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Poster #6 achievement in Wilmot's Warehouse

Poster #6

CJ awards you the sixth motivational poster

Poster #60
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How to unlock the Poster #6 achievement

  • KenH2k4KenH2k4
    18 Dec 2020 18 Dec 2020 18 Dec 2020
    This will unlock once you have 148/200 products in stock. You will unlock 4 additional products at the end of each round.

    General tips:
    The idea of this game is to get your customers the products that they want as quickly as possible. You will earn stars depending upon the speed that you deliver the products which will be used for upgrades. This game is a test of your organizational skills. The strategy that works best for me is grouping all items by background color. Yellow backgrounds get lined up together, orange, red, and so on. I also grouped products that were just patterns together. When you have 24 stars you can destroy the pillars that are taking up space in your warehouse. I thought that these were going to be pointless at first, but I honestly think that they provide the best value.

    The game repeats the following through many rounds. I have not yet finished, so I'm not completely sure how many, but I assume once all 200 products are unlocked the game will end. Here are the steps for each round:

    1. A delivery arrives. You need to organize this delivery in a way that you will be able to find everything as quickly as possible. This is timed.
    2. When time runs out, or you manually open your store, customers will begin arriving. They will want a certain number of each product, As I mentioned, this is why I found it easiest to group everything by background color so that I could find it quickly and earn as many upgrade stars as possible.
    3. Steps 1 and 2 will repeat an additional 2 times (symbolizing months) and then the quarter will end. At the end of each quarter you will have an opportunity to use the stars that you've earned for upgrades. You will also unlock 4 new products, and then have unlimited time to arrange your warehouse. Use this to your advantage. Make sure that your layout still makes sense, and use this time to pick up any possible miscellaneous achievements (group 4 of ____ items). Once you are happy, go to the clock to the right of your customer window and start the next quarter.
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