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Appetite for Destruction

Destroy 77 units using the Stalker's SAMs

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How to unlock the Appetite for Destruction achievement

  • Epsilon ThetaEpsilon Theta753,209
    22 Sep 2009 10 Feb 2010 25 Sep 2014
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    There is no fast way to do this. But there is an easy way!

    Set up a map playing against a friend. I recommend that both players play as Echelon.

    - Start by capturing nodes to keep getting a steady income.
    - Designate an area in the middle of the map where the fighting shall take place.
    - One player starts building Stalkers. Build as many as you can and group them into Squads.
    - The second player builds as many Hunters as he can and groups them too.
    - The Stalkers should arrive at the designated meddling ground first.
    - The Second player sends in the flying units while rebuilding units as they get destroyed.
    - The first player uses the SAM ability* of the Stalkers in one squad then as it runs out and recharges he activates it in another group.
    - Rebuild Stalkers as needed.

    Using this strategy you can take town the flying units quite easily while having minimal losses in Stalkers.

    I recommend going for this achievement while the other player tries to get Scrap Metal. He will get some Stalker Kills while you are finishing off his Hunters. Once the Stalker player is done, just sit there and rebuild Stalkers while the other player finishes them off.
    StormriseScrap MetalThe Scrap Metal achievement in Stormrise worth 108 pointsDestroy 27 Stalkers

    *Using the SAM ability is done by activating it from the playbook. To do so, select your Stalker or Stalker squad. Press and hold cn_LT. Now you see a ring with weapon options. Highlight the one entitled SAM and activate it! You can also check the remaining cooldown this way!

    Review 25 September 2014: Added button icons.

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    MattiasAndersonI wasted lot of time doing it this way first.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 02 Jun 13 at 17:44
    Epsilon ThetaCould you please elaborate as to how my method would waste time? I believe that combining this achievement with Scrap Metal is the most efficient way to go!
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 02 Jun 13 at 19:48
    The best map for this one is HOT PURSUIT as it's large and on some small maps Stalkers can't be constructed. +1
    Posted on 06 Jan 15 at 16:47
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  • Strategy OneStrategy One663,439
    29 Jul 2012 29 Jul 2012
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    Appetite for Destruction

    I found a really fast way to do this in the Campaign. You can get 1 SAM kill every 30 seconds. First load up mission 11 HOT PURSUIT on easy.

    In the beginning build 6 stalkers with your 6k points. Take the 6 stalkers and go to the first spot they want you to. After taking the Node move the stalkers further up the path, right near the Enemy Eclipse you are chasing after. Then get all 6 stalkers in a pile. If you just hit Y on each stalker with 1 of them you will get them to pile together. Then hit Y on you Eclipse.

    When the Eclipse reaches the stalkers the enemy eclipse will unleash some Hunters on your Eclipse. When that happens save.

    If you do it right tell all of your stalkers to use their Sam's by hitting LT, move to the right on each one. Make sure you do this really fast. Now when they all fire their SAM's they will all bombard 1 Hunter in the sky. Make sure to look up and watch the 1 Hunter die, if he does not die, don't worry just end the game(without saving) and load it again. If you cannot kill 1 hunter, I would restart and reset it up differently. Once you get it to where everytime you load and kill that 1 Hunter, it will take 30 seconds for every 1 kill.

    Im sure this is the fastest way, as boosting it online seems much more complicated and you need another person. GL, have fun, and let me know if there is any errors or problems to my solution.
  • Albino Bob 325Albino Bob 325226,691
    07 May 2011 07 May 2011 05 Jul 2011
    4 0 6
    1) Play a match against a friend. Match settings:
    a) The player who wants the achievement selects Echelon and the other player picks the other race.
    b) I recommend a ranked match so that you can get slightly closer to the 99 wins.
    c) High starting energy/resources
    d) Pick a large map so that you will get a large flow of income.

    2) Once the match starts, capture the control nodes and split them even between the two players.

    3) Find a node in the middle with a warp gate so that the Echelon can make stalkers (This is because stalkers are slow and take forever to get anywhere, so they should be created at the attack spot.

    4) DO NOT PUT TURRETS ON THE CONTROL NODE. Fully upgrade the shields and resources on it.

    5) Build all 9 stalkers on/near the node.

    6) The other player should build and send the Locust (attack helicopters) to the control node with the stalkers. **NOTE** You should use the "fly high" ability of the Locust (helicopters) after they are made to get there faster and to make sure that it registers as an air unit.

    7) Keep the stalkers next to each other but I recommend NOT grouping the stalkers into groups of three and just use the SAM ability on them one at a time since 1 stalker can almost take out 1 set of three Locust (helicopters).

    The reason I made this solution is because the Locust (helicopters) are much easier to kill, they are made in groups of 3, the stalkers should be placed near a control node because of their speed.
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    Albino Bob 325O, sorry about that.
    Posted by Albino Bob 325 on 24 May 11 at 13:33
    B8TINGUDude your on crack!! lol.. I just got this.. I used your guide, which is great until......"don't group the STALKERS!!" What!! I was putting one STALKER near the spawn point and spawning the LOCUST then making the LOCUST fly high.. then flying the LOCUST close to the STALKERS so the thier SAM ability would kick in.. one STALKER took out one sometimes two of the locust.. the last locust would then take out the STALKER while the SAM ability was recharging..... ugh... SO I sent two STALKERS.. same thing... double UGH!! So I sent ALL MY STALKERS lol.. and then just switched back and forth activating the SAM ability.. doing this gave the others a chance to recharge.. but get this.. every five or six times I spawned LOCUST.. they would take out one of my STALKERS and I would have to replace so like I said great guide and no that is not begin sarcastic I really do like it, I would just tell others to go ahead and get more STALKER units.. I'll give you thumbs up anyway.. because maybe I'm jsut horrible at this. and now that I jsut re-read your guide I feel like even more of an Group means Multiple...ugh... I was randomly switching back and fourth between individual units...oh well live and learn... I forgot you could group them (yea I'm just getting back into this game).. I would only have had to active two groups of SAMs and it would have been great with two groups of 3 STALKERS or even a little more.
    Posted by B8TINGU on 05 Jul 11 at 03:12
    Albino Bob 325Sorry, I guess that my description was unclear. I will clerify. I meant put them all together but do not put them in groups of 3 so that u can use the sam ability on one at a time
    Posted by Albino Bob 325 on 05 Jul 11 at 13:20
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