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Battle-Tested Gear

Earn enough multiplayer experience to reach level 25 (not Custom)

Battle-Tested Gear0
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Achievement Guide for Battle-Tested Gear

  • II R3B1RTH IIII R3B1RTH II125,096
    26 Mar 2009 26 Mar 2009 23 Jul 2009
    66 1 21
    To get to Level 25 you must earn a total EXP of: 82,884; This took me
    15-20 Hours playing Annex, You can only gain Exp in Public matches (Ranked),

    ...& now with TU4 you can get EXP in Local, Private & Public Horde.

    This is a list of actual game mode values:

    Warzone 1
    Execution 0.95
    Guardian 0.83
    Submission 0.47
    Annex 0.23
    KOTH 0.28
    Wingman 1.09

    This is a list of approximate Game Duration values:

    Warzone 1
    Execution 1
    Guardian 0.8
    Submission 0.4
    Annex 0.5
    KOTH 0.5
    Wingman 1.15

    NOTE: if u would like to see every level & the EXP needed check this site:

    ^ All 100 level's have been confirmed by gamer's ...

    A 2rue Beast
  • RadiantPumpkinRadiantPumpkin210,590
    04 Jul 2010 23 Jul 2010
    28 5 2
    If you are crazy lazy and have lots of time, just leave your xbox on while playing any social gametype. the bots will win for you and you get the experience points.
  • BillyBoy1067BillyBoy106764,917
    04 Jun 2010 06 Jun 2010
    22 20 1
    if you have a friend who has this achievement and you dont want to bother playing online (stupid idea because gow2 online pwns) download your gamertag on his/her xbox go offline play a match of horde and it just gives you all the rank achievement the other person has
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