Hands-Off Killer achievement in Project Winter

Hands-Off Killer

As a Traitor, have no Survivors living without directly killing any of them

Hands-Off Killer+87.7
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How to unlock the Hands-Off Killer achievement

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    Easy Boosting method:

    Host a custom match with the following settings: min 2 traitors, max 2 traitors, traitor drop 1 to 1 minute, traitor drop 2 to 1 min, survivor health minimum, traitor health maximum, no armory, no truth serum lab, respawning berries and time between global events every 3 minutes.

    1. All players will try to craft poisons: 2 berries = 1 gas can, 1 gas can + 1 herb/root = 1 poison
    2. the traitor drop timer will be only 1 minute, so sprint towards it to collect the supplies, hope for a poison crossbow (its all rng but it is usually good stuff)
    3. have the survivors poison any console and repeatedly poison themselves to drop health and the hunger meter fast, they will start to lose hp fast.
    4. as the traitor drop any poisoned crossbow on the floor for the survivors to kill themselves.
    5. hope for an early blizzard event. This right here is the key to win easy, if all survivors are outside during the blizzard event they will freeze to death and the traitor will win easily.

    The idea is for the survivors to kill themselves quickly via poisoning and using the poisoned consoles, hitting themselves to death or freezing themselves to death using the early mechanics on the settings, whilst the traitors rests inside the cabin all warm and fuzzy.
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  • ReapOfKarmaReapOfKarma171,226
    05 Feb 2021 05 Feb 2021 06 Feb 2021
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    just remove the gears, fuel and circuits from The first objective then hide them I put them in a black and red box only the Traitor and the defector role can access them but the defector can only open one then has to recharge so you should be fine just make sure no one is near when removing the parts and hiding now you just have to avoid freezing to death at the end I would recommend opening the black and red boxes and collecting any food and campfires then when the time runs out and there is a permanent blizzard and the fire in the cabin is out now keep on eating and placing the campfires this will help you outlive the Survivors
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    Arak TaiRothCan you update with more info, I don't really understand?
    Posted by Arak TaiRoth on 06 Feb at 05:20
    SprinkyDinkAs they are filling the first objective u can just take the stuff out and hide it as long as they dont find out its you you are good then just run aroumd getting upgrades and be the last to freeze to death
    Posted by SprinkyDink on 06 Feb at 09:04
    ReapOfKarmaupdated the guide hope it is explained better now
    Posted by ReapOfKarma on 06 Feb at 13:15
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