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Perfectionist achievement in HITMAN 3


Complete Suit Only and Silent Assassin Challenges on The Icon, A House Built on Sand or Landslide.

21 January 2021 - 1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

How to unlock the Perfectionist achievement

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    I did this achievement on the "A House Built on Sand" mission

    I used Signature 47 Suit, a Lockpick and Fibre Wire.

    I headed to the Rugshop where that guard has the key for the backdoor of the VIP club, lockpicked the door without anyone seeing. Headed up stairs picked up a brick, threw it near the ground and lured the bodyguard towards me, and i subdued him took his key, I also subdued the Rug Saleswoman and put both of their bodies in a nearby box.

    I ended up poisoning Kong Tuo-Kwang's Hookah Pipe after distracting his guards in the toilet area and subdued them, then sneak into the area where he sits down where his guards used to be guarding where the hookah pipe is. then he becomes sick once he trys smoking the Hookah pipe. he heads to the toilet where you can kill him without a chance of anyone else finding his body.

    the same can also be said, if you follow around Matthieu Mendola long enough you will noticed he stops to eat some Tea Leaves, if you time this right with poison the tea leaves pile without anyone seeing you. You can make him head to the toilet once he trys some and kill him he has the documents on him, pick them up and head for a exit, all without changing your starting suit outfit, being spotted trespassing or doing something suspicious or any bodies found, and only Kill the targets. if you done all this then the achievement should pop
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    liner bronsonSame thing happened to me. Had suit only and silent assassin already done on the Icon, did them both together and the achievement still didn’t pop. Annoying!
    Posted by liner bronson on 24 Jan at 21:38
    ChaoticHitman22Likewise...I did both Suit Only and Silent Assassin on The Icon as well and it gave me the challenges but no achievement :/
    Posted by ChaoticHitman22 on 26 Jan at 23:24
    Royal24ThomasSame problem here
    Posted by Royal24Thomas on 27 Jan at 03:14
    Chief RedrumSame: didn't carry over and didn't unlock when I did the three of them again...
    Posted by Chief Redrum on 27 Jan at 14:13
    VasKainTried doing this on a custom contract made. But didn't work either.
    Not sure if the reason it didn't work was I already done it, or contracts don't work for challenges anymore.

    If anyone wants to give it a go, you'll need to search for:
    lvl: Sapienza Icon
    target: 1
    title: saso icon

    It should be very easy, bring some coins and your standard gun, target is near exit. lure her towards it with your coins.
    and kill her from behind. there is also container you can use to drop her body in.

    again, it didn't work for me. but might work for you. no guarantees though :)
    Posted by VasKain on 27 Jan at 18:03
    Hooded Claw 006Yeah, I'm getting the same. Had done this on Landslide before starting Hitman 3. Just did Suit Only on House of Sand didn't unlock. Also did Silent Assassin and Suit Only on Landslide. Nothing.
    Posted by Hooded Claw 006 on 31 Jan at 12:20
    liner bronsonWhat fixed it for me was doing it on a level that I had no progress in when the Hitman 2 save carried over. Thankfully, I had only done the Icon previously, so when I did suit only/silent assassin on A House Built on Sand, the achievement popped. If you'd done all 3 prior to carrying your save over, this might require a delete of the save file to work (assuming they don't fix it).
    Posted by liner bronson on 04 Feb at 14:53
    Hooded Claw 006So, if you did this on Hitman 2, no unlock. I've seen it posted in the bugs page on the Hitman 3 forum, looks like a cross-platform issue too.
    Posted by Hooded Claw 006 on 07 Feb at 16:57
    Hooded Claw 006Still broken after the 23rd February update.
    Posted by Hooded Claw 006 on 24 Feb at 19:18
    VARNATI0NDid all three of these SOSA and nothing!
    Posted by VARNATI0N yesterday at 14:55
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