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Snowblind Map Pack

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Frigid Body Dynamics

Play a multiplayer match on each of the 4 Snowblind Map Pack maps (any mode)

Frigid Body Dynamics0
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Achievement Guide for Frigid Body Dynamics

    12 Sep 2010 12 Sep 2010
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    Just for quick reference the maps are:

    Courtyard, Fuel Depot, Grind Yard, and Under Hill

    Can be done with 2 players in a private game.
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    The easiest way to get this achievement is to play with these settings,

    Private match,
    Bot difficulty, casual
    Number of bots, 1
    Number of rounds, 1

    This should take you about 5 mins tops just change the maps as desired.
  • JayourJayour843,985
    02 Nov 2009 22 Dec 2010
    30 3 0
    For this achievement you need to play a match on each of the 4 new maps from the Snowblind Map Pack DLC.

    Here's a list of the 4 maps you need to play a game on for the achievement, use it to keep track of which maps you play on;
    • Courtyard
    • Fuel Depot
    • Grind Yard
    • Underhill

    Now the achievement is left entirely open as this can be obtained by winning a match in any mode, so while you have the option of playing online in a ranked/social match and working toward this achievement casually you can also choose to get this achievement out the way by playing a local game with 2 controllers.

    The quickest way to get this achievement is to set up a local game, set the game type to Warzone, set the round limit to 1 and work your way through the maps while killing the second player, this way you have absolutely no threat to contend with as the second player won't do anything unless you make him.

    You can use this method any way that you want, you can set up a match with you facing off against a team of bots if you want, it's entirely up to you, I've just outlined the easiest and fastest method that I know of.

    Using this method will also net you; The Weather Outside Is Lethal in Gears of War 2 at the same time, that achievement requires you to win on each of these maps.
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