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The Hidden Path IV achievement in Air Bounce - The Jump 'n' Run Challenge

The Hidden Path IV

Discover The Hidden Path IV

The Hidden Path IV-0.2
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How to unlock the The Hidden Path IV achievement

  • CheetahzooieCheetahzooie981,143
    21 Jan 2021 21 Jan 2021 21 Jan 2021
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    You can find this Hidden Path on Level 3-4.

    I show this Hidden Path in my Achievement Walkthrough at 2:17 minutes into the video.
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  • CjhCarter vLCjhCarter vL945,378
    21 Jan 2021 21 Jan 2021 21 Jan 2021
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    I made a video showcasing where you can find all 18 hidden paths (secrets) in the game. You can find this secret in level 3-4 (1:26). Timestamps in the description for all the other levels are included.

  • Angel XCAngel XC1,252,679
    21 Jan 2021 21 Jan 2021 21 Jan 2021
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    Text Walkthrough with all time stamps!
    Hidden Paths
    01:04 1 level 1-3 on the platform before the ending portal
    01:54 2 level 2-5 after jumping on the launch portal to the first island its in the hole in the ground in the very center on the island drop down onto it
    02:21 3 level 3-2 after the jumps between 3 main pillars you'll land on the first island you'll then have a wooden bridge leading to the second island where if you jump onto it you can follow it to the end and find a launcher next to the launcher is the hidden orb
    03:10 4 level 3-4 on the platform before the wooden bridge to the end portal turn 180 and then go to the left edge and look down you should see there's a jump pad and down there next to it is this one
    04:25 5 level 4-1 when you start the level turn around it'll be on the platform under the one you start on via the blocks leading down to it
    04:56 6 level 5-1 at the end of the first island is a jump pad use it to reach the second wooden tower and land on it for this
    05:28 7 level 5-2 after the initial launch jump pad to the first island continue forwards past the portal bridge and you will see a wooden platform off in the distance it is on top of that
    06:09 8 level 5-4 continue through the platforms past the third set of saw blades up towards a wooden ramp it is under that on the first island
    06:46 9 level 5-5 continue past the first saw blades do both double jumps to the first island and walk around the back of the large rock to a jump pad then land on the platform halfway up the back side of the large rock its next to the second launch pad
    07:27 10 level 6-1 go to the island with the saw blades go to the end and look down there's a hidden platform under it with a double jump block there and this one is next to it
    08:30 11 level 6-2 go through the wooden log use the jump pad and follow the mountain round to the left side past the saw blades make a right turn then go to the end and drop down you'll see a launch pad there its to the right of the launch pad
    03:51 12 level 3-5 go all to the way to the end portal on top of the pillar and this will unlock
    09:22 13 level 7-2 this one is hidden round the back side of the large volcano next to a ribcage on the ground just drop down there and pick it up its next to a double jump block
    10:03 14 level 7-3 from where you start go forward to the right side of the path its behind the large rock
    10:22 15 level 7-5 this one is to the right of first red laser you come across drop down its next to the launch pad
    10:52 16 level 8-1 this one is behind the portal at the end of the level on top of a small cloud mound
    11:55 17 level 8-5 this one is hidden on the castle go inside it after the rainbow and use either launch pads to get up to behind the main middle tower tis next to the glass at the back
    13:55 18 level 9-2 this one is after the big spiral jump when using the spiral jump look left you'll see a platform off in the distance with this last one
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