls it in to reenter it, she is low HP and standing in place. Damage her enough to freeze her and this achievement is yours.

    Another option that occurs are an enemy Roadhog ultimate. With his heal he will charge quickly but due to a high HP pool he isn't the best option. However, keep an eye out if he goes whole hog do your best to kill him. Keep in mind crowd controlling him (think McCree flashbang or Anas sleep Dart cancel the ult) so avoid using those on him if you are looking for this achievement.

    Most of the other characters don't charge their ultimate's fast enough before the round is over to give you a shot at this.

    Happy Hunting!

    *As an edit, as of 12/21/20, its has been found that killing yourself while ulting as bastion or Pharah face the wall and shoot to kill yourself will net you this achievement. This is assuming you can charge the ult with one of the two. This is another option if the above is not working. (Noted in the other guide here) (play tested to ensure working conditions)
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    WrathofzarMy Guess is you can't easily boost like against another team and get it for free. But if you are communicating you should be able to wipe the floor against a non communicating team. Just keep them alive long enough to give yourselves chances at the achievement and dont end the round? Or they are hopping servers to get the cheevos.
    Posted by Wrathofzar on 17 Dec 20 at 03:59
    SwiftSupafly@wrathofzar if you are going at it solo, yes you are going to have to be a bit creative other than hoping for a D.VA de-mech or Roadhog ultimate. I did find last night rounds were lasting long and 1-2 people were getting ultimates on each team per a round. Saw a few widows, soldiers and Morrias get theres. So going at it solo is getting easier imo if thats the route your taking. If you team is complete potatoes, just try to keep unthawing them this will allow enemies to charge ultimates even faster. It can be done solo but as with all things Overwatch, if you are looking for the quickest and easiest way, join a session

    As far as boosting, I don't really know much to say other than join one of the many sessions up if thats how one wishes to go about it. Shouldn't take long for everyone in the session to get all of these, maybe 2-3 games at most.
    Posted by SwiftSupafly on 17 Dec 20 at 20:17
    DXLR8RGot it as the last of the three Achievements when a Roadhog I was already shooting at as Pharah suddenly started ulting. Got the kill probably right before his ult ended too. Shoutout to the random Mercy teammate that healed me at the last second since I might have died before I killed him too.

    Got all three solo without boosting as always. My tip is to look at your enemies and see which of the three Achievements you can focus on and which player you need to focus on as well.
    Posted by DXLR8R on 24 Dec 20 at 01:15
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