Creeping Death achievement in Guitar Hero Metallica

Creeping Death

Score 575,000 on the song Creeping Death as the guitarist

Creeping Death+0.4
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How to unlock the Creeping Death achievement

  • UpgradePolecatUpgradePolecat348,922
    18 Jul 2010 20 Jul 2010 10 Sep 2012
    29 0 18
    Here's how I ended up getting this achievement. There's no definite way, so here are some tips.

    The main riff is as follows:

    G G [RY] G G [RY] G [RY] G G [RY] G [RY] B B-Y-R

    Get this riff down perfectly. If you make a mistake, you're screwed. The maximum score you can get is close to 628,000, so that leaves very little room for error. Let's put it like this: missing in the main riff means 10000 points lost.

    Here is my fingering (1 = index, 4 = pinky):

    1 1 [12] 1 1 [12] 1 [12] 1 1 [12] 1 [12] 3 3-2-1

    It's stressful for your hand, but I ended up being more consistent once I got the stamina. Everything from first position can definitely work if you use an XPlorer since the buttons are closer together. I have hit the entire riff on both a BH controller and an XPlorer.

    First position fingering:
    1 1 [23] 1 1 [23] 1 [23] 1 1 [23] 1 [23] 4 4-3-2

    I also found it easy to keep the rhythm by placing accents on the chords, since that's what you hear best in the song.
    Remember that there are two blue notes after each other, so don't forget to strum those.

    About the solos:
    Personally, I missed a bunch in Solo B, D and F and still got it.

    Solo A is pretty easy. Just a few 16th note scales at 202BPM (on average).

    Solo B isn't too hard. A part that might trip you up, is this, close after the trills: Y-R-G-R-G-Y-O
    I personally miss the G-Y-O part every time, but as long as you hit everything before and after it, no worries.

    Solo C is a huge zig-zag of 12th (I know, there's no such thing as 12th notes) notes which can be played entirely from second position. Just shift to first for the sole green note. Be wary of the 32th B-O-B part they tossed in.

    Solo D. Erm, yeah. 16th note strumming. I miss in it 'cause I suck at alt strumming. The tempo varies from 199BPM to 205BM. 199BPM and 198 for the first three measures, then it slightly speeds up during the last measure (the R Y B O strums).
    After the strumming, it's 12th note scales again. This time at a constant beat.

    Solo E. If you miss here, you're not ready for this.

    Solo F. I've had most success with anchoring G and shifting to second position once it switches to the red root note, then play it all from second position.

    After the bridge, the main riff repeats so make sure you can hit it again. Be prepared for the short fill in there. It's pretty standard and easy to hit if you had no problems with the scales in the solos, but vital to hit because of the SP.

    The last part are the outro 8th note triplets anchored at Green: B-Y-G and O-B-G. It changes after every two measures of triplets.

    My most consistent method of hitting it: 4 3 1, even when it changes to O-B-G. It's pretty much consistent and if you stretch your hand a bit, it's almost as if you're playing the B-Y-G part.

    SP Path I used:
    In short: 2-2-2(+1)-1(+1)-2-1-1(+1)-2-1(+1)

    Good luck!

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    SpeedBumpVDropI have the "I'm The One" achievement in Guitar Hero Van Halen. Does this mean that I will have little trouble trying to get "Creeping Death"?
    Posted by SpeedBumpVDrop on 06 Jan 15 at 04:28
    Locoman99lol first time playing this song got 92% and 199,522... I'm just gonna give up now.
    Posted by Locoman99 on 12 Feb 15 at 01:11
    Michu99%, nearly a 900 note streak and still only 541,000. Such a retarded score to try and get
    Posted by Michu on 13 Nov 15 at 14:44
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  • Potato HandlePotato Handle141,579
    30 Mar 2010 30 Mar 2010
    11 0 0
    Just a general tip regarding the song's main riff:

    For the quick part with the HOPOs which goes something like:
    G G RY G RY B B-Y-R G G

    If you're having trouble transitioning to the Blues, like I was, thenjust hold down the RY chord, and add the blue and play both of them as RYB chords, then just pull them off one at a time quickly for the HOPO bit.

    If you're a pretty good alt-strummer, then strum the Red HOPO note and the whole riff can just be strummed at a steady speed.

    It's pretty much imperative that you make little to no mistakes during the main riff, so try and work out something for yourself which means you can hit it consistently.

    Best of luck!
  • xBrushedRedxxBrushedRedx88,443
    15 Jun 2009 11 Dec 2009
    9 0 0
    This achevievement is a pain! It took me about 3 days of playing to get this one. It's not that the song is that hard, it's just trying to get that score is rough. You need to be quite experienced at guitar to attain this one. You must play on Expert. You must have no less than I'd day 98% with a great star power path. I got 99% with a good star power path and I got 580k. There's not too much to the song. The verse and chorus are easy. The solo is a little above average, but it's nothing too bad, so to get a great score, I advise messing up no more than 2 times in the whole song. I messed up twice and once was during the first verse by accident, and the second was at the last part of the solo. If you mess up while using star power then I advise starting over because you would lose crucial points. The only advise I can really give you is to use a good star power path and practice practice and more practice. The solo is much easier than it looks. Just keep trying. I wanted to smash my guitar while I was trying! But I eventually got it.
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