South Central Premium Upgrade

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This DLC has been removed from the Microsoft Store, but is still available physically.

GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!! achievement in Midnight Club: LA


Finish all South Central Goal Attacks.

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How to unlock the GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!! achievement

  • Kornfan2007Kornfan2007431,344
    27 Mar 2009 27 Mar 2009 18 Apr 2009
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    Edited for the people that could not understand what to do.

    There are 26 total races. Pause and press right to the modes tab. Select Goal Attack. Each consists of four goals. Finish 1st, Finish with less than 25% damage, Finish in X time, and Do all of these tasks in one race.

    The 26 races are:

    Ordered Races:

    Baldwin Crenshaw Run
    Campus Orientation
    Crenshaw and Back
    Crenshaw and Hollywood
    Out of the River
    Pacific BLVD. Start
    SC Touring Time
    Slauson Bounce
    South Central Exit
    South Central Tour
    Southeast Run
    Under the 10
    West Adams Match

    Circuit Races

    10 and 405 is 110
    Figueroa and Vermont
    Huntington Drifts
    Round Baldwin
    South Central Speedway
    Track Circuit
    West Adams Loop

    Landmark Races

    Downtown to Randy's
    Hills to Auditorium
    Laurel Canyon to Florence
    Ocean to Stadium
    Pico to Crenshaw
    Watts Face Off

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    Capta1n0bvious3You need to do it in under the time limit.
    This is way easier that the original game goal attacks.
    Posted by Capta1n0bvious3 on 01 Aug 11 at 00:20
    SzilardUK@blu id devil: That's a glitch which happened to quite a few people. The only solution is to start a new game, turn autosave off get a decent motor and do the goal attacks. It sucks big time. I am in the same shoes. Luckily I have the true dedication chievo already. I couldn't do everything all over again...
    Posted by SzilardUK on 15 Sep 11 at 10:34
    ZildingAs a note, knocking these out is a good way to pick up wins in car types you need to trigger the 'champs'. I had no problems winning these in a maxed out Luxury or Exotic.
    Posted by Zilding on 13 Dec 11 at 04:03
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  • MarekVitMarekVit469,612
    24 Dec 2012 26 Dec 2012 26 Dec 2012
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    1) If you're only going for the SC goals and not the others, you can tell which ones are SC from the little icon that is displayed for every race on the list. I didn't notice those icons until recently... until like 20 hours into the game.

    2) I used a fully upgraded ninja bike and had NO TROUBLE getting all the goals, Well, no trouble.... you just need to learn to race flawlessly, at least almost flawlessly. You don't need any special tricks, you don't even need to be super fast. The only things that cause failure are:
    - crashing your vehicle
    - missing a turn somewhere
    So make sure you avoid those. Collisions with other racers are bad because you will easily exceed the damage allowed.

    If you can, use NITROUS. In circuit races use your nitrous in the first lap, it will get refilled completely for the second lap.
    Draft behind opponents, if you can. Cheaper than nitrous and as effective.

    THERE IS ACTUALLY PLENTY OF TIME, so don't be afraid to slow down when approaching a sharp turn or when there's a lot of traffic.

    3) Aiming for the goals will also help you unlock level 3 of all the special abilities.... you can't use them in the goal attack races but racing flawlessly raises their level. I also unlocked the 300 completed races achievement while going for the goals.

    4) Someone before me said that going for the goals is time-consuming and frustrating. To tell the truth, I liked the goal attacks better than the career mode. You have a sense of progress, completion, order... you just get rid of goal after goal, you see those you have already completed. Plus no wandering though the city, looking for races or events.
    Showing only comment.
    I'll 2nd #4 there. I can't stand seeing these same events keep coming up and wondering around trying to figure out what I'm actually required to do to get the city champ, etc. I don't get the appeal of these sandbox racing games. Freedom is nice as an option, but I want to know exactly what I need to do to finish the game in the most direct way, and I'm tired of seeing cops near every damn racer I'm trying to catch up with to start races. Arcade style racers are few and far between nowadays though. I guess beggars can't be choosers. ;)
    Posted on 04 Jun 15 at 20:40
  • LuckyKantLuckyKant560,649
    30 Aug 2013 15 Sep 2013 01 Feb 2015
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    Goal Attacks

    This is from my Midnight Club: Los Angeles walkthrough.

    You can complete all of the races if you not have beaten the story. However, I recommend playing the story first so you get some practice with each track. Each Goal Attack has four pieces of criteria:

    Win the race
    Finish the race with less than 25% damage
    Beat the time limit
    Achieve all goals in the same race

    There are a total of 26 races.

    To access this mode, follow these steps:

    Press cn_start
    Press cn_RB
    Scroll down to the second option, Goal Attack and press cn_A
    The races are split in to 3 sub-menus: Ordered Race, Circuit Race and Landmark Race.

