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Memoirs achievement in Curse of the Dead Gods


Write all Bestiary entries with their complete sketches

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How to unlock the Memoirs achievement

  • ShadowEchelon91ShadowEchelon91
    15 Sep 2021 23 Aug 2021 18 Dec 2021
    This achievement requires you to:

    - Beat each enemy 50 times and boss several times
    - Defeat elite versions of enemies 50 times without being hit
    - Defeat all bosses (except Clovis) 10 times without being hit
    - Defeat Clovis 5 times without being hit
    - Defeat Clovis after removing the final curse
    - Offer a major offering (the 5k gold choice at the end of the run) 10 times to each God
    - Desecrate all 3 of the offerings at the end of a run
    - Beat the final exploration twice in a row

    By the time I beat the final exploration for the 1st time, much of my bestiary was already filled in. However you slice it though, this is a grind. Many of the elite enemies only show up a few times in an exploration.

    Strongly recommend using bows. They are great for keeping distance and easy to stat up (look for crit relics). I found Effulgence to be wildly effective (lightning relics work for this bow as well). I focused almost entirely on dodging and not parrying. I prioritized Weapon Upgrades -> Relics or Stats -> Corrupted Chests (these frequently have strong cursed relics).

    The Sword of Conjunctivius is also incredibly good. Since you die in one hit, it does way more damage than other weapons. I have had runs with it doing almost 1k on a crit. As you can't get hit anyway, it pretty much nullifies the negative aspect of it's passive.

    A claw + pistol combo is also somewhat broken, as you can effectively stun lock an enemy while your stamina is up using the off-hand combo. Particularly effective is the poison claw with the fire pistol, which stacks both damages on the boss. Just make sure to finish your combo with the pistol, move forward just a little, and start another combo. When done correctly, the boss will be stunlocked. Pretty effective for bosses, but does make going through the dungeons a bit of a slog.

    Ultimately, whatever weapon/combo is working for your playstyle is what you should be using.

    I typically used Reptilian Hunger, Will of Sich'al, and Gift of Transmutation. With Gift of Transmutation, you can rack up gold really easily. Will of Sich'al makes it much easier to get to the final boss without any curses, so you don't have to bother with parrying the Curse attack

    Some Clovis tips:
    His first stage always alternates between laser and the corruption wells. Just be patient and let him do both before attacking him. He'll pause when he's done and give you an attack window.

    For his laser attack, do not go too far behind him. Sometimes he'll just whip the laser around really fast if you get too far away from it.

    For the corruption wells, just roll in a circle around him, all your stamina, until the attack is done.

    You can also parry the attack that removes your curses, which will remove the curse but not damage you. This is useful so you don't have to bother dodging it the whole fight.

    By the time you've completed the final exploration twice in a row, going back to the easy mode explorations will feel like a breeze. The main challenge will come from the grind and accidentally getting hit while fighting Clovis (wastes a lot of time). Good luck!
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    ShadowEchelon91Agree. For fighting bosses, I think its completely broken. It does make going through the levels take forever though. I used the Claw/Pistol to do my Clovis and Ratyapu kills, but the rest I found it was fairly straightforward to use Effulgence or Conjuctivius, which makes going through the levels a breeze.
    Posted by ShadowEchelon91 on 18 Dec 21 at 14:55
    What does "Defeat Clovis after removing the final curse" mean? Removing final curse by killing the boss before Clovis?

    For "Desecrate all 3 of the offerings at the end of a run" you have to choose the 0 gold Option?
    Posted on 19 Dec 21 at 23:36
    What does "Defeat Clovis after removing the final curse" mean? Removing final curse by killing the boss before Clovis?
    In short, you have to get the Final Curse and then remove it *before* fighting Clovis by beating any of the Champions or Avatars.

    Assuming you have sufficient money for the offerings immediately before Clovis to get all your health back, it is best to get the Final Curse just before the third Avatar.

    For "Desecrate all 3 of the offerings at the end of a run" you have to choose the 0 gold Option?
    Posted by Talvalin on 20 Dec 21 at 01:31
    Farming elite units is just pain... have 2 elite units in each temple left. Just stupid and such a waste of time for 1-2 kills each run.
    Posted on 21 Dec 21 at 10:33
    shiithalfeRIf I get hit by the minions Clovis summons but don't get hit by Clovis himself, will it count towards No damage Clovis sketch?
    Posted by shiithalfeR on 29 Mar 22 at 12:00
    TalvalinYes. The only things you can take damage from without voiding the requirement are the curse swords that drop down from above, as those are counted as Temple damage.
    Posted by Talvalin on 29 Mar 22 at 12:41

    Be careful! I should've had this unlocked on 3/28. But my internet was out when getting the last entry (Clovis no Hit entry). I've done everything, even getting the last 2 cursed weapons, getting the Global Progression to 100%. Still no achievement.
    Posted by Zer0e on 02 Apr 22 at 16:16
    SSSteinMan@Zer0e - Why on earth you popped this achievement offline should've waited until you back online.

    Try this method, start a new game on a different save slot (DON'T delete your 100% save file), try to complete one of the bestiary again and hopefully achievement should pop.

    If nothing popped then save & quit out, go select your 100% save file and see if the achievement unlock for you.
    Posted by SSSteinMan on 25 Apr 22 at 07:59
    Zer0e@SSSteinMan I genuinely never had this happen before. Anything I've earned while offline (granted, rarely has this happened), always popped afterwards. I can try fully unlocking a new bestiary. Shouldn't take long to see if this helps, though I'm not gonna hold my breath.

    EDIT: Good thing I didn't hold it. Didn't work.
    Posted by Zer0e on 03 May 22 at 21:56
    PhantomPlanetAPSuper pain in the ass game to farm those elite enemy kills! Even I am done of all bosses, it’s just ridiculous for each run to only spawn 2 to 3 elite enemies…… I need 30 more elite blade master kills and 20 more of another elite enemy from the serpent dungeon… Fuck This Game! Its so pointless to farm something like this, better to have better challenges that offer tons of elites!
    Posted by PhantomPlanetAP on 08 Aug 22 at 18:18
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