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3.6472,17619,871 (28%)8-10 h
Snowblind Map Pack

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Veteran Gear

Reach level 100 and win a match on each of the 4 Snowblind Map Pack maps (not Custom)

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How to unlock the Veteran Gear achievement

  • Sora401KSora401K93,725
    23 Jul 2010 05 Jun 2010 01 Jun 2012
    285 34 94
    Note: While I'm flattered by those who come to me for help, I can't continually drop what I'm playing/doing to do so. So please do not message me asking me to set up a boosting session with you. If you have a question about the method itself, feel free to leave a comment.

    Note 2: The experience multiplier is now permanently 4x. The math was awful to begin with due to my timing-fails, so I won't try and update that. Just know that it is now 4x instead of 2x. Things should go twice as fast now.

    With the recent addition of Social Matches this is now much easier.

    First, get 2 groups of 5 together in 2 different parties. They can be 5 real people, or you can have some guests logged in. Either works just fine.

    Have both teams matchmake into Social King Of The Hill. Be sure to make everyone on both teams a preferred player, that way you have a higher chance of being matched up.

    Most already running matches don't have 5 slots open on one team, so it will most likely start you in a new match with your team and 5 bots. Then the other team, looking for 5 open slots, will have a high chance of getting in. If not, then just leave and try again.

    Just keep matchmaking and quitting until you get all 10 people together in a match. Then do the following.

    Have team 1 and team 2 meet at the hill. Neither go in until both are there. Then team 1 will step in, capture the hill, and as soon as the 200 capture points are awarded to the players in the hill, all the members from team 2 will step into the hill, breaking the capture, getting 50 points each, and allowing the hill to be captured again. Do this over and over.

    When team 1 gets to 119 points stop. Swap team 2 into the hill, repeat the entire process. When both teams have 119 end the round by letting one win. Then the next round, repeat the same process, except the team that lost the first round should now be the winner. Doing this allows for 3 rounds per match.

    You must get 120 capture points to win the rounds.

    200 points per capture x 120 capture points to win the round = 24000.

    50 points per "break" x 119 "breaks" = 5950

    5950 + 24000 = Nearly 30,000 points per round (rounded from 29,950). And thats if you don't kill someone, which happens from time to time.

    30,000 x 3 = 90,000

    King of the Hill gives 50% EXP back of what your score is.

    EX: You score 1000 points, you get 500EXP.

    So if you score 90,000 you get 45,000 EXP back.

    Thats right. 45,000 exp PER MATCH.

    Each match takes about 40 minutes. Social just does endless matches with no further matchmaking. Going through each map alphabetically.

    The total EXP required to reach LvL 100 is 6,825,825.

    If anyone has questions, or I wasn't clear on something, just shoot me a message. Here or on XboxLive.

    I have used this method only once, and for a short while. After nearly every match I leveled up (I was 50 to start, got to 53).

    Fixed mistakes
    Boosted more during the 6X XP week, I went from 57 to 85 in 2 days.

    Got my Wings during the 20x XP event. If you still need this achievement I would recommend you do it now.

    Again, people seem to think that I have the time and ability to help everyone. Please stop messaging me via live for help in setting up a boosting session. There are plenty of people to join up with. Use TA to create a session if you need to. Whatever works. Just don't get your hopes up if you decide to ask me to boost with you.

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    Coffee CPHLooking to do this!
    Posted by Coffee CPH on 27 Nov 19 at 18:20
    xLastShadowcan someone please let me know what is the multiplier for xp now?
    Posted by xLastShadow on 16 May at 20:02
    Skullys33Shadow, it seems like the xp multiplayer is at a permanent 2x
    Posted by Skullys33 on 18 May at 05:33
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  • Pedle ZelnipPedle Zelnip727,554
    18 Jun 2010 08 May 2010 22 Jun 2010
    76 19 3
    Edit: I'll leave this solution around as reference, but Sora's KoTH boosting method is definitely superior to this. Using it I did levels 81 through 100 in a couple of days during the 6x XP event.

    Original solution to follow:

    As an addition to the various solutions given, the one I've tended to go with is doing wave 1 of Security horde on insane over and over.

    The basic idea is that you play the first wave, and after you beat it, you then have everyone jump into the lasers to immediately fail, and the host then picks "restart from beginning". Rinse & repeat (and repeat, and repeat, and repeat........)

    On insane it's now 500 XP per wave. If you have a group of 5 who follow the tips below you can easily average well under 1 minute per wave, so with load times say about 1-1.5 mins, which is 40-60 matches an hour, which is 20000-30000 XP an hour. Not bad.

    The depressing stat is that's anywhere from 220 to 350 hours to go from rank 0 to 100. Though of course if you do this during bonus XP events you can decrease those hour counts dramatically.