    The best vehicle to use is a fully tuned Ninja. Use the weight transfer to help when turning corners. It can be tricky to master this vehicle but once you do, this should be a breeze. With the Ordered and Circuit races, you should need no help. If you have beaten the game, they will be a stroll in the park 99%.

    Ordered Races

    Baldwin Crenshaw Run
    Campus Orientation
    Crenshaw and Back
    Crenshaw and Hollywood
    Out of the River
    Pacific BLVD. Start
    SC Touring Time
    Slauson Bounce
    South Central Exit
    South Central Tour
    Southeast Run
    Under the 10
    West Adams Match

    Circuit Races

    10 and 405 is 110
    Figueroa and Vermont
    Huntington Drifts
    Round Baldwin
    South Central Speedway
    Track Circuit
    West Adams Loop

    Landmark Races

    I am unable to make a map as there seems to be no image for the DLC map online. I tried to take a photo but it is too confusing and not clear enough. I will do my best to explain it. They are not that hard and you have quite a bit of time. If you zoom in on your in game map, you can see the street names (press cn_start to activate the map mode).

    UPDATE: DaChiefOfOwnage has been kind enough to contribute some videos, so kudos to him.

    Downtown to Randy's:
    >From your starting point, head straight until you can turn left on to the 110 Freeway. >Follow the freeway around to the 405 Freeway.
    >When you approach the end, take the left road off the freeway and then turn right on to La Clenega Ave.'s bridge.

    Hills to Auditorium:
    >Immediatly turn left. Follow this road and turn left at the corner of Franklin Ave. and Ventura Blvd.
    >You are now on Wilcox Ave. Keep going straight and turn right at the T junction, on to Pico Blvd.

    Laurel Canyon to Florence:
    >Head straight into the Hills. When you exit the Hills, take the right exit from Hollywood Blvd. on to N. La Brea Ave.
    >Keep going straight, through the warehouses. Turn right off Vermont Ave. and to Rodeo Rd.
    >Turn left at the end and continue on, taking a slight right off Florence Ave.

    Ocean to Stadium:
    >You start on Jennie St. Head straight through the lane and on to 10 Freeway. Go past the the spaghetti junction and take the first exit on the right.
    >Head towards Centinela Ave. Then turn on to Rodeo Rd.
    >Next, turn right followed by the second left on to Slauson Ave.
    >Turn right when you can no longer go straight and follow Century Blvd. to the end.

    Pico to Crenshaw:
    >Head straight and then turn left at the end of Pico Blvd.
    >Follow the road and turn left on to Florence Ave. when you have the chance.
    >Take a slight left on to Slauson Ave. followed by a slight right and you are done.

    Watts Face Off:
    >Head straight for a long time, until you reach the corner of Olympic Blvd. and S. Figueroa St. Turn right here. This is almost vertical with the end target.
    >Keep going straight. There is a lane at the end of S. Figueroa St. which you need to take. >Turn right on to Alameda St. and you will be done.
  • TimutimuTimutimu158,711
    04 Sep 2011 03 Sep 2011
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    I downloaded south central so I cannot confirm if this is true for the disc version.
    All goal attacks are available as soon as you begin south central.
    You must beat the posted time, come first and finish with less than 25% damage during the same race...on every south central race

    To stand a chance, you will NEED to use the Ninja, and to use the weight transfer to corner...very often!

    For sharper turns, release the gas during a turn, hit weight transfer and handbrake at the same time into the direction you want, then tap on gas to power out. If you're still sliding or cutting it too close, hit the nitro during the power out of the turn.
    02 Sep 2012 02 Sep 2012 02 Sep 2012
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    Ordered Race:
    1. Baldwin Crenshaw Run
    2. Campus Orientation
    3. Crenshaw And Back
    4. Crenshaw And Hollywood
    5. Out Of The River
    6. Pacific Blvd. Start
    7. SC Touring Time
    8. Slauson Bounce
    9. South Central Exit
    10. South Central Tour
    11. Southeast Run
    12. Under The 10
    13. West Adams Match

    Circuit Race:
    14. 10 And 405 Is 110
    15. Figuerda And Vermont
    16. Huntington Drifts
    17. Round Baldwin
    18. South Central Speedway
    19. Track Circuit
    20. West Adams Loop

    Landmark Race:
    21. Downtown To Randy's
    22. Hills To Auditdrium
    23. Laurel Canyon To Florence
    24. Ocean To Stadium
    25. Pico To Crenshaw
    26. Watts Face Off

    Here is The list of Goal Attacks you'd have to complete to get the achievement, can be a little time consuming and frustrating but worth the effort in the longrun.

    I had just finished doing the last few races and using a Motorcycle is by far the best option for wining these race's.

    I used the '08 Ducati 1098R' Fully maximized in performance and handles very well, this is the bike in the South Central DLC add-on.

    I Hope this all helps, if i can improve the the guide farther please notify me and i shall do so. For Now Good luck with this small grind!
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