Crypt-O-Currency achievement in Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse


Eat 2005 brains

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How to unlock the Crypt-O-Currency achievement

  • Captain Ice PopCaptain Ice Pop182,881
    27 Mar 2021 29 Mar 2021 12 Apr 2021
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    Not a solution but some tips from my experience on this - farming the start of level 3 with the three prisoners is by far the quickest way to obtain this. (every 20 brains = 1%)
    I strongly recommend doing this when you have 2-3 hours spare and knocking this out in one sitting. (restarting the level instead of loading checkpoint is recommending to limit crashes) credit : JeremyHBPhD
    I was having problems with the tracker locking up and not progressing - I believe and it's only my opinion that if you back out to the main menu or shut the console down, it does not save all of your progress.

    For example, if your stuck @ 75% like I was, it is possible that you will have to eat another 1504 brains for it to start registering on the tracker again, at least that is what happened to me.

    Good luck.

    Edit 12/04/21 : It's been suggested that by completing the level and backing out at the start of the next level saves your progress. Maybe worth doing this if your game crashes frequently. - Thanks xxxIsaiahxxx for this additional tip.
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    xxxIsaiahxxxGame crashed after 2 hours of grinding. Had to restart. Maybe it's best to finish the level after a certain amount of time? Game crashes semi-frequently on OG One.
    Posted by xxxIsaiahxxx On 10 Apr 21 at 02:22
    xxxIsaiahxxxYup crashed again, and I again lost my progress. I did finally get it though. I set a timer on my phone for around 30-40 minutes then when it went off I completed the level. Quit out of the next level, then selected The Slammer again and repeated. It did save my progress.
    Posted by xxxIsaiahxxx On 10 Apr 21 at 23:16
    I had it crash on me at 98%. I noticed I had better luck on the game not just crashing when restarting the level rather then loading the check point. Definitely one of the more annoying glitches to run into
    Posted on 12 Apr 21 at 03:18
    Captain Ice PopGlad you both got it - thanks for the information xxxIsaiahxxx - I'll update my post with your additional info.
    Posted by Captain Ice Pop On 12 Apr 21 at 15:47
    DaanHimself182Stuck on 40% locked up tracker, not sure what to do to get it working again, tried restarting the level instead of reloading checkpoint, finished the level just in case it kick started it, no luck. I’m not sure what’s best as nothings working now
    Posted by DaanHimself182 On 13 Apr 21 at 21:07
    Captain Ice Pop@ DaanHimself182 - sucks man - I know your pain on this one - my only advice on this is to pretend your starting from scratch (0), allow 3 hours and keep replaying the 3rd level - just keep going - I was stuck @ 75% (-1504 kills) and my tracker started working again after around 2hrs of bashing the 3rd level - (my kill progress obviously got wiped somehow and only starting working again when I had eaten over another 1504 brains)
    Your @ 40% so roughly 800 brains - it should start tracking again one you've re-done 820
    Posted by Captain Ice Pop On 14 Apr 21 at 06:37
    DaanHimself182@ Captain Ice Pop, Thank you so much for your advice (it’s good to get some clarity from someone who’s experienced it first hand), I will start the long grind again, just have to find the time to do it now! You’re the man!
    Posted by DaanHimself182 On 14 Apr 21 at 10:23
    Captain Ice Pop^^good luck^^ - once the tracker starts again, be sure to finish it off & pop the achievement before you shut down....or at least finish the level to save your progress (although this is still not advisable & not guaranteed to work)
    Posted by Captain Ice Pop On 14 Apr 21 at 11:32
    ZaveGaming87In my experience I didn't have to finish the level for it to save I just played up until the hand and the vent part. I paused quit and back to select level. I ​picked the slammer and when it loaded instead of putting me back to the start it put me at the hand and the vent part. So then I pressed pause and restart level. Haven't had one issue doing it like this yet and my tracker is working perfectly.

    I have been farming for roughly 30 mins and then getting to the hand and vent save. Like the other guy said set a timer on your phone for 30 mins and go get your save. Better safe then sorry.

    Edit - My game ended up crashing so I had to go to home screen and quit out of game. I booted game back up went back into the slammer level and after 4 kills the achievement tracker moved. I didn't even get to save it.
    Posted by ZaveGaming87 On 13 Dec 21 at 01:54
    Its DanI used @ZaveGaming87 method above and it worked well up until I hit 80% on my achievement tracker. It then would not budge at all.

    I decided to play for 40 minutes straight which definitely would’ve been a 15% increase at least on my tracker and it still did not move. So I then completed the whole level and this time I didn’t quit at the hand & vent section. I quit when the next level loaded and after killing 3 people, I reloaded the slammer and it immediately started going up again.

    If anyone has it stop randomly I’d suggest trying that.
    Posted by Its Dan On 16 Aug 22 at 01:25
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