    Now the trick (and this really only works if you have 5 people, though technically it can work with as few as 3) is to learn the 5 enemy spawn points on the map: where both grenades spawn (I'll call these points A and B), the rooms opposite the grenades (I'll call these C and D), and inside the tunnel where the lasers hiding the flamethrower are (I'll call this point E),

    The key trick is to take advantage of the fact that if there is a human player on a spawn point, an enemy will not spawn there. So the strategy is as soon as the wave starts:

    - have 1 player run to point E and stand there the entire match (or at least while there are more than 5 enemies remaining). THIS IS CRITICAL, this person should not leave until there are only 5 enemies remaining as otherwise enemies will start spawning in the tunnels.
    - have 1 player run to point A and pick up the grenades. Similarly have another run to point B and pick up the grenades. These two players then immediately get ready to toss the grenades at points C and D, which (because of where everyone is standing) will be the only two points where enemies spawn. Again, like the player at point E, these two people should not leave their spot until there are 5 enemies remaining as otherwise they risk having enemies spawn where the grenades are.
    - If you have extra players it can help to have them stand at the sandbags and play support for the players with the grenades.
    - As soon as enemies appear, toss the grenades. If you time it right, the grenades will blow up all (or very nearly all) the enemies in one quick go. Then just mop up the rest.

    I can't stress enough the importance of not leaving the spawn points. One of the most common issues I see is that people will run to a grenade spawn, won't see enemies spawn across from them so they leave their spot and now suddenly have enemies spawn behind them. It usually doesn't result in a fail, but it definitely does add time to the wave. Once there are 5 enemies left all enemies will be on the map and you don't have to worry about enemies spawning.

    At any rate, following this I've seen waves done in as little as 23 seconds. Given that enemies first appear on the map at the 15 second mark, that means that all enemies were defeated in only 8 seconds.

    If you can't get a group of 5, it is certainly possible to do wave 1 on insane by yourself, though obviously it will take much longer (I average probably about 2 to 2.5 minutes playing by myself). Strategies can vary, but usually people just camp a grenade spawn. Depending on where enemies spawn you might have a quick wave (under 1:30) or a really long wave (over 4 minutes). It really does vary considerably.

    One last thing: don't underestimate public horde matches. They're only 300 XP per wave, but it's much easier to get a group of 5, and it's not nearly as boring as Security grinding. Personally I find doing an hour security grinding to be about my limit before I go nutty from the monotony, but I can play public horde for hours on end. Lately I've been doing a bit of Security grinding, then switching to public for a bit, then back to grinding, and it seems to be working pretty well for me.

    Edit after TU6: with the addition of "social" matches, the former "public" mode is relatively dead, as hardly anybody is playing it anymore, instead opting for social horde. Unfortunately social horde is *VERY* poor XP as A) you either start in a match on round 1 on casual by yourself, or B) join a match on a relatively high wave on who knows what difficulty (it varies).
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    javouquejerryGood but from lvl 1 to lvl 100 you have to complete 13,652 waves in Insane which makes your method quite boring. But it's rather faster than other methodes.
    Posted by javouquejerry on 09 May 10 at 10:52
    Pedle ZelnipYes, it is. Very boring.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 10 May 10 at 20:19
  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead529,457
    25 Aug 2012 27 Aug 2012 14 Sep 2017
    52 16 12
    Now that all the Gears of War 2 events have finished, I believe this is the fastest way to get this achievement, around 203,560 XP per hour. With this method it will take you between 34 to 40 hours to get the required 6,825,825 XP for level 1 to 100. This is 37.5% to 50% faster than the usual King of the Hill boosting method.

    Ideally you need 3 people with:
    - Two Xbox 360s
    - A “Compatible with Windows 7” router or gateway (if you don’t have one, then maybe only one of the Xboxes on you network will get an Open NAT and the other one will get a Strict NAT which makes matchmaking difficult)
    - Three controllers
    - Two gold accounts
    - Two physical copies of the game, or one digital copy
    - One copy of all the DLC
    And two people with just one Xbox, one controller, one gold account, one game and all the DLC

    However, you can use this method if only one person in the group has two Xboxes.

    This method uses the King of the Hill game type. There is a permanent 4x XP multiplier now. King of the Hill has a 0.25 ratio. It just so happens that these cancel each other out, so the points you earn during the game are equal to the XP you get. King of the Hill give the following points (= XP):
    - 50 Breaking the ring
    - 200 Capturing the ring
    - 11 each second in the ring
    - 250 XP for winning the match

    As you can see, it is better to be the person capturing the ring than the person breaking the ring. Typically you swap around, but not with this method, your main accounts are always capturing the ring.

    The round ends when the ring has been occupied for 120 seconds. With breaking and recapturing, each round of King of the Hill lasts 6 - 7 minutes, with matches lasting 2 rounds. The most you can get in one match is by capturing the ring 240 times and occupying it for 240 seconds = 200 x 240 + 11 x 240 + 250 (for the win) = 50,890 XP. This means you can get through 4 matches per hour, including loading time, for 203,560 XP per hour.

