Keep Your Eyes Peeled achievement in HITMAN 3

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Make a target slip and fall while evacuating in a skydiving suit.

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How to unlock the Keep Your Eyes Peeled achievement

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    To unlock the Keep Your Eyes Peeled achievement in Hitman 3, you need to make a target slip and fall while evacuating in a skydiving suit during the On top of the World mission in Dubai. This can be done by placing a banana peel in front of parachutes the two targets use to escape the building.

    This worked for me while I was completing the Bird of Prey Mission Story. You’ll need to find Zana Kazem, to the left of the atrium around the corner, arguing with a staff member. If you're playing on either Casual or Professional the Mission Story guide should highlight Kazem once te Mission Story has been activated from the menu or after pressing the bottom prompt.

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    Once he’s done, follow him into the smoking area and turn right into a small seating area with a bench, a sound system to interact with, and bushes to hide in. Turn on the sound system to get Kazem to investigate the music, then hide in the bush. He’ll then come over and turn off the sound system. Quickly eliminate him, put on his clothes, and hide the body in the bushes. You’ll also want to dump any weapons in these bushes too to pass the pat-down.

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    Head towards the stairs where Kazem and the staff member were arguing to get frisked. Then go up the stairs and talk to the assistant. The assistant will guide you towards the meeting room, once you’re there immediately head out the doors located on the left-hand side of the room.

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    You’ll now be standing in front of the security office. Turn right down the hall, and you’ll hear a guard talking about a lockdown drill. He mentions that there’s a special keycard in a safe in the security office. The passcode for the safe is 6927. Dispatch the guard, take his uniform and dump the body over the railing (just not the railing over the stairs).

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    Go into the office, locate the safe on your right, punch in the code (6927), and grab the card. You’ll also see a banana on the desk at the far end of the office, grab that too. Now, head out of the door in front of you, and you’ll see a blue carpet and a security camera (the camera can be ignored or destroyed, it’s up to you). Follow the blue carpet into the penthouse.

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    Once inside, you should hear two guards talking about the lockdown/evacuation drill next to a keycard reader and two parachutes. To activate the drill, you’ll need to swipe your card in that reader and another one located upstairs. Before you do that, go through the archway ahead of you, and cross the hall into the kitchen. Grab the knife off the counter and head back to the parachutes. The guards should be gone by now, so open the cases and slash the parachutes with the knife. Next, place the banana you picked up earlier in front of the case on the right using cn_LB and cn_RB, but not too close to the wall. The peel of the banana should now be on the floor, not the whole fruit.

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    Now swipe the first reader, run through the arch, across the hallway, and turn left up some stairs. Turn left again into another room, and you’ll see the second card reader in front of you. Swipe the card, and the evacuation procedure will start. Ignore Grey when he tells you to go to the helipad, the pair can’t escape that way. Ingram and Stuyvesant will then head to the sabotaged parachutes to escape the building with. One of them will slip on the comically-placed banana peel you left and unlocking the achievement.

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    The achievement description states that a target must slip and fall while evacuating IN a skydiving suit. When I did this, Ingram hadn’t quite put on his skydiving suit just yet and the achievement still unlocked. If that doesn't work, you can place the banana next to the golf green where the two targets jump off with their parachutes. If you exit the penthouse via the main entrance and turn left, you should see two doors leading to the golf green. With this method, I've found the guards escorting the targets accidentally slip on the banana instead, so just bear that in mind.
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    Mission: Dubai: On Top of the World
    Recommended Spawn: Meeting Room as Event Staff

    Upon spawning, pick up the banana directly in front of you. Your next goal is to get upstairs and find a Penthouse Guard disguise. The easiest one to get is by the server room. With this disguise, go to the Security Room nearby, and enter code 6927 in the safe to find the evacuation keycard. Now, head upstairs to the penthouse and locate the parachutes in the Study, as well as the kitchen knife in the nearby Lounge.

    Now, use the kitchen knife to sabotage both of the parachutes without being seen. This will allow us to get the Mile High Drop challenge while we do this. Now, we must take out the Helicopter Pilot as this is the first plan of escape during an evacuation. You can easily go to the Ventilation Area, or use the crowbar to gain access to a shortcut to the helipad, or take the long.

    With the helicopter pilot taken out, it's time to start the evacuation by swiping both keycard readers in the Study and Top Floor Penthouse. If done correctly, both targets will go into lockdown and run to the helicopter. When they realize that the pilot is taken out, they will run to the Study and put on their parachutes.

    As they are running towards the parachutes, equip the banana, crouch, and hold both shoulder buttons to "place" the banana on the ground to make it into a banana peel. The best spot to place it is directly under the keycard reader.

    Now, the targets will run into the Study, equip their parachutes and one will slip and fall on the banana to unlock the achievement. If you wait, they will both try to escape now, but fail due to the cut parachutes for an accident assassination.

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