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Master of the Household achievement in HITMAN 3

Master of the Household

Complete Death In The Family.

Master of the Household-0.2
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How to unlock the Master of the Household achievement

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    Once you have started the missions "Death in the Family" you will start in front of the mansion, The first thing you want to do is head over to the bushes on the right hand side of the gate. It is important to listen to the conversation at the gate. Once the guard has told the investigator to go inside jump through the gap in the wall to your right, make your way over the little stream and into the bushes on your left hand side.

    Waiting for the detective to cross the bridge throw a coin to lure him into the bushes. It may take two to get him fully into the bushes. Now go behind and subdue him taking his clothes it is important to now drop any illegal items you have on you. Once you have done this go over and talk to the maid and follow her to the front door.

    Allow the guards to frisk you and walk inside. Wait about half way in the room for the target to come talk to you. She will now leave and the butler will start talking to you and ask you to follow him. Now follow the butler upstairs to the dead brothers room. Once the butler has finished his conversation go into the room to your left.

    We need to find a total of 6 clues in this room. To get the first two clues Pull out your camera and scan the Dead body in the bed and then the whiskey bottle. We now need to head to your left hand side and you will see a desk in the corner go and interact with the laptop for the third clue. Now turn around on the table next to the fire is the fourth clue. The fifth clue is on to the left of the entrances you will see one of the books can be pulled to reveal a secrete room. The last clue is in this room head over to the one way mirror and pick up the floor plan that is in front of you.

    Now that you have all your clues go back downstairs and talk to the butler, Will now are going to get the alibis off all the suspects to the murder. The butler will automatically give you his alibi you now need to locate the five family members on the bottom floor of the mansion.

    The first family member is in the "Library" on the left hand side of the mansion go inside and talk to Alexa's son "Patrick" talk to him and get his alibi. Next we need to walk through the hallway on the right of the stairs go straight through next set of double doors and take a left. this is the "Trophy room" You will need to go up the the table and scan the paperwork with your camera and talk to Rebecca taking her alibi.

    Turning around and go out the way you came in straight in-front of you is the Sitting room. As soon as you enter this room take a left and go outside you cant see it with the eye but through the camera you can see footprints scan these and head back into the sitting room. on the other side is a portrait of the dead brother scan it.

    Once you have completed the scan "Emma" and "Gregory's" conversation should have finished take both of their alibis. We only have one more alibi to get and if you look behind were Gregory is sitting on the sofa you can see the dinning room.

    Once you have entered the Dinning room you will find the final brother Edward take his alibi and scan the notes he has left on the dinning room table. Edward will now confirm that he was with his brother Gregory at the pub and we can eliminate these two as suspects.

    Turn around and head south through the double doors this will lead to the "Kitchen" enter the kitchen and take a right into the "Staff room" you will see two female staff talking one of them is "Rose" talk to her and she will confirm that she was with the first brother Patrick when the murder took place. This eliminates all three brothers.

    The next step we have to do is to to search the rooms of the remaining three suspects. All the rooms are locked and we need keys the fastest way to get access to the rooms by turning left after you have talked to rose and vault out the window in front of you.

    Take a left and head over to the guard leaning on the van he is too busy talking to the main to notice you taking the crowbar that is on top of the wine boxes next to him. Now you have the crowbar go back and climb through the same window you exited the building from.

    Once through the window turn right this is "Mr. Fernsby's Office" Break into the room with the Crowbar. We need three clues from this room the first one is to the right as you enter the room it is a Lethal poison pill jar. Now the next to clues are behind you the first one is on the desk and the final one is in the fireplace. BEFORE you leave the room look on the bookshelf to the left off the fireplace and pick up the master key. KEEP the crowbar on you as you will need it again later.

    With the information we have we can frame the butler for the murder. HOWEVER to complete the mission we need more information for a later conversation so don't talk to the butler yet. Go upstairs to the south east room of the mansion this is Rebecca's room unlock it with the key. Enter the room you will find a book by the fireplace scan it and go on Rebecca laptop on the table in the center of the room. Now we need to go to the North west side of this floor and go into Emma's room.

    Next to the luggage you will see a Greenhouse key chain this is the first clue. The second clue is Emma's heels by the side of the wardrobe. To find the third clue go to the left side of the end and on the table is a letter to Emma from her mother. The final clue is the walking cane to the right of the fire place.

    We now have enough information to frame the butler OR accuse Emma (The killer) HOWEVER we still have more information to find to complete the mission. Pick up the cane and as you leave Emma room take a right and run into the top floor of the library as you go through the door turn left and you will see an option to use the cane to open a hidden room. Go into the room walk straight ahead and you will find an unopened letter pick it up.

    The last thing we need to do is go outside to the greenhouse. Head over to it and break in with the crowbar use the door facing the fountain as its the best way of entry without being spotted. go over to the book and scan it on the counter.

    All we need to do now is talk to the butler. He should be waiting for you in the exact spot you spoke to him earlier. If he is not wait for him here he will eventually return. Follow him to the meeting with Alexa on the top floor. At the meeting you will have three people to accuse Emma the butler and Zachary (suicide). IT IS IMPORTANT that you select Emma as this is the only way to get the case file without breaking into the safe.

    you will tell Alexa what you have found in the investigation she will offer a reward SELECT CASE FILE. after she opens it up walk over and pick it up. ALEXA will make sure way onto the balcony follow her and push her off. Now all you have to do is leave on the bike you came in on.

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    this is pretty easy as you can just load it on the easiest difficulty and go all guns blazing but i recorded a video on how i actually did it

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