    So now I have you attention, this is how to set it up.

    On the console you downloaded the DLC on, log in your second account and on your second console log in the account you used to download all the DLC and download it again from your account download history. This will allow you to play on the Social playlists which require all the DLC. Social keeps the teams together and saves you time having to match-make between each match.

    The teams should look like this:

    Team 1
    Your main account (Xbox 1)
    Friend 1’s main account (Xbox 1)
    Friend 2’s main account (Xbox 1)
    Friend 3’s main account (or Friend 1’s main account guest)
    Friend 4’s main account (or Friend 2’s main account guest)

    Team 2
    Your second account (Xbox 2)
    Friend 1’s second account (Xbox 2)
    Friend 1’s second account guest (Xbox 2)
    Friend 2’s second account (Xbox 2)
    Friend 2’s second account guest (Xbox 2)

    Once the teams are ready, search for a Social King of the Hill game with your main account. If you don’t find a game with all bots, search again. Once you have found an all bot game, search for a Social King of the Hill game with your second account. You should join the game your main account is in (you are in the same house after all) and then either try and kill the bots or just let the bots win the first round. Your main account and second account should not have a guest as they are the host and matchmaking doesn’t like the host having a guest.

    Now you are all in the same game, move your second account into the ring (it doesn’t matter if they capture the ring). Then move all five main accounts into the ring. Move your second account out of the ring, wait for it to be captured then move it back into the ring, breaking the capture, and back out of the ring. Repeat this 119 times. Repeat this again for the second round and the match will end.

    You only need one person to break the capture. I suggest you take it in turns with friend 1 and 2. The ring is captured the fastest with at least four people. This means up to one person can take a break at any one time without slowing things down for everyone else. Whilst friend 3 and 4 will never have to break the ring, it is still better to have them in the party, otherwise either friend 1 or 2 will also need to bring their main account guest to the ring.

    If not everyone has two Xboxes you could do this:

    Team 1
    Your main account (Xbox 1)
    Friend 1’s main account
    Friend 2’s main account
    Friend 3’s main account
    Friend 4’s main account

    Team 2
    Your second account (Xbox 2)
    Friend 5’s second account
    Friend 5’s second account guest
    Friend 6’s second account
    Friend 6’s second account guest

    Friends 5 and 6 may already have their wings and be willing to help out, or perhaps they are in a different time zone and are sleeping and will swap out with friend 1,2,3 or 4 when they wake up.

    There are other ways of setting up the teams. This is how I ran most of my sessions over a free gold weekend, on Ranked King of the Hill as we didn’t all have the DLC:

    Team 1
    My main account (Xbox 1)
    Friend 1’s main account
    Friend 2’s main account
    Friend 3’s main account
    Friend 4’s main account

    Team 2
    My second account (Xbox 2)
    My third account (Xbox 3)
    My forth account (Xbox 3)
    My fifth account (Xbox 4)
    My sixth account (Xbox 4)

    I had to do all the ring breaking, but I got my wings nearly twice as quickly and managed to watch a lot of TV shows to keep me from getting board.

    This is a list of the XP required for each level so you can track your progress
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    J4CKA1Best and fastest solution out there. GG HolyHalfDead. easiest setup and least amount of time actually having to break is 5 double boxers.
    Posted by J4CKA1 on 13 Mar 19 at 14:10
    SPARTAN089 AceI guess I reinvented the wheel... :D I wasn't aware there was a solution describing this, I was gonna write about the same.

    We had a group doing this going, for over a week now. It's very fast (all of us quit doing 'normal' KOTH boosting once we started doing this). Should be 160% the efficiency of 'normal' KOTH boosting (that's ignoring load times on the one end, and the messy nature of normal boosting sessions with varying participants on the other).

    Not only that, there's less players ingame. Less chaos, less chance of someone ruining the setup. Less chance of disconnects. And another minor bonus: Sometimes people can kill the dummy accounts from the ring for even more XP (i.e. with a Longshot, or Mortar). Or people can walk their secondary accounts toward the ring so they can kill them, if they're bored and want bonus XP.

    The only negative aspect, imo, is dividing the task of breaking the ring fairly among participants. Something like this will easily fall on the shoulders of one or a few people.
    Posted by SPARTAN089 Ace on 05 May at 14:58
    SPARTAN089 AceBtw: I recommend setting it up with 5 people, ideally 5 double boxers. That ensures you can easily deal with a no show, with someone having network trouble, with someone reaching 100 and wishing to leave, etc. Setting it up with only 3 people makes your session much more vulnerable.
    Posted by SPARTAN089 Ace on 05 May at 15:01
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