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Lengthy Word achievement in Hasbro Family Game Night

Lengthy Word

Place 5+ tiles in one go to create a 9 letter word. Scrabble is only available in NA & English.

Lengthy Word0
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How to unlock the Lengthy Word achievement

  • RitzOmegaRitzOmega681,051
    06 Oct 2009 06 Oct 2009
    47 1 7
    This achievement is not that hard, provided you have two controllers. First, start a 'local' game, with the profile getting the achievement, and some other profile on controller number 2. Play an 'original' game. It does not matter whom goes first. Have the other player discard tiles until they get the letters 'TENT', while you continually discard tiles to get 'ATIVE'. Have the second player place 'TENT' on the center, but (this is important) the LAST T being the center (the letter that goes on the diamond space). The profile that is getting the achievement, places 'ATIVE' behind this, to make 'TENTATIVE'.

    Voila. Now, the worst part is, you actually have to FINISH the game. But consider that you can discard tiles, pass turns, etc, and it should finish eventually.

    If you are trying to get 'A Column of 7' achievement as well, then make sure the 'TENT' player places the word vertically, with room on the bottom to place 'ATIVE'.

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    ZeroDesolationTook me about 5 mins to get it using your method. You need to update your guide to reflect that the achievement pops as soon as you end your turn.
    Posted by ZeroDesolation on 26 Jul 11 at 01:14
    SANDROCKLQExtremely effective solution. I would have gotten this playing randomly since I enjoy Scrabble, but time is precious sometimes. Well done.
    Posted by SANDROCKLQ on 10 Aug 11 at 17:23
    Posted by iyamwattiyam on 27 Jan 13 at 16:36
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  • cwing302cwing302490,085
    08 Aug 2009 08 Aug 2009 08 Aug 2009
    43 0 5
    I used the website --- i kept discarding tiles until i had the letters "ers", which is a word. i placed them vertically on the board, then type all 10 letters (the 3 on the board and the 7 in your hand) into the website and hope a 9 letter word came up. if not, build small words off the side of the vertical "ers" and keep trying to get it. i got this on the first try using this technique. it also is good if your lucky enough to get a blank tile, which will definetely help.
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    Thickly SettledTook a while but i got it, thanks.
    Posted by Thickly Settled on 31 Jul 10 at 01:10
    ch1cag0stevemuch faster doing it RitzOmega method...5 minutes tops
    Posted by ch1cag0steve on 14 Apr 12 at 21:32
    A 0 UB3RLOZ3R9 letter words come up but i cant use them because ers is not in the order
    Posted by A 0 UB3RLOZ3R on 23 Sep 12 at 14:32
  • HoffmanHoffman152,814
    24 Mar 2009 24 Mar 2009
    15 0 7
    To do this achievement you are going to need some letters on the board. Basically the achievement title describes it all. Use 5 or more tiles from your rack to spell a 9 letter word. This is easier done playing a solo game because you can set the words up however you want them and don't have to worry about another player screwing your plays up. If you're not very good at spelling, or you don't want to think, check out
    Enter the letters you want to use in your word, and it will give you every word in the Scrabble dictionary with those letters in it.
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    Hoffmanyeah it does do that. I figured that's what you meant, but wasn't sure. You have to look for one that has that word already in it. Example - ANGER on the board. you have DYKLUOS on your tiles. DANGEROUSLY would be the new word for the achievement.
    Posted by Hoffman on 01 Jul 09 at 00:04
    Posted on 07 Jul 09 at 17:09
    St Jolly777Ossifiers is the word that it got it for me...great tip!
    Posted by St Jolly777 on 09 Dec 09 at 04:05
  • Troodon9999Troodon999925,832
    19 Apr 2011 20 Apr 2011 20 Apr 2011
    12 0 1
    Probably easier in a single player game as you have full control over the board. Try to come up with a 4 letter word that's easy to turn into bigger word with more tiles. Adverbs work great, especially anything you can add -fully to (I got this but putting down "glee" and later adding "-fully" to it).

    If you get stuck after a few rounds, just end the game and start over.

    Once you get this, in single player, you can just end the game end it will count it.
  • NickHawkeyeNickHawkeye189,451
    17 Apr 2012 17 Apr 2012 04 Jan 2013
    5 0 2
    Start an original game with a local account as your opponent. A good way to do this like others have mentioned is to make a small word that you can turn into a larger word. I used this page to list all the 9 letter words in the scrabble dictionary

    If you have the tiles for a 3-4 letter word just run a search on the page linked above for that word and you can scan through all the words you can form around it. for example I spelled the word "one" a simple search shows there are a lot of 9 letter words that contain "one" (ABANDONED, ABANDONER, ALONENESS, ANKLEBONE...the list goes on for a while) since I already had an 'a', 'p', 'h' in my tiles I decided I would try and go for the word "EARPHONES"

    simply discard any letters from your hand by marking them with x and discard them with the Y button to end your turn, if you get any of the letters you need to finish the word keep those and discard the rest. the last letter I needed was R (also one thing to note if you are playing with a 2nd controller which I suggest, make sure they are not holding some of the letters you need. i.e. my 2nd account was holding an R and 2 S's so I made them discard them so I had a better chance at drawing them from the pile)

    again most of the other solutions have touched on this but its nice to have all the options in front of you.

    Keep in mind that you have to place at least 5 tiles so at max you can start with a 4 letter word unless you want to try for a 10+ letter word but lets not push our luck.

    A fun one is to try and spell "word" and go from there to get PASSWORDS, BUZZWORDS, SWEARWORD, SWORDFISH, SWORDLIKE, SWORDPLAY, SWORDSMAN, SWORDSMEN, SWORDTAIL, WORDBOOKS WORDINESS WORDPLAYS get the Idea, and hey is the word "word" starting to sound really funny when you say it now? either way after you have this achievement you will be a WORDSMITH wink
    28 Oct 2011 28 Oct 2011
    4 0 0
    another word that came up easy for this was ED and WEATHER, or spelling WEATHE off of an already placed RED. the best bet like said above is do this in a one player match with ur self.